SmartClose 2

Ryan Petrich’s SmartClose, a popular tweak that takes backgrounded apps and places them immediately into a deep sleep state, has finally been updated for iOS 8. Due to the tweak’s usefulness in terms of battery life and system resource preservation, many of you have been clamoring for a SmartClose update ever since the iOS 8 jailbreak was released.

What makes this tweak so beloved and effective? How does it work? Check out the post for all of the details.


First and foremost, you can find SmartClose on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It’s available as a free download, so even if you don’t happen to like it, there’s absolutely no risk in taking it for a spin.

Once you download and install SmartClose, you’ll find a preference panel for the tweak in the stock Settings app. Inside of SmartClose’s preferences, you’ll notice an Activator Methods section, a Clear Switcher toggle, and an Enabled Applications section.

By default all apps are enabled, and the Clear Switcher toggle is set to on. When you invoke SmartClose by means of the Activator action, it will “close” all of the enabled applications by placing them in a state of deep sleep. While in this deep sleep mode, apps stay resident in memory, but are no longer allowed to use any CPU, GPU, or network resources.


Because all of the “closed” apps stay resident in memory, they start up quickly when re-launching them, and they start right where you left off. This is highly superior to force closing an app via the App Switcher, because the app doesn’t need to perform a complete reload, which can be system resource intensive and can actually cause worse battery life.

SmartClose really is smart, because it brings about a best-of-both-worlds-scenario. Apps are no longer using up system resources, but they’re also quick to restart because they remain resident in memory.

And for those moments where you’re running low on memory? Since apps are in a deep freeze state, iOS can immediately kill those apps to free up needed RAM if necessary.

To make a long story short, you shouldn’t generally be killing your apps by force closing them. SmartClose lets you stop apps from hogging system resources while remaining resident in memory. This is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to go about “closing” apps.

Have you used SmartClose? If so, are you a fan?

  • rockdude094

    Works flawlessly with the tweak after lock !

    • That’s a really good idea.

    • DazeForEver

      How many seconds did you set your after lock to?

      • Shingo

        i set 120 secs…

      • Ria1979

        How do you set the timing?

      • DazeForEver


    • Paul Edmund

      How did you set it up?

    • Guy

      What does Afterlock do.

      • rockdude094

        It performs requested actions after you lock your iPhone. it works with activator. you can set it to smart close all apps after you lock the device.

      • Guy

        I see and thank you

      • Luciano Horta

        So I think this is like Greenify for android that freezes the apps/ hibernate them!!! Perfect thing.

  • sadaN

    a no go for the activator dependency 🙁

  • Sleetui

    Auxo Legacy Edition update just now!

    • Neel Parikh

      I want a new feature in ALE that dismiss the cc after closing app.

      • Sleetui

        Send an email (not a tweet) to Ryan Petrich. Suggest it and hopefully he considers it.

  • Mr.Adam

    Does this really make that big of a difference? When you exit and app doesn’t iOS immediately put the app in a suspended state? Or like very shortly afterwards? Especially when you have background refresh off? What exactly is this doing that is different from what iOS already does?

    • Skoven

      I’m thinking the same think.
      Maybe this tweak is only relevant for suspending apps that actively run in the background like skype, facebook messenger (voip) etc. even with background refresh off.

  • I’m confused about this article. It says it suspends apps so they don’t hog resources and even yet even further states that if ram is too bogged down then you can force close the app to free up resources. So if the app is still using resources when suspended then hands down I’d rather just force close.

    • It only uses RAM not CPU, and doesn’t require a full reload for every app. Force closing means spending CPU for quitting and reloading. Having apps in RAM doesn’t consume battery.

    • mahe

      If you force close the app it gets unloaded from RAM, so next time you start it it has to be loaded again, which needs much more resouroces (and battery) as if it’s frozen and still in RAM.

      iOS itself well remove it from RAM if more is needed for another app.

      • Ok I got it but are there any numbers to back this? Is the battery drain to reopen apps that big of a deal or is it negligible?

  • besrate hogsa

    This is the kind of tweak I like

  • Rob

    So I guess this is going to be a completely invisible tweak. That u will have no way of knowing whether it’s running or not. Except in saved battery life.

  • Shingo

    this tweak works automatically right? all apps on the background will automaticall be in deepsleep? correct? so i do not need to do anything?

    • Kelvin Lieu

      you need to set an activator gesture for it happen. a really convenient way that everyone is using is when you lock the device. so when you lock your phone, all apps are stored in RAM but not in CPU.

      • Shingo

        so i need to activated with activator each time i am going to lock my phone or once and for all?

      • Kelvin Lieu

        activator>anywhere>locked>smart close
        that will freeze all apps when you lock your phone

      • Chris

        @rockdude094:disqus mentioned a nice tweak called AfterLock, I installed it along with SmartClose and it works perfectly.

