Jailbreak iPhone 6 Plus iOS 8.4

I’ve been running the iOS 9 beta on my iPhone 6 Plus and have been using the iPhone 5s as my jailbroken device for the last 2-3 weeks. My idea was to use the iPhone 5s as my jailbreak device, and keep my daily driver—my iPhone 6 Plus—jailbreak free.

But once Apple released the jailbreak-killing iOS 8.4.1, my tune changed. I decided to go back to iOS 8.4 and jailbreak my iPhone 6 Plus again. Why’d I do it? I explain in this post…

My decision to re-jailbreak my daily driver was all about timing. We’re so close to the iPhone 6s event, a little less than a month away. I presume that in about a month or so, we’ll have the new iPhone 6s Plus’ in hand.

With this in mind, my iPhone 6 Plus would then be “retired” so to speak, and my iPhone 6s Plus would become my new daily driver.

When you consider the strong possibility that Apple will stop signing iOS 8.4 this week, which will make it impossible to downgrade to iOS 8.4 and jailbreak, then it was a pretty easy decision for me.

I can live without iOS 9 on my daily driver for another month if it means that I get to keep my jailbreak on a powerful device like the iPhone 6 Plus.

It does bum me out a bit that this decision means I’ll have to forgo using my watchOS 2 enabled Apple Watch for the next month, but at the end of the day it was an easy decision.

The decision was made even easier when you consider the fact that Cydia Impactor will allow you to perpetually restore to iOS 8.4 and in theory, maintain a jailbroken device forever. I plan on keeping my iPhone 6 Plus jailbroken forever if I can help it, and I highly suggest you look into the possibility of doing so as well.

If you aren’t jailbroken on your latest and greatest device, I suggest downgrading now before it’s too late, and enjoy a “forever jailbreak” on that device. Then, once you receive your new iPhone next month, you can enjoy iOS 9 on it, and your jailbreak on your older device.

What do you think about my idea?

  • August Brown

    I had the same reasoning as you. 6s+ only a month or so away, I gave up ios 9 and the use of apple watch with OS2 on it.

  • Anmol Malhotra

    The post doesn’t contain the logical reason to jailbreak your iPhone if you are running iOS 9. As some of us won’t be upgrading to iPhone 6s in a month or so. So i don’t think it’s the right decision.

    • mobilemann

      i agree. I used to write jailbreak only software; and i don’t even see the need anymore. Tethering, widgets, multi window are all actual features now.

      • And yet there’s no swipe up to close feature, thereby saving mechanical wear on the home button

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        The whole reason why I jailbreak in the first place is to save the wear and tear of the home and sleep buttons. Everything from launching app switcher, to locking my device, to powering down, to increase/decrease sound volume is gesture-based for me with the help of Activator.

      • mobilemann

        Virtual home buttons have been in iOS since i think about 4, (it’s in accessibility) and ipad’s have supported gesture based app closing for about the same amount of times.

        have you used this OS you’re talking about?

      • kosho123

        The problem is the annoying assistive-touch pop-up on the screen and hassle of opening it and tapping the home button. If you jailbreak, you can have an activator do simulate the home button.

      • Yeah I love the virtual home button. Messes up with every app I use and stays on top all the time. What a worthy alternative to a simple swipe to close jailbreak app. NOT.

      • mobilemann

        i haven’t used it since my iphone 4, which i had for a long, long time; but it worked well for me. You could have just said “you’re right”. Instead you use a “not” joke, indicating you’re some kind of developmentally challenged child stuck in the early 90s. I wish you luck time lord.

      • You seem to know ‘developmentally challenged’ people well. Probably because you happen to be one?. Enjoy using that virtual button of yours. The rest of us will use a simple jailbreak to get the job done.

      • mobilemann

        you could have just said “you’re right”, as i was, you know; right.

        a simple exploit that disables major parts of your security chain. Simple. Amazing.

      • What’s a dodo like you doing on a website that primarily focuses on jailbreaks? Are you aware that jailbreaks are a ‘gift’ to security experts and researchers worldwide? These jailbreaks help Apple pave the way to patch vulnerabilities in every firmware update. We are now in 9.0, thats all 8 versions jailbroken since 2008.

        Don’t waste your time trying to figure out what a jailbreak is, you’re too stupid to figure it out. You better believe its an “exploit that disables major parts of the security chain.” LOL

      • mobilemann

        i’ve written for jailbreaks kid, and there are versions in between 7 and 8. 8 and 9. 9 is honestly too good to not update to. But next time i will check with you, to make sure i’m allowed to post here. God forbid i have an opposing viewpoint.

