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Apple today officially confirmed its rumored media event will be indeed taking place on Wednesday, September 9. The press conference is widely expected to bring new iPhones, iPads and possibly a next-generation Apple TV.

New pieces of information continue to surface in the run-up to the event. According to latest tidbits from a reputable publication with reliable sources, Apple won’t unveil an ‘iPhone 6c’ at the event.

iPhone 6s: rose gold, no sapphire screen, renamed Force Touch

For starters, 9to5Mac today confirmed that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will indeed come in a brand new Apple Watch-inspired Rose Gold color option, as analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted back in June.

The new anodized aluminum colorway is described as a copper-like variation on the gold option originally introduced with the iPhone 5s back in 2013 and not a pinkish hue we saw on a batch of images now debunked as fake.

iPhone 6s rose gold concept Martin Hajek 001
An artist’s rendition of iPhone 6s in Rose Gold.

As for a sapphire-coated screen that Apple wanted but failed to deploy on present-generation iPhones, the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will continue to use Apple’s “Ion-X” ionized glass.

Regarding a rumored Force Touch screen providing user interface shortcuts, the new iPhones should incorporate pressure-sensitive screens that “may not be called Force Touch on the iPhone” despite sharing a similar underlying technology like Force Touch trackpads on Mac notebooks and the Apple Watch’s pressure-sensing screen.

No iPhone 6c for your this year

The so-called iPhone 6c is not on the agenda for the September 9 event. Sources who spoke with 9to5Mac are adamant that “the device is not yet ready to ship”.

The same sources said Apple will discontinue the iPhone 5c when the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus release while retaining the iPhone 5s which will “drop the on-contract price to free.” The current-generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will keep selling after the new models begin shipping for a $100 less, as per 9to5Mac’s sources and conventional wisdom.

iPhone 6c concept 3D Future 001

Curiously enough, Apple reportedly prototyped a smaller iPhone model with a 3.5-inch display, but it won’t be moving forward “with actually releasing such a device.”

According to the rumor-mill, the iPhone 6c is supposed to adopt a metal body with iPhone 6-style design, incorporate a four-inch Retina display and feature last year’s iPhone 6 hardware, including the A8 processor, Touch ID and NFC for mobile payment.

Wrapping it up

The focus of September 9’s event increasingly appear to be the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones.

This year’s S-upgrade is expected to bring a stronger body, a faster A9 processor, Force Touch, improved Touch ID and NFC, a twelve-megapixel back camera with 4K video capture, an improved front-facing shooter and animated wallpapers on the Lock screen inspired by the Apple Watch’s Motion face, among other improvements.

We are committed to bringing you a comprehensive coverage of Apple’s event and will be reporting more about the new iPhones as new information and rumors surface ahead of the press conference.

Top photo: claimed iPhone 6s packaging featuring a gold koi pond fish wallpaper.

Source: 9to5Mac 1, 2

  • Rose gold needs the front screen to be black, then i’ll pick that one up for sure. Probably won’t happen sadly.

    • Scope

      Shiny gold plus black is horrible. Good thing it doesn’t happen.

    • cguy

      Scope is right, it won’t look good. But if you want the front screen to be black you can just buy a black screen and swap it

      • White screens look awful, black looks extremely classy. Not going to buy a new device just to replace the screen and void the warranty.

      • Blip dude

        Then do it after your warranty expires. Personally, I don’t like gold (no offense to anyone), but what’s to stop you from converting it once it’s out of warranty??

      • Resale value, some people just want stock. And if you replaced a screen like that where it is obvious it can turn people away from purchasing. Of course on the other side of that someone like me may want the black screen so they won’t care. Depends how well you know the seller at that point and if they do good work. So many people out there who claim to know how to repair things when really they do a halfassed job.

  • johnsm

    if that’s it it’ll suck

    • Shadowelite123

      Oh ok lol

  • In regards to the sapphire screen, it doesn’t bother me. Two points. The first is that it’d would cost a lot more as sapphire is much more expensive to produce and secondly, it makes sense on Apple Watch as you’re much more vulnerable to scratch something that’s on your wrist. On a phone, not so much.

  • Renaming it to re-gimmick it. Make it sound new and exciting.

    • Shadowelite123

      It’s funny because force touch on the Apple Watch isn’t a gimmick.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Poll: anyone buying the new iphone because it has a feature called force touch?

    • besrate hogsa

      I didn’t buy the iPhone 5s because it has touch ID
      So the answer is NO

  • besrate hogsa

    I am 100% satisfied with my iPhone 6 plus
    imo waiting for the next generation iPhone is a smart decision
    My friend learned from that mistake by buying iPhone 5s

    • Elias Chao

      The only thing I would want from the next iPhone would be the *alleged* 2Gb of RAM.

      • besrate hogsa

        My iPhone 6 plus have 1GB RAM DDR3 and it blazing fast
        for me it is not a selling point

      • Elias Chao

        It wouldn’t be the reason why I’d change my 6 Plus either. I stated that the extra gigabyte would be cool.

        I like to have tweaks installed in my phone, and sometimes some more ram would be cool since apps close in the background when there is no enough memory available.

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    I want new iPad.

  • iDude

    I hope the back camera upgrade won’t stay long as the 8mp that is used in 3 generations of iphone/ipad. iphone 7 should have at least 18mp!

    Anyway there is no mention of the RAM, would it be 2 or 3 Gigs? or they still keeping the 1gig?

    • Shadowelite123

      Considering that the 8MP camera is able to actively compete with other top smartphones is hard work at its best. Imagine a 12 MP camera. More room for improvement but when you ask for more MP every year, that’s less time for camera quality improvements. Look at HTC. They used a 4MP camera in the M8 and now look at their M9. The 20MP camera is trash. Why is that? It’s because they made a huge camera jump with out working on it. Do you want better quality photos or to be able to zoom in without losing detail? More MP doesn’t do much without work.

  • Blip dude

    *yawn* that’s it?? Really, I can just wait until September 2016 to buy this S model Unlocked and get it $100 cheaper. 2GB RAM?? phone is doing fine with 1GB, but happy that the iPad Air 2 has 2GB RAM where I actually do need it. 4K video?? Don’t have a 4K screen to playback the videos on. 12MP camera?? While this may be nice, the current camera on the iPhone 6 Plus is doing just fine, plus i’ll be getting the camera replaced so I don’t really worry about the camera lens “wearing off” for a while (if that’s even possible). Force Touch?? Honestly, I’m living without it now (Proudly a non-Apple watch owner), and I think I’ll continue to live without it.

    Overall, I will definitely pass on this one. What I’m really hoping for is that the next gen 12inch Retina MacBook a A) not as overpriced and B) not as underpowered. As of right now though, that’s just a dream!!! Oh, and Ultraviolet support on the next gen Apple TV (yeah I know, just another dream).

  • Joey

    No iPhone 6c, no sapphire screen, oh noes! Where is Kuo when you need him? Please make them happen!

    • steiney

      Must… have… 4… inch… screen….!!!!!!! Seriously though.