Whether you’re a part of the skinny-jeans fad or not, the Wally Stick-On is a great consolidator of pocket space-takers. The sleek leather wallet sticks to the back of your iPhone, keeping your cards safe and sound. It’s available for both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus for only $29.99 – saving 25%.

Expertly crafted from a single piece of high-quality leather, it’s wide enough to store 3 payment or ID cards. Gain access to them simply by pulling the integrated ribbon. Don’t worry about it damaging your device – the Wally Stick-On uses 3M Alternahesive technology, which means it won’t mark your precious cell or its case.

As Apple Pay gains popularity and contactless payment become the norm, cash won’t be king for much longer. Embrace the change with the Wally Stick-On. It can be yours for a limited time only. Save 25% on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus versions.

  • Mark S

    And when it stops sticking where will your wallet be then?

    • Robert Goldberg

      sticks real nice and doesn’t come off at all. does not lose its stickiness when you take it off/move to another phone. been using this thing for years now and love it.

  • arsenal6

    kind of expensive tho

  • This Guy

    Trendy queers. Get a real wallet.

    • Tdaniels

      And only “real” men continue to ride horses,
      not those “trendy” automobiles, right?

      Just b/c you wouldn’t use it, doesn’t make it “trendy”.

      • This Guy

        It’s still pretty gay. IMO

      • Alan

        You go around commenting on gay things?….Thats classic latent homosexual behavior…Just come out of the closet bro…Be proud of who you are!

      • White Michael Jackson

        He did say IMO

      • igorsky

        He can offer his opinion without using a slur.

      • This Guy

        A slur? Oh sorry, I thought I spelled it out clearly enough.

      • This Guy

        Ok, Alan. I am gay. Therefore I am allowed to say these things, so to the queer who deleted my comment: put it back!

      • dudeimmexican

        The butthurt is real when someone uses the word gay, not in the homosexual sense.

      • This Guy

        People are too sensitive these days.

  • made sense to me; took me 4 seconds to decide to get one

  • qtrust

    Maybe not for those that use Apple Pay and also carry contactless cards.

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    • White Michael Jackson

      I dont trust you…

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        Nobody trusts him.

        Edit: Checked it out and it is legit. Wannabe news writer. Don’t waste your time. It isn’t good and the website design isn’t that good either.

      • Trust is something that can’t be judged, it is ensure by keep following.

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        Thanks for checking.

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        Tell me how this looks good. Why you are at it fix the menu bar and the thumbnail that looks weird. The site looks worse on iPhone 6.

        BTW I really don’t like the site at all so I sued Adblocker. I don’t use Adblocker on iDownlaodblog becuase I like them.

        BTW spam on Disqus is not tolerated so stop spamming the internet.

      • this is a issue Cause of different screen size, As I said i am struggling, Actually We are only two friends running this so we can’t handle all the things at a time, i am finding new peoples to participate with me,
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      • Lucus Bendzsa

        Here is the picture I forgot to attach. BTW your English isn’t good.

      • I am very disappointed because you find on my site, but i will fix it soon. Where did you saw problem in my english? please tell me so i can be better.

      • Trust is something that can’t be judged, it is ensure by keep following.