One of the best features of the iPhone 6 is the ultra slim design. It is so thin, it could hide behind a CD case. You may want to protect your high tech device but not want to add any bulk at all.

Oeago makes an Ultra Thin case for the iPhone 6 that is actually the thinnest you can buy. At only 0.3mm thick and weighing only 0.3 ounces, the case adds the least amount of bulk to your iPhone 6 possible so you can maintain the same aesthetic you love.

The case is made from soft thermoplastic polyurethane so it is fully flexible. It wraps around the device like a protective skin. It is transparent, so you can see your iPhone 6 in all of its glory. There are cutaways for ports and controls and a hole on the backside of the case for the back-facing camera.

Due to the ultra thin nature of this case, there is no lip to protect your screen when lying on a flat surface, so you may want to add a screen protector to your investment.

Oeago’s Ultra Thin case for iPhone 6 costs just $7 on Amazon.

  • leart

    very good looking case,,,, even the iphone 6 looks good on a themed ios 6..

  • Yujin

    The thing with this type of flexible cases is that they attract lint like crazy and dust gets inside and the dust particle ends up scratching the phone finish and glass.

    • igorsky

      Honestly I’ve never had a case that didn’t cause some sort of scratching due to captured particles. Decided to carry my phone naked for a while and see what happens…I guess that’s what AppleCare is for.

      • Anthony Antunez

        Now that you mention it, I decided to go with the Apple case for my iPhone 6 and it has a soft cloth lining on the inside and the phone has no scratches one year later. My phone looks brand new. I wish more case makers would actually care about the inside of the case as much as the outside.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    Looks like the spigen I’ve been using.

  • eXoguti097

    This is my type of case

  • Mark Tesch

    The Caudabe Veil I got tore after a few days. There’s no way this will be any better. But nice and minimal all the same.