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If the 12-inch MacBook is indicative of Apple’s future plans, the popular MagSafe adapter is on its way out as USB-C comes into full view.

Sadly, USB-C is plagued with a major drawback: the standard doesn’t use Apple’s proprietary MagSafe charging method which employs magnets to ensure your notebook doesn’t fly off a desk or wiggle the pins when you trip on the cord.

With MagSafe’s future hanging in the balance, a company called aMagic Ltd. set out to replicate the MagSafe charging experience on Lightning-enabled iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices.

Introducing MagCable

Not only is the MagCable a charging cable that uses magnets to help you charge a smartphone without distressing about fraying or snapping off of the cord, it also transfer data and charges your mobile devices twice as fast with up to 2400mA.

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The adapter is just 14.9mm and uses Neodymium iron magnet.

It has a dual-side LED light indicating your device is being charged and another physical button to turn on and off the fast-charging feature which, for those asking, honors your device’s factory-designated maximum charging speed.

Actually, the fast-charging button also switches between fast-charging and data sync, without having to swap cables. In fast-charging mode, smaller-sized phones receive up to 0.9A and larger-screened ones get up to 1.5A of power.

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Unlike some other cables, the MagCable is reversible and supports both fast-charging and data sync in either orientation. Here’s a video showing a working prototype of the MagCable with full functionality.

Upon inserting the tiny adapter into your iPhone’s Lightning port, hook up the included double-sided USB or Lightning plug into your device. With one side of the plug inserted into your iPhone, connect the Lightning charging cable that came with your iPhone into the other side and you’re good to go.

Crafted from the high quality copper materials, the MagCable is ‘Made for iPhone’-certified. The accessory is reversible, dust and waterproof, environmentally friendly and optimized for both Micro-USB and Lightning devices from Apple and other vendors.

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In fact, the MagSafe can charge a wide range of devices such as smartphones, tablets, digital cameras, camcorders, external battery packs and much more.


They have launched a Kickstarter campaign which will last until September 21.

There are already more than 500 early-bird backers, with pledges starting out as low as $1 and going all the way up to $1,399 or more.

There are 3 models of MagCable to choose from:

  • MagCable #1 – Micro USB Magnetic Cable (100cm)
  • MagCable #2 – Lightning Magnetic Cable (100cm)
  • MagCable #3 – Lightning Magnetic Adapter Cable (15cm)

Models 1 and 2 ship with adapters optimized for Micro-USB (Android) and Lightning (Apple) devices, respectively. Model 3 is for Apple users who already own a 1-meter Lightning cable.

The first hundred donors who share the campaign will be entered into a contest for a free iPhone 6s and a second MagCable.

Source: Kickstarter

  • Polygon

    ” it also transfer data and charges your mobile devices twice as fast with up to 2400mA.”

    This is bullcrap. Any USB cable can support 2A charging. The claim of making charging faster, especially with the pic of an iPhone, is just a plain lie.

    • So many of these kickstarters turn out to be scams anyway. There’s a couple that have finished that are basically just liked this, no one has received anything from them. Passing for sure! Plus can’t use these with a stand at night so that’s a big no go for me.

    • Kelvin Ip

      No, you are not exactly correct. Charging speed, in electrical view, involves cable resistance and supplying power source. But in today’s smartphones, there is a smart mechanism that controls the mode of charging especially when it “determines” it is in data mode (or data wire connected mode) which affects the current being drawn and in turn affects the charging speed.
      Some info could be found on google, so this cable helps to take care of such modes

  • Joey

    lost interest the moment i saw the misleading gif and stopped reading altogether at kickstarter

    • Kelvin Ip

      Which gif are you referring to? I saw those are static jpg showing probably the working actual sample

  • Dean Johnson

    Something similar has been done before. It’s called Znaps, also on Kickstarter, but Znaps was the original. Came up with it first

    • Franklin Richards

      I backed Znaps which was cheaper I think. Also the designs were more uniform to the whole Apple design.

    • Eyal Rotem

      Znaps just finished it’s campaign with over 3 million$ {CAD}.

      so, I guess it’s worth a mention, maybe idownloadblog got some other incentive for publishing this and not Znaps when it was relevant.

      • Dean Johnson

        That could be a possibility. I backed Znaps a couple of weeks ago. Might back this as well and compare the two.

      • Eyal Rotem

        Znaps supposedly ships in November… so, lots of time for that comparison. [and this will ship probably next century…]

  • Bangali

    This looks so dodgy! The company aMagic is based in Hong Kong but it says Australia on KS. Language used is also incorrect at some points.. Also it isn’t MFi certified – it says if they reach 400% of their target, then it will be certified..I used to blindly trust iDb but not so much anymore.. please don’t promote things that you are not 100% about..makes your readers lose faith..

    • Eyal Rotem

      znaps reached their milestone for MFI, so look for that if you’re interested.

      • Bangali

        Thanks, I will 🙂

  • Dante Arellano

    Ill pay for that any price but i dont fall in the stupid scam stupid fucckers

  • DOOManiac

    Is it common for Kickstarters to beg you to spam others on Twitter/Facebook in exchange for free products? Also they give inconsistent prices for the suggested donation amount. A great concept if its real, but otherwise this seems shady…

    • Kelvin Ip

      The donation amount is real, it is actually AUD$1. Only that there involves a shipping charge of AUD$8 to world-wide which I think it’s fair.

