Apple event (September 2014, Tim Cook smiling 001)

Apple has reportedly scheduled a media event for Wednesday, September 9, to announce not just new iPhones but other product refreshes, too. Well-connected John Paczkowski, Managing Editor for BuzzFeed San Francisco, has it on good authority that the press conference will serve as a launchpad for next-generation iPhones and iPads.

Moreover, there’s even a brand new Apple TV hardware in tow that should be unveiled during the event. With that in mind, we want to learn what you, our readers, are most excited about for the September 9 event.

New iPhones, iPads and Apple TV

Sources told Paczkowski the event will focus on next-generation iPhones with a pressure-sensitive Force Touch display, an improved camera system and a significantly faster and power-efficient wireless chip.

Apple TV mockup ( 000)

Apple should also show off latest iPad upgrades and a long-awaited successor to the $69 Apple TV media-streaming box with Siri voice commands, an App Store for downloadable apps and games, a faster chip, an increase in on-board storage, an all-new touch-enabled remote and a slimmer and lighter design.

As for a rumored 12.9-inch ‘iPad Pro’, that device “seems to be a wildcard.”

Cast your vote

We’re focusing on three product launches Paczkowski’s sources are expecting to see come September 9: all-new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus devices with Force Touch, next-generation iPads (likely a fourth-generation iPad mini and a third-generation iPad Air) and an Apple TV hardware refresh.

With that in mind, cast your vote now.

Personally, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the company’s media streamer and am especially excited about the prospect of the Apple TV becoming a game console with a touch remote, downloadable App Store games in full HD resolution and, why not, Kinect-like motion sensing.

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I find it both interesting and peculiar at the same time that Apple would launch new iPads alongside new iPhones at the same event. Traditionally, September used to be for new iPhones and there was another media event in October to announce new iPads.

This has been going on since 2012 so if Paczkowski’s sources are right we’ll see iPad and iPhone events consolidated into one media presentation, with a few sprinkles of Apple TV magic thrown in for good measure.

We won’t know for sure, of course, until Apple officially announces and holds its event, but we can still speculate. So don’t be shy, join us in the comment section below to explain your vote in detail and tell us about your expectations for September 9.

  • Merman123

    Apple TV. Hopefully the 6S has more in store for us than force touch. It was good at first, but it suits a device like the apple watch much more than a iPhone.

    • iPhoneWINS

      its a lame failed gimmick.. sony tried it years ago on their controllers and it was flop

      • Agreed, I don’t get force touch at all. The watch I guess makes sense since it’s a small scale screen, though I really don’t find myself using it much on my watch. Putting it on a bigger device.. that’s the same as “long hold” basically.

      • Micrones

        ForceTouch is a gimmick and i hope it wont be the only defining feature coming out of 6S, apart from faster and bigger internals.

      • Greg Warren

        I’ll withhold judgment until I see it in action. But looking at Apple’s track record, this is what they do. Someone else tries something, integrates it poorly and it flops. Apple refines it, slaps a clever name on it, markets the hell out of it, and it’s typically a success.

      • Micrones

        Yes Apple refines and market it well, but every product released hasn’t been a success unless you are comparing to another platform.

      • Hussain Alsanona

        I personally see Force Touch kinda gimmick, however, I don’t think Apple will just use it as same as the Apple Watch. IMO

      • Alberto Espinal

        Many others tried finger print scanning and they failed,  implemented it and what happened? Every time  is going to come out with something every engineer here say is a flop

      • Micrones

        Which company tried fingerprint scanning on a phone prior to Apple??? Please enlighten us

      • Eddie Hines

        for a phone? no. for a PDA HP Did with the 5450 and 5550 Microsoft Windows Phone devices

      • Alberto Espinal

        Motorola Matrix had it, and Laptops had them too!

      • Micrones

        Using Motorola Matrix as the only example of a phone isnt cogent enough. as per laptops, the implementation worked well as i used to have a Sony Vaio with fingerprint scanner that worked exceptionally well.
        Windows Phones PDA implemented fingerprint scanners well

      • Alberto Espinal

        So there is your answer

      • Alberto Espinal

        So if they worked so well like you said where are they now? Why they didn’t keep making them, i can see that you are trolling here, explaining something that have no longer exists

      • Micrones

        Trolling!!! Lol
        They are not available anymore because consumers werent ready for adoption and that was 13-14 years ago
        It’s akin to stating that iPhone was the first touchscreen phone which is wrong,sometimes consumers mature or the general tech landscape changes for new technology to be generally acceptable. Thus was the case of fingerprint scanners on laptops 13 years ago.
        Same will apply to some wearables like Google glass, the consumer market for adoption is not mature enough

      • Rowan09

        Sorry I had a VAIO micro PC and the fingerprint scanner sucked. Other copies implemented fingerprint scanners as well besides Motorola but they were all so so.

