Jailbreak the Apple TV 2 With Seas0nPass

The new Apple TV expected to be unveiled at next month’s event will feature a remote control with motion sensors, reports TechCrunch. Citing reliable sources, the site says the remote “likely includes several axis’ worth of sensors that put its control on par with a Nintendo Wii remote.”

Apple has for years been rumored to be tinkering with motion control. The iPhone-maker has acquired multiple companies with expertise and proprietary technology related to the field, and it has filed several patent applications over the last 5 years regarding motion-sensing inventions.

Motion gestures is believed to be just one of the new Apple TV remote’s input options. In May, the New York Times reported that the remote will also feature a touchpad for scrolling, at least two physical buttons, and a microphone for voice commands. It’s also said to be slightly thicker.

This all makes for an extremely interesting device when you add in the all-but-confirmed SDK Apple is expected to launch alongside the new Apple TV. It’s not hard to imagine developers coming up with innovative apps and games that respond to physical, touch, motion and voice controls.

Speaking with folks familiar with the project, TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino says the experience of using the new set-top box will “blow away the types of junky smart TV interfaces we’ve had to deal with so far.” In fact it’s so good, he believes it’ll be dubbed “the first real Apple TV product.”

Apple is obviously gearing up for something major, sending out media invitations on Thursday for a September 9 event at the gigantic Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. The company is expected to use the event to unveil new iPhones, an Apple TV and possibly new iPads.

Source: TechCrunch

  • Gary T

    What do we think the chances are of Nintendo partnering with Apple on this? I realize that Nintendo has their own hardware but Nintendo isn’t the dominant force it once was and it hasn’t been for years. Sega had to give up on hardware to stay in business and while I don’t think Nintendo is to that point yet, it might make sense for them to expand their horizons a bit. Plus they’re been branching out lately. Recently did a deal with Universal to bring Nintendo properties to Universal theme parks. I would see this as a win/win for both companies. Nintendo sells more software and Apple has an exclusive that helps push more of their hardware. Plus of course they get a cut of the game sales from Nintendo. Apple already dominates mobile gaming with the iPhone, and getting a piece of the home gaming market could be their next target. Obviously it’s two different things… taking on Xbox and Playstation wouldn’t be easy, but they would be going after the casual gamers. They don’t need big AAA titles on the Apple TV. They need casual games that the family can play and what company specializes in those sorts of games? Nintendo.

    • Merman123

      0 chances.

    • askep3

      I wish it would happen, it’s not like Nintendo games need any powerful graphics process either :/ , so it would be perfect

  • Tommy Gumbs

    Annnnnnnnd next week we will get a “New Apple TV Postponed” article…..And I have 5 bucks that says it will be for reasons like, “Apple was unable to solidify programming” or “New A? chip had issues with production” or……who knows…

  • smtp25

    How does apple manage to keep things so secret? ‘maybe’ new iPad? With event so close there must be 100s of employees who know

  • Sounds like a copy of Samsung’s Smart TV remotes. I use those gestures for controlling the on-screen cursor/pointer for navigating, typing, browsing, etc.

    • N&LH

      I have Samsung smart TV 3D and smart remote. I have no idea why do they call these televisions ‘smart’. The software just sucks. The only thing I like about for example my Samsung TV I have is the screen which is gorgeous. The remote is not that amazing

      • “I have Samsung smart TV 3D and smart remote. I have no idea why do they call these televisions ‘smart’. The software just sucks. The only thing I like about for example my Samsung TV I have is the screen which is gorgeous.”

        For once I actually agree with you. Wasn’t there to make the decision when the landlord bought it though. Mostly just mirror my Surface Pro’s screen to it via Miracast and use it for consuming content from my Surface Pro. All of which I could have achieved with a just-as-gorgeous screen and a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter…

        “The remote is not that amazing”

        Sure, just Apple copying it’s “non that amazing” features…

      • N&LH

        Well, we are not talking about ‘copying’. I have the same remote. it is not the best smart remote out there. In regards copying, they just copy each other!..

    • Bugs Bunnay

      brilliant! do what Samsung have been doing and just copy them for once! i’m throwing more money into stocks now. apple’s strategy are top notch!!!

  • Dante Arellano

    Rouku and amazon got that since ferw years ago so why apple want to came with the revolutionary new Apple tv they going to slow 2 to 3 years behind damn how long eill take to apple delovepement a car like the imaginary project titan might 25 to 35 years to the speed the apple line up their products i guess firts model only funtional for 8 to 9 hours like the firts iphone or

    • Merman123

      You are all over the place.

  • Dante Arellano

    Wii funtion? seems like non of all you dont know nintendo,the new apple tv definitely is going to be another fellure like apple music and apple watch alots of possibilities but like always the same shitte but in diferent colors like rose gold

  • Rook HD

    I’d be very surprised if the new Apple TV is around the old price point which is $100.