As an Apple Watch owner, it’s likely that this incredible piece of tech has become a part of your life, but the question is, how do you keep it safe in style? Well, the Spigen Rugged Armour Case and Watch Stand is the solution you’ve been looking for. At only $21.99 you will receive this premium Apple Watch case and stand combo, saving 37% on the retail price.

The Spigen’s rugged armour case is flexible and sturdy, protecting against bumps, scratches and damage when you’re wearing it. Take it off for the evening and you can stick it on the simple and easy to use stand. The Nanotec pad keeps it firmly in place, and the charger fits securely in place meaning it’s all safe and sound until you next need it.

Use the drop down menu to choose your preferred option, including a 42mm case in white or black and 38mm in white and black. Variety is the spice of life! You can get this complete package for your Apple Watch at a 37% saving for only $21.99. Included in the price is free shipping too.

  • Tim

    Hate it that this stuff doesn’t ship to Europe.

  • Pradhan Mn

    when will the apple watch be released in india?????

  • Chris Wagers

    Either the picture above is decieving or I’m missing something. It looks like the Digital Crown is black in the picture above but any other pics on Amazon its silver. Am I missing something?

    • You have to buy a black Sport Watch

      • Chris Wagers

        Thank you! I was looking at the watches above thinking they were the same watch. The one on the stand and the one in the case that is but I guess your right they aren’t the same.

  • Spigen stand is all you need. There is another brand with a similar stand. These are the only stands that will let you do nightstand mode; all those other docks, though nice; came out before nightstand mode was announced. Now if only Apple would allow the nightstand time to stay ON; since its being charged in the stand.