      • Joshua Mark Voss

        iOS 9 sucks and is making my iPhone 6+ run just like as if you could upgrade a 3GS to iOS 9, downgrading my iPhone for the first time since owning one.

      • mobilemann

        kid, iOS 9 has been better than iOS 8 since beta 3. It’s faster, and crashes less. I suggest you do a clean restore, before panning an OS. It sped up my 6+ considerably. I’m sorry that’s happening to you but 99 times out of 100, it’s because you’re stupid.

      • Joshua Mark Voss

        Okay smartass, tell that to the many people who have done a clean restore and still found the 6+ choppy. I didn’t literally mean it ran as I stated, I was being sarcastic. Only problem I have is spending a $1000 and expecting nothing less than $1000 to perform as it should. But maybe I’m just nitpicking & impatient. Only actual problem I have is the keyboard loading ever so slightly slower than before and my keyboard having to catch up to the first few letters. Having owned iPhones since the 3G it’s just software upgrades leaving the obsolete models behind. It’s been the same with EVERY iPhone. GOD FORBID I HAVE AN OPPOSING VIEW POINT. Sorry old man that us “kids” are upset with the lack of instant gratification.

      • mobilemann

        return it kid

      • Your Mother

        widgets? lol, those are not widgets my friend. multi window? how?

      • mobilemann

        those are widgets. They work the same as they did on my note 3, they are just accessible anywhere now. The condescending tone makes me wonder what you do with your phone that makes you talk in such a way.

        multi window in full is in iOS 9, but only for ipads (for now) most likely due to ram restrictions.

        i had multi window on iOS 5 via jailbreak, well before i had it on my samsung devices.

    • I agree. That was the first non sense thing I read here… Do they think that “normal people” keep like 3 iPhones to have a jailbroken, one with the actual iOS and another for the betas? That’s crazy! Lol

    • besrate hogsa

      i am gonna go ahead and disagree with you
      your comment doesn’t have any logical reason to be there
      does it?

  • Makes sense for someone who’s holding onto a previous device to show off jailbreak tweaks for a website such as this. For me, I’ve been on IOS 9 for a while now and love it. The upcoming new device doesn’t interest me one bit, nothing amazing there. I’ll wait another year for “7”, which will have a lot of new features and a completely new design.

  • If someone gave up their jailbreak it means they no longer want or need it. They gave it up for a reason. Why would they all of a sudden go back? And not everyone is upgrading or even keeping their old device when upgrading. A lot of ppl need to sell their older one to get a newer one.

  • Merman123

    I agree with you Jeff but also with the comments. Not everyone is lucky enough to upgrade every year without having to sell their previous device. I already know I’m going to upgrade every year no matter how “unappealing” the “S” model may be. So I plan my expense around that this time of year so that I can afford not having to sell my current driver.

  • pipkeenan

    I too have a iphone 6+ jailbroken, and think i will keep it jailbroken for ever, as the tweaks are amazing on the bigger screen, I also have a iphone 6, ipad air 2 and iphone 4s ALL jailbroken, I don’t think i can use a apple device with out it been jailbroken as too often in my case i get board with the basic apple device…

    • mobilemann

      what tweaks do you “need”? Curious!

  • Only if I had the ability to have more than 1 phone…

  • MrShutEmDown

    I honestly opted against 8.4 and just went with ios 9. it’s fluid and just works for me. Cydia’s tweaks were all looking the same, and 5 of every 6 tweaks and themes looked like a money grab. I’m all for individuality, but the “originality” in the tweaks seem to have jumped ship. Maybe when A3Tweaks decide to update their current tweaks before releasing new ones, or the jailbreak community stops bickering amongst themselves when they join forces to release the latest hot tweak, I’ll come back. For now, I’ll stick to the basics.

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      While I do agree with almost everything you said, especially about the majority of current tweaks lacking in originality and simply being money-grabbing. What I don’t agree with is the last part where you seem to have favoured not being jailbroken, because you feel “things” in the development side of tweaks is a bit stale. But of course each to their own, I suppose.

    • mobilemann

      to me, iOS 9 is faster, and much more stable. I can’t complain.

  • To each his own; ..Im running 9 beta 5 and its nice. Yes I miss my jailbreak; but I’ll re jailbreak when they release one for OS 9. I’ve been playing this game a long time and can live briefly without a jailbreak; but damn I do miss some choice tweaks lke being able to search for the location of an icon. Don’t know why Apple doesn’t let us do this.