        Rather than executing SmartClose everytime you lock your device, you only execute it based on a timer which will be less straining on your CPU.

      • Kelvin Lieu

        would this timer act individually on specific apps? doesn’t the stock OS time out apps every 10 minutes? so i’m assuming that installing this tweak would reduce it to a shorter time period

      • Chris

        It would execute on all apps that haven’t yet being frozen in the background, the advantage to this timer though is it only starts when the screen is locked compared to iOS which runs every X minutes putting additional load on the CPU.

        The other advantage is SmartClose doesn’t trigger the applicationDidTimeout event but instead just saves the state of the application which is also less intensive on the CPU.

      • Sleetui

        So how much time would you choose?

      • Chris

        I’ve left it at the default 300 seconds (5 minutes).

      • Kelvin Lieu

        so the only real change is instead of it being 10 minutes, its 5, right?

      • Sleetui

        When using SmartClose, and your playing a song/video and it’s activated will the song/video continue to play like normally then? Or would you then have to disable certain applications like so?

      • Chris

        You would need to toggle applications in the list such as those that play music otherwise it will kill all apps running in the background.

      • Skoven

        This tweak does not kill the now playing app on my phone. Even trough the app switcher doesn’t show any apps.
        Edit: it doesn’t kill google maps either, if you are using navigation.

  • AJM

    I don’t get it.
    First there come a lot of tweaks for “real multitasking”, which seems to be very important for a lot of people because for some reason they want that not-used apps keep “running”. Otherwise iOS would put them to sleep.
    Now there is a tweak that puts unused apps to sleep – like iOS.
    What’s the point of all this?

    • People want both, multitask apps and sleep apps they’re not using.

  • There’s another tweak in the Cydia Store called “Fast Freeze” that’s virtually identical to SmartClose (it even has an identical preference panel setup), but it costs $1.00. Is it a copy of SmartClose?

  • Mohammad Sajid

    Hi Jeff, i will be new to this , please can you tell me will i be able to receive notifications on that app which is in deep sleep ?? for example Whats app / Viber / Skype ???
    I am just confused, because you wrote the apps will not be in touch with the network also … plz advice.

    • Skoven

      i know for a fact that you can receive notifications on skype, even when the app is not running (standard iOS push notification). Try force quitting the apps you want to test and ask someone to send you a message.

  • Suresh

    Off topic
    Apps install by cydia not showing on springboard
    Help please i am on ios 8.4

    • Diego

      try reboot the device.

      • Suresh

        Tried but no

  • PA Nard

    Tried to installed After Lock before SmartClose… Cydia crached serveral times while trying (maybe it gets unstable with Pheromones, Cydia Ratings plus poor network connection and/or office WiFi) not a chance to respring once After Lock installed. Ends up with my first, since iOS 5, iphone in a boot loop cycle with sometimes a BSOD!

    • PA Nard

      Forced shut down then powering up holding the volume up button! Now in a kind of “Safe Mode” state I removed Pheromones, Cydia Time Out & Cydia Ratings (Crash reporter haven’t noticed a culprit for all those Cydia crashes (I supposed CTO), then reinstalled Cydia Substrate and Substrate Safe Mode… just in case, reboots and works fine now!

  • Chris

    It was working flawlessly for the past 12 hours, but suddenly it started to affect my Whatsapp. Which is a little odd no?

    I get stuck at “connecting” for a very long time and then eventually get not connected (in red). When I removed SmartClose, Whatsapp immediately started working afterwards. No idea if it was a coincidence or what, I even tried to force close Whatsapp instead of letting it sleep.

  • David Ruiz

    After almost 18 hours I still have 27% battery!
    This is a true battery saver.

  • Paul Edmund

    Smart Close caused me to have more battery drain. I don’t use Activator and since this tweet installs it it will cause a slight drain. Smart close does not reduce battery drain enough for having activator installed. I also tried Deep Freeze and I got the same result.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    So I’ve decided to give this tweak a spin, I mean I usually just quit apps if I’m not going to use them for the next hour or so. So I’ve set SmartClose to activate after my iPhone is locked, and when I press the home button (single press) on the applications that are enabled in SmartClose. Disabled apps are Messages, FaceTime, Phone, Music and Podcasts. Never used SmartClose before, so would an experienced user advise me if this is an adequate set-up?

  • becoolyolanda

    Where is the “Clear Switcher” function made clear?
    and (omg) why would Activator be enabled by default?

  • becoolyolanda

    Where is the function of “Clear Switcher” made clear?
    and (oy) why should Activator be enabled by default?

  • becoolyolanda

    can anyone clear up what “Clear Switcher” does?