      • Stxle

        i had a fingerprint sensor on my HP and it worked shitty because you had to move you finger across and it unreliably. While iPhone scans the whole finger at once. The implementation is much simpler and reliable on iPhone then it ever was before.

      • Rowan09

        Which controllers? The PS4 has a touch pad but no other controller had a touch pad. How is it you know it’s a gimmick when you haven’t seen it yet? At least wait and see before casting judgment.

      • Alborz

        are you talking about the pressure sensitive buttons on the PS3 controller?
        it’s pointless to use pressure sensitivity on a button that physically clicks. and how hard you press the button usually depends on your mood. or your position in the race 🙂
        but on the watch there’s real life feedback when you press the watch’s screen and it feels very natural on your hand.

      • Just like the Apple Watch?? haha

    • Ed

      Also these features take a while to become useful. Take touchID for example, it took a year for Apple to open the API for developers to use it and it was only then that touch ID because way more useful.
      This is why I never go for the ‘S’ versions.

    • John Wolf

      Think business, with force touch you can now use the device as a signature pad. Apple and IBM aren’t in a partnership for the sake of consumers, it’s obvious that Apple wants the iPhone to become the new Blackberry.

      • Merman123

        It already is. It long has been. How does force touch enable a signature pad?

      • John Wolf

        A verifiable signature would require pressure markings. I’m not too familiar with the entire process of signature authenticity, but I do know pressure is a variable.

      • Micrones

        Apple’s main client base for iPhones are retail customers, not businesses and will always remain as such.
        That analogy might be true for Ipad, in which the use of force-touch might make a difference and that depends on how it is applied

      • John Wolf

        I agree, their main client is the average consumer. I was just referring to how they are tapping into the business market far more than before and this feature would be beneficial.

  • Just appletv, could careless about force touch on an iphone and I have an air 2 so there’s no need for a new ipad either. Appletv if done right should steal the show.

    • Damian

      No Kodi no fun. And we all know Kodi will never be allowed on Apple TV

      • Marcus

        If the next Apple TV is loaded with new features and every one loves it then a new jailbreak might get released for it.

      • Victor Molina

        Hopefully the jailbreak community gets on board to jailbreak the new apple TV

      • Damian

        ah yeah, but getting Amazon Fire TV is just so simple and installing Kodi on it. What possible features could Apple TV have that would be bigger than Kodi

      • Rowan09

        More hard drive space is one reason, but I hope Amazon fixes that issue.

      • Elias Chao

        If an AppStore for the ATV becomes a reality, most likely there will be jailbreak for it; afaik and Appstore would mean more services running on the device, that could make the *alleged* ATV 4 “easier” to jailbreak.

      • If they allow applications such as games to run directly off the tv and use your phone or remote as the controller that is a huge plus for people who have kids but don’t want to shell out tons of cash for games. 60.00 for games on xbox/ps are such a ripoff! Granted applications with in app purchase stuff are also a huge ripoff, but at least with applications a lot of games are 5.99-9.99 and have hours of game play.

      • Abhinav Chaudhary

        This could actually change the gaming industry.

      • Blip dude

        Honestly, as someone who owns a Roku 3 and uses Kodi on iPad, I see no much use of it. The Roku 3 does the job just fine. I fail to understand the hype of Kodi. Maybe it’s perhaps I get free DC codes of iTunes and Ultraviolet movies (so essentially I do legally own just about all movies I have), but even with having to getting rid of the Apple TV, which results in having to watch iTunes only movies on my iPad, that in itself isn’t much for me to sad about. I guess I just don’t watch TV as much. I also had an Amazon Fire TV stick (got it for free), installed Kodi and it ended up on eBay 2 days later because really, I saw nothing fascinating about it.

        Now to stay on topic: If the new Apple TV were to support viewing Ultraviolet movies and add Funimation, then I’ll have a reason to leave Roku, but that itself will pretty much remain a dream. I’ll watch the keynote, but won’t be buying any products this year. The iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Air 2 are doing just fine. I don’t need 2GB of RAM on a phone (yet), and the iPad Air 2 is powerful enough that it has become my main device. I’ll upgrade to the iPhone 6S plus in September 2016. No longer need to have the latest device right away.