    • rickinsav

      Search for the location of an icon? Sorry, I’m ignorant. What do you mean? All I can picture is typing in a few letters of the app name in Spotlight and can see the folder it is located in. This is normal behavior as I’m sure you know.
      Yes, I’m jailbroken with a 6+ and haven’t run across this.

      • say its not in a folder and its on page 7. A double tap in search takes you directly to it; instead of going page by page searching simply to find its location

      • rickinsav

        Gotcha. That’s handy. Could have used that alot.

  • Walcy Carroll

    I am running the public beta of ios 9 on my iphone 6 plus and iphone 5s, for my apple watch how can I update it to the apple watch OS2? trying to do this without paying the $99 year annual fee. I probably will eventually buy the developer upgrade but for now.. I am trying not too until I have time to actually play around with the developer options… learn some coding for apps,etc.

  • Kristhoffer Romagnoli

    is anyone else having problem with the phone restarting with the apple logo out of nowhere, it happens to me like 2-3 times a day im on ios 8.4 iphone 6 plus have used crashreporter to see what is causing it but cant figure out why it keeps happening (sorry for bad english)

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      Tweak conflict, something is corrupt possibly. Did you jailbreak on an OTA updated iOS, or did you update via USB and iTunes (the good old-fashioned way)? Just for your information, OTA updates are highly not recommended if you plan on jailbreaking. If this continues and you have no solution, I suggest restoring your device via iTunes ASAP whilst Apple is still signing iOS 8.4. Act fast though!

      • Kristhoffer Romagnoli

        i did a usb itunes update the problem is i was using the same tweaks on my iphone 6 but now on the iphone 6 plus it keeps crashing, ill try restoring and doing a fresh jailbreak to see if it solves the problem

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        A fresh restore and jailbreak and NOT restoring from a backup thereafter is always the right way to go. You can’t ever go wrong with that. Try it out, iOS 8.4 is still being signed as I’m typing this. Also, do not forget to install ‘Cydia Impactor’ by Saurik as soon as you’ve jailbroken your device. Good luck.

  • armyk

    Well, I cannot have auxo on 9 nor 8.4 so I am staying with 9…

    • Tyler Smith

      you can have seng though.

      • armyk

        Yes, but I want more gestures, like swipe up from right bottom corner to close app and from left to invoke fast app switcher… Not sire if seng can do it

  • Blip dude

    To be honest, not surprising at all. What I don’t get is why is it that your daily driver (unless I misread or misinterpret the post) is not Jailbroken?? To each their own, but I’ll be purchase the next gen iPhone when no one else will want it. . . September 2016.

  • Greg Warren

    I used to jailbreak my device just before the new iPhone would come out every year, just to make it more enticing to potential buyers (I sell my old device on Craigslist every year and buy a new one). The past few years I’ve noticed people seem more skeptical of a jailbroken phone, and it doesn’t command as much on the open market, so I’ve stopped hassling with it.

  • JulianZH

    I still don’t see any benefits for me to jailbreak my iPhone….

    • iPhoneWINS

      LOL… wel then you better not jailbreak it

    • Vinnie

      Why are you here, then?

  • iPhoneWINS


  • besrate hogsa

    Tow day ago i re-jailbroke my iphone 6 plus because i was on ios 9 beta 5 and i intend to stay with it for a long time
    because i love the following jailbreak tweaks
    – virtualHome
    – Activator
    – Springtomize 3
    – polus
    – WiFiControl

    • mobilemann

      i find activator on a lot of people’s list but no one really uses it well. What work flow do you use it for?

      I used it in conjunction with another tweak called “as if” or something like that and managed to get it to actually connect to my VPN when opening specific apps and not already on the home network. Apart from that i’ve never seen a really good use for it (out side of it facilitating other tweaks)

      springtomize is gross to me. Some pretty stuff, but no dylib is worth slowing down your phone.

      • besrate hogsa

        what do you mean by no one really uses it well?
        well, everyone have a choice how they want to use it
        i don’t like to use it with in conjunction with other tweaks
        i use it as it is
        is that okay?
        springtomize is not gross to me

      • mobilemann

        what do you use it for? I’m curious. You can obviously do whatever you want:D Springtomize especially 3, is a little bit to hoggish for me. I of course know that different people have different views on what is important, but worse battery life for a 5 icon dock and re-sizing of icons seems harsh to me.

      • besrate hogsa

        i use springtomize
        to remove icon labels
        to remove page dots
        setting up 5 icon dock
        to speedup animation
        i use it lightly

      • mobilemann

        actually i do miss that one feature (speeding up animations).

