Tech Matte MagGrip

We’ve mentioned a couple of air vent mounts in the past, each one with a different feature, but all of them are cradle mounts. However, there is an easier way to mount your iPhone to your car so you can set up and go.

TechMatte’s MagGrip is a magnetic mount for your car’s air vent so you can simply set it on the base and drive off. There is no need to clip it or snap it to your iPhone 6. When you want your device back, pull it away from the magnetic base and you are done.

The magnetic mount features a four-prong mounting system with extra long prongs and adjustable tightness to fit a wide variety of car vents, although, some circular and vertical vents are not compatible.

The round base houses a super strong magnet. In order to attach your iPhone to the magnet, you will need a metal plate. The kit comes with two different metal plates. One has a 3M adhesive strip on the back so you can actually stick it to the backside of a case (or even your iPhone if you don’t care about permanently sticking a piece of metal to it). The other is just a plate, which can be slid in-between your iPhone and its case so you don’t have to worry about getting sticky adhesive all over your expensive device or accessories.

The MagGrip air vent mount is available in black, blue and red for between $9 and $11 on Amazon, depending on your color choice. Since one of the metal plates is reusable, this car mount is universal and compatible with multiple devices in the same household if you pick up the plate replacement kit for $7.

  • Chris Gilmore

    May start looking for one of these. I used an expensive suction cup one from Best Buy but I took it off yesterday for the first time to clean it and the suction part had melted to my window.

  • This Guy

    iMagnet is a great choice and the suction cup mount it uses works really well on most surfaces and doesn’t force you to mount your phone over a vent- which would heat it in the winter, and block A/C in the summer.

  • hmm magnets, is ok for phone/s?

    • Looks like you need to put another magnet in your case, so the magnet will ‘stick’ to that.