      • Damian

        Kodi on iPad is not so much needed, because iPad is not really meant for movies. AFTV is a different story I use this device day and night to watch tv shows and movies with my wife. Kodi of course comes in really handy in this case. I also have roku 3 and see no use for it since it does not have kodi.

  • I am most excited for “one more thing.”

    • Christopher

      As usual, me too!

  • iPhoneWINS


  • Heitor Castro 

    Excited about the new features on the iPhone 6S, but not with the Force Touch yet.

  • Мирас Мынжасар

    Apple Watch 2

    • anustart


      • Lucus Bendzsa

        Perfect GIF. That is totally my reaction. I just shelled out hundreds for my watch on June 29. Apple already learned their lesson with the iPad 3. Which I bought 3 months before thinking it would be new for another few good months.

    • Elias Chao

      I don’t think this could happen in this next event. I think Apple showed us the 1st gen Apple Watch before launch to make us aware they’ll have a smart watch at some moment, and stop us for looking for an alternative.

      Edit: I know this is a joke, but I wanted to state what I think.

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        iPad 4….

      • Elias Chao

        You’re goddamn right. Well, I’m waiting for the second gen to get one so it wouldn’t be an inconvenience for me :p

  • DtownBlogger

    Apple TV

  • Michael Pearlman

    Does anyone have an idea if a new Apple TV would have the potential to become jail broken? Or does the fact that no one could jb atv3 mean this new TV would most likely also be impossible?

    • Merman123

      If the new apple tv is much more feature based then there is a possibility for exploiting. Especially with something like an app store.

    • Elias Chao

      I’ve read that the ATV 3 is not jailbroken yet because the lack of services running on the device. If an Appstore for the new Apple TV become a reality, I think will be very likely to have a jailbreak for it.

  • Jamessmooth

    Why would they announce new iPads next month, but leave out the iPad “Pro” for a later media event? If we get new iPhones, iPads and apple TV, a solo event focused on a pro ipad seems odd to me.

  • nyangejr

    I would like to see what the new apple TV got, though not supported in Tanzania, I’m tempted to test it

  • Whoa that Apple TV render there is smoking hot!!!

  • n0ahcruz3

    The vaporware iPad pro.

  • Xee

    The event to be presented by Steve Jobs 3D hologram (like they did with Tupac) 😛

  • Chindavon

    I want a complete rebuild for Apple TV, and an iPad Pro running OS X.

  • Guy

    iPhone 6s with 2gb of ram would be amazing

  • Jacque Miller

    I’m excited for an Apple TV that won’t drop my connection every 20mins no matter what configuration I set my router at and a new iPad Mini since I just recently broke my 1st gen one.

  • nouseforaname

    Most interested in the new apple TV this year. Ability to use iPhone as a remote for game play would be toooooooo dope and buy interactive apps would be crazy awesome.

  • Eli Montoya

    Drug dealers might find the new iPhone’s helpful.

    • AnoNymou5

      Why ?

      • Eli Montoya

        Doesn’t the iPhone measure weight? Outputting some sort of force?

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Can the first choice in the poll just say: “New iPhones”? Having it say “Force Touch” in the title infers that we’re only excited about Force Touch (which I’m not), or infers that Force Touch is the only notable and noteworthy feature of the new iPhones.

  • Alberto Espinal

    When  came out with Touch ID people thought it was just for unlocking the iPhone but  had other plans for it (Pay) and people here saying ForceTouch is a gimmick, mock my words ForceTouch will have its purpose as well (New TV)? or something else!

  • Eikast

    Apple TV here. I would like an app store released for it and 4K support. Otherwise I’ll be forced to buy an Nvidia Shield TV. At least it has Kodi, Plex support and the ability to sideload compatible Android apps (not guaranteed to work since it’s based off Android TV)

  • Apple TV here. While an iPhone 6s with Force Touch would be fine, a new Apple TV would be really nice to see. Even without the subscription TV, I think it’d help Apple be more competitive against devices like the Roku or Amazon Fire TV.

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    Definitely the new iPad. iPads has so much of potential and i just hope they change the tablet industry once again.
    It’d be effin amazing to see iPad running mac os.

  • Guy

    I would love if Apple would announce a controller for gaming.

  • FINALLY to upgrade my iPhone 5S to the 6S Plus! Also really hoping we get some new aTv news, but I won’t hold my breath. Sure would be cool to finally say they have a new Apple product I want for my TV, but I just don’t buy into any rumors anymore.

  • ClaudieX X

    i can’t see any difference between force touch and long press…

  • Yasser Kaskas

    Apple TV. The lack of intrest in new iPads is definitely a telling store with regards to droping sales of tablets.