      • besrate hogsa

        try NoSlowAnimations

  • Jason Bjerke

    I’ll finally be upgrading from a *cough* 4s to the 6s plus. I’ve been on the ios9 for awhile-public beta 1. I upgraded the 4s to ios9 because I heard the software would make the 4s better. I haven’t seen any improvements really. I use a battery case anyways so battery life isn’t an issue. I do miss movie box and kodi and a few other apps on my phone, so I’ll probably downgrade back to 8.4. What I really miss is bite SMS. Is there anything comparable with quick reply etc?

  • jacinto pinto

    i´m on 8.1.2 iPhone 6, but i dont know if i should update to 8.4 while apple is still signing or keep it, is there a big change ir improvement between 8.1.2 and 8.4?

    • besrate hogsa

      what is the reason that made you stay with ios 8.1.2?
      yes there are a lot of improvements in ios 8.4
      and i might add it is jailbreakable

  • Virtual home, springtomize, f.lux and ability to run apps in the background still make jailbreak worth it.

  • mobilemann

    ahh, actually CCcontrols is missed by me too, mainly for the VPN toggle. Funnily enough, you for some reason can’t get one on android, but it’s probably because VPN can be done by so many apps and doesn’t run through a centralized interface like VPN for iOS does.

    crazy to hear you call zepplin old:D

    the only other thing i really miss was dual screen apps on my iphone, and “asif” for activator, so i could set per app VPN access that made sure i wasn’t already on my home network.

    It used to be night and day but you still seem to make excellent use of it!

  • mobilemann

    although that amount of dynamic libraries honestly has to have an impact on battery life and springboard ram usage. I assume you’re not using all of them at once!

  • PJ

    When you go with a jailbroken phone, after a while you become attached to certain tweaks that has become a default every time you jailbreak. And every time I upgrade to the latest iOS, I feel like I’ve taken several steps back. Also, I have no need for two phones. In Jeff’s line of work, it makes sense to have two.

  • kosho123

    I like the idea and would so do it but I don’t want to lose my Message conversation. That’s the only bad thing using a beta and downgrading back, is losing messaging/phone history. Everything else doesn’t really matter to me cause you can just backup apps, photos and nearly everything else from the beta to put onto the public versions. If anybody knows how to transfer Message conversations,please tell me, thanks.

    • besrate hogsa

      if you have a mac try ecamm’s PhoneView

  • Does it Matter?

    I need some help here, I want to downgrade to 8.4 but I do not have a backup of when I was on 8.4 beta. Is there a way I can still get my photos, contacts and messages back when I downgrade?

    • besrate hogsa

      you can get all of your files from your icloud backup except messages conversation

      • Does it Matter?

        Ah! need to pay for the higher capacity storage then. And I think I can certainly live without messages (I hope)

      • besrate hogsa

        you don’t have to pay for a higher capacity storage

        you can always use iTunes backup system

        it works the same way

        it is actually better than icloud backup because it backs up your apps

      • Does it Matter?

        But iTunes backup on a higher version of OS doesnt work with a downgraded version. Hence, the issue

  • J™

    If u ask me I find no reason not to jailbreak

  • laxman

    Just write anything and post here. I have always admired IDB posts but this one makes me rethink!

    • besrate hogsa

      rethink how?

  • Swanny246

    A crap load of those tweaks/themes seem more like “just because you can” features rather than actual “needs”.

    • pipkeenan

      As you said it yourself, I can and I want too!!!

      • Swanny246

        Yes, no one’s stopping you, I’m just saying I would say they’re not exactly “needs”. Getting bored with a device doesn’t mean you “need” to change it up. You can still use it. It’s more often a tool than anything else.

  • What I usually do is to jailbreak, tune up almost everything with the coolest tweaks, and every time a major iOS version is released, I always restore and get the new features and the look and feel of stock iOS. And then, after a while (and if it is possible) I re-jailbreak.

  • Dawid Dubanosow

    i see u all know what ur talking about. so i have a question: is there any way to force iPad2/3 mini to make calls? i mean normal phone calls and sms. is there a way to jailbreak it and makie it work like an iphone kind of?

  • Guy

    Your damned if you do, your damned if you don’t. In the end do what’s best for you jailbreak or not.

    • Parsuli

      PhoneitiPad or sth like that

  • aizathisyam

    Previously on 3gs and currently using iphone 6 plus… My next upgrade would probably be iphone 9s plus… LOL

  • Parsuli

    Oh and Jeff you could upgrade your 5S and then save SHSH Blog for 8.4, Theen you can upgrade it to iOS 9 and use it with your apple watch! You’re welcome.

  • KP

    For this reason, I went out and bought an iPad Air 2 this weekend. Didn’t want to miss the chance to have one with a jailbreak!