  • Mattoligy

    This should be standard on all iOS devices… How long has MagSafe been around on MacBooks now? And Apple still can’t figure out that MOBILE devices would benefit most from this technology! And just to put the icing on the cake, they remove it from MacBooks as well :-0 unbelievable.

    • Scope

      Well the same could be said that Siri would be waaaaaaaaay better on MacBooks and we still don’t have that…

      • Mattoligy

        Yes, Siri should also be on OS X

  • Merman123

    Shady, shady.

  • MinkShoals

    I actually considered backing until I saw some glaring red flags. It’s actually difficult to understand which pledge you’re making as these guys can’t even get the product descriptions consistent on their KS page. It reads “MagCable lightning adapter” in one place and “Lightning Magnetic Cable Adapter” in another. I don’t have faith in them ever coming through with a real product.

    • Dominic LoFranco

      Go for Znaps

    • Kelvin Ip

      The initial terminology used and product model naming were really not consistent and maybe somehow confusing as well. Those terms are now improved and become more consistent across the pictures, pledge calculator, FAQ and some newer pledge options. Only the descriptions for those older options which have been backed already cannot be altered. Everything have been improving and we see this is a real project that worth supporting.

      • MinkShoals

        Thanks but I just took a look and the $16 pledge description still reads:
        1x Mag-extension cable
        1x MagCable lightning adapter

        What is the Mag-extension cable? No where that I can see do you have it depicted or presented. Is the backer to assume you mean it is the “Lightning Magnetic Adapter Cable” which is shown in a product image? Which by the way, is listed both as 1 meter long and 15cm in the image.

      • Kelvin Ip

        Thanks so much for getting back here. Your guess is correct, KS doesn’t allow further changes on pledge description which pledge options have been backed. Your suggestion is great, we will do that for easy cross reference.
        So, like in this $16 pledge. “Mag-extension” means “MagCable – Lightning Magnetic Adapter Cable”

        Looking forward to having you as our backer!

  • Disqus

    “…it also transfer data and charges your mobile devices twice as fast with up to 2400mA.” and then they say “In fast-charging mode, smaller-sized phones receive up to 0.9A and larger-screened ones get up to 1.5A of power.”

    So which is it.. 2.4A or 1.5? Not to mention that it doesn’t matter if you even had 10,000 amps available.. the device will only draw what it’s designed to draw. So to say that this magic cable is going to charge faster is very misleading, and borders untrue depending on which Apple charger you use and which iDevice you’re charging. This one has been beaten to death on many forums.

    • mrgerbik

      Bad engrish…. I’d stay away.
      With power, generally it’s usually the electronics that regulate current. The cable can do this through resistance (thicker or thinner AWG) or by any IC’s installed in series that act as resistors.
      So if you plug a 5A charger with a proper cable into a 1.5A device, the device will (should) only draw 1.5A


      • Disqus


      • Kelvin Ip

        This is correct electrically but this doesn’t take into account the “charge mode” being triggered

    • Kelvin Ip

      This is only partially correct. It’s true that the device controls whatever current it “wants” during charging provided that the supplying source has enough power. However, there do have a USB2.0 protection when the device is in sync mode (or data connected idle mode) when it is linked up with a PC or a normal wall charger/power bank using data wire, even the supplying power is enough. The “wanted” current will become around only 0.5A so as not to overload the USB data port. Experiments can show this easily with a power meter (not the amazon simple USB dongle type as this has something done on the device already), different current will be drawn with the different “charging mode” treated by the device. Google android fast charge will get some answers (this is different from what QC handles.)

  • Fernando Cordova

    About the contests:
    Copy paste from the kickstarter page.

    The contest or raffle wining iPhone 6s had stopped according to kickstarter rules

    Dear Backers,

    We had received a mail from kickstarter team, that any contest or raffle wining gift was prohibited in this platform~

    We are sincerely sorry for that issue happend,but hopefully you can keep supporting us to make this project come into reality~

    If you love this project,go ahead and pledge us!!!

  • Stefano

    It’s been suspended!? What the heck LOL

    • Winston

      Hi Stefano, we failed to exclude iPhone from lucky draw contest in time, so the projects was suspended.Therefore, we will soon be relauching the project with an updated purchase package. Please stay tuned!

      • kurt

        So if we already backed it do we have to back it again or does our previous backing restore?

      • Hi Kurt, if you are our backer, you will receive an invite notification when we are ready.Then, you could back it again in a new KS website, so, please stay tuned, and thank you!

  • The Guy

    If someone makes this for the new USB-C connection, THEY WILL MAKE A LOT OF MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Since most devices will soon use USB-C, its future proof and will work with all types of devices.

    Also, iPhone 7 will b USB-C!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @sexyhamthing

    The iphone doesnt support fast charging?

  • Paul

    I backed this item on kickstarter and I have to say what a disappointment, it is just a cheap cable.
    The aluminium is all searched with chunks missing and it only come with one (plastic) lighting connection between the 2 cables where all previous images of the lighting connections where made of metal not cheap black plastic.
    Then there was the packaging or lack of it, It arrived in a jiffy bag containing 2 plastic bags each containing a cable and only one containing a plastic lighting connection.
    Then when I used the cable it worked the first time then never again.
    Everyone who backed this campaign got conned and aMagic have alot of explaining to do!