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Episode 96: iPhone use in the bedroom, tips for selling on Craigslist, the inferiority of the aluminum Apple Watch, Dr. Dre’s past and Apple’s future, Samsung gets desperate.

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  • philip Mills

    Is anybody’s Apple music crashing 8.4.1 I’m trying to add a Lionel Ritchie movie to my Apple music library and it crashes all the time anybody else having this problem

    • Shadowelite123

      Hmm not really but I do get an occasional crash where music stops playing like if you close the Music app from the app switcher.

  • Steven Honey

    Ben, The dinosaur meme is called philosoraptor.

  • Steven Honey

    Could not find the one about driverless cars.

  • Cazz

    Just to add a note; apple will only replace the rear camera if the issue is replicated. Do take that into mind, not a recall but a program