Bolse Mfi Certified 6 foot Lightning cable

There are two things wrong with Apple’s Lightning cable. One is that the cord is just not long enough to be useful. The other is that it tends to tangle when not properly stored.

Bolse solves both of those problems with a six-foot MFi certified cord that is covered in a high-quality nylon jacket so you can plug your iPhone 6 into the wall and still use it while sitting on the couch.

The cable is made from durable, lightweight polycarbonate material and is covered with a basic tweed pattern with a high tensile nylon design, which is wound tightly around the cord all the way up to the base.

Thanks to the cloth jacket, the cable is designed to be tangle free, which is good considering its size.

The six-foot cord makes it possible for you to plug your iPhone 6 into a wall or computer and still be able to use it. If your nightstand is five feet away from the nearest wall plug, you don’t have to move the furniture or rewire your house to charge your device through the night.

The cable is MFi certified, which means you can connect it to your PC or Mac and it will sync while charging. It also means you probably won’t receive that annoying “This accessory may not be supported” message.

Bolse’s six-foot Cloth Jacketed Lightning Cable comes in black and green or light blue and yellow. It is available on Amazon for $15 or $16, depending on your color preference.

  • TechToch

    is this supposed to be a sponsor or a review ?

    • Chris Wagers

      Definitely seems like it. I’m happy with my Awesome cables which I also found out about on here. So I’ll be sticking with those. It actually seemed like the awesome cable article was a review.

    • It is neither a sponsored post or a review. It’s just a post highlighting an accessory as we do several times a week.

    • Ned Scott

      Every one of Lory Gil’s reviews is basically a ref link to an Amazon product and a rehash of the products description from Amazon. Lory does not actually review the physical products, or even research anything about them. There are no pros and cons, no critical review, nothing.

      Considering the ref-link, it sure feels like an ad.

  • Stefano

    I have the ten foot one that is sold through iDB’s store and been using it since you guys posted about it. Works just as good as the one out the box that came with the 6+.

  • Xee

    Cloth jacketed?! You mean nylon braided.