wi-fi calling

AT&T on Tuesday began rolling out support for Wi-Fi calling to some iPhone users running iOS 9 beta 5. The feature was added when that beta was released to developers last week, but testers on the AT&T network are only just now able to activate it.

For those unfamiliar with Wi-Fi calling, it allows iPhone users to place phone calls over Wi-Fi instead of their cellular network. The feature was first activated for T-Mobile in iOS 8, and users have reported better call quality and improved battery life.

If you are an AT&T customer, with an iPhone running the latest beta of iOS 9, you can activate Wi-Fi calling by going to Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calls. If it’s available, a setup screen will pop up with information and warnings regarding the new feature.

The rollout appears to be staggered, so if you have AT&T and aren’t seeing it yet, there’s a chance it could come at a later time. AT&T refers to the feature as “in trial,” though, so it’s also possible that it may not work for you until it becomes publicly available.

iOS 9 is expected to officially launch within the next few months.

Source: MacRumors

  • Anonymous

    dose anyone know if turning on wifi-calling if it turns off handoff?

  • Cristian B

    Question: would this work for iPhones that have prepaid networks (EX: Net10?) that use the AT&T towers?

  • M_thoroughbred

    I go through the whole setup and when I go to accept after reading the 911 calling warning through wifi it tells me that the service isn’t available yet

  • iByron

    Users of Public Beta 3 should be able to get this, too. When it’s “in your area” of course.

    • Louie

      if you just keep trying eventually it will let you set it up. That’s what I did on public beta 3.

  • Chris Wagers

    Works great for me here in Dayton Ohio area. I turned on airplane mode after and then enabled wifi and called my wife only using wifi and worked great!

    • burge

      Why the airplane mode ?? Just turn on wifi calling and your signal will go via wifi even if you have a cellular signal. Wifi calling overrides cellular signal.

      • Chris Wagers

        How would I know if I was calling using cellular or wifi? If it tells me it’s using wifi to make the call I didn’t know that. Using airplane mode I knew for sure I was calling using wifi.

      • burge

        If wifi calling is showing on the device then that’s what your going to use. Wifi calling over rides cellular calling.

      • Chris Wagers

        Hmm I see your point but this is beta software so it’s possible even though it’s supposed to override cellular it may not have been the case. But again I see what your saying and thanks for the post.

  • When I tried it it gave me the Oops! Can’t enable it on your account. The service isn’t blocked out for a certain user or region in the US. About a half hour on the phone with Att tech support and a reboot it enabled just fine. They just have to change a provision on there side and it works.