Multify Keyboard expansion

Multify—one of the most impressive multitasking jailbreak tweaks that we’ve seen thus far—is now available for jailbreakers running iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4. Up until now, the tweak wasn’t compatible with the latest jailbroken firmware, but that has now been remedied.

We reviewed the original version of Multify back in March, and were super-impressed by what it brought to the table. Now, jailbreakers who perhaps haven’t had a chance to take the tweak for a spin get to do so.

Multify allows you to have true side-by-side multitasking, with multiple apps on screen at once. Here’s what I had to say about one of the tweak’s key features in our review this spring:

…the real impressive feature is Multify’s edit mode. As stated, edit mode is what allows you to move and resize apps. This lets you run multiple apps side-by-side on screen at once. For example, you can have a YouTube video playing while browsing Tweetbot and reading Reddit. It’s powerful stuff.

Powerful stuff indeed. One of my biggest disappointments with this latest jailbreak was that Multify wasn’t updated. I felt like a lot of new jailbreakers were missing out on a really awesome tweak. Now everyone can join in on the fun.

As a bonus, Multify for iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4 comes with some notable new features. Here are a couple of outstanding features from the official change log:

  • Free moving windows will snap to edges
  • Move and resize windows by dragging on the status bar

Multify is $5.00 on the BigBoss repo. That may seem like a lot, but watch the video, and you may come to the conclusion that the price is worth it for what it does.

What do you think about Multify?

  • Raudales Mejia

    Please review anibanner tweak!

    • Raph Ael

      Is it compatible with watch notifications and dath banner 2?

  • rigaritax

    Impressive but somehow messy. It should keep 2 or 3 standard size Windows in edit mode IMO

    • Guy

      They stop reviewing themes because one there tons. Second because cydia developers steal theme ideas and try to past it has there own work. They don’t want to give the wrong guy or girl credit for other people work.

      • Wrong comment, bud.

      • :D

        He replied to the wrong person – I think that was meant for the person below

      • Haha yeah, that’s what I meant 😀

  • Aviorrok

    Hi Jeef,

    A lot of time you not review themes,now have new and great themes please review them.


    • Blip dude

      Might be really pushing him to the edge but, he has stated in the past that he is not much of a fan of themes, except for whatever Surenix gets his hands on. I’m surprised he did review a few Dreamboard themes a while back. Hence why in his review, his icons are pretty much never themed.

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    • Blip dude

      Uhh no, it’s been stated on many apple blogs already, and that’s isn’t even certain.

  • Merman123

    Hey Jeff, it’s $3 not $5.

    Just a heads up!

  • Church Said

    How did you get it work Jeff?
    It sent me to a black screen after the reboot. I had to remove it then.
    iPhone 6 Plus – iOS 8.4

    • besrate hogsa

      after the black screen my iphone 6 plus wouldn’t start

      i am done with jailbreaking

      i am gonna go get ios 9 beta 5 and play with that

      • Shadowelite123

        Really? One multitasking tweak out of like 100s of tweaks doesn’t work properly and you give up on jailbreaking?

      • besrate hogsa

        Sorry about that

        I was so irate that i forgot i still have jailbroken idevices

        This never happened to me before

        I was just upset with the whole thing

      • Brandon Higgins

        I hope your educated enough in our world that you know to reboot while holding the up button to disable substrate and remove the problematic tweak.

      • besrate hogsa

        I have tried that method

        I have been jailbreaking idevices for a long time

        This time that method did not work

      • Sander

        Thats because you installed a pirated version of the tweak which wasnt updated yet for iOS 8.4

      • besrate hogsa

        Hey man don’t be stupid. I am talking about the paid version

  • besrate hogsa

    dont bother with this crap

    right now i am restoring my iphone

    it completely shut down my iphone

    and it wouldn’t start

    i have the iphone 6 plus

    • It did the same thing to my iPhone 6. I’m going to have to restore and start over. This totally sucks.

      • Look at the video I posted, @besratehogsa:disqus. I didn’t have to restore. Just have to boot up without tweaks running and then delete Multify.

      • besrate hogsa

        Thank you for the reply

        but i have already installed ios 9 beta 5 and i will stick with that for a while

        i still have a jailbroken ipad mini to play with tweaks

    • regkilla

      Auxo 3 did that to me. Be careful with multitasking tweaks.

      • besrate hogsa

        yea man
        i hear you. no more multitasking tweaks for a while
        Now i have ios 9 beta 5 it seems to work nice and smooth
        BTW i do miss virtualhome

  • Jake Platt

    I really don’t understand the community interest in multitasking tweaks. It’s more of a hassle to launch and operate these tweaks than what they are worth. Its just as quick to exit an app and launch a new one manually from the springboard.

    • It’s just sometimes I can copy passwords from notepad to safari that won’t let me actually copy and paste. Little things like that or skyping with my girl and browsing the web since the video pauses when you exit the app.

    • Learningoffexperience

      Lol exactly there’s like 30 different multitasking tweaks that all claim they reinvented multitasking but they’re all the same exact ish

  • Seriously, folks. This messed my phone up. I’m going to have to restore now. Don’t download this unless you’re willing to risk having to restore.

    • How come crashes as incompatibilities are never reported in the reviews and we have to read the comments to find out?

  • Chris Fretz

    Make sure you refresh sources before installing this tweak! I installed it directly after seeing this post, didn’t think to check that my sources had been refreshed, ended up installing the old version, and got stuck in a boot loop. I’ve been jailbreaking since 2.0, so thankfully I knew how to disable substrate during bootup and was able to properly reinstall the tweak, but not everyone knows that you can, and I would have been stranded in San Francisco without a working phone if I didn’t. If it tries to install libobjcipc, you’re installing the old version.

    • besrate hogsa

      most of us know how to boot while disabling tweaks

  • sorrento

    Too messy at my taste…

  • Guy

    The tweak seems cool at first. Than you quickly realize you spend to much time in edit mode, instead of multi tasking.

    • iPhoneWINS

      yup the fail is not having real time window control as has been done by other teaks like this in the past… Quasar is still the best one that i saw..

  • smtp25

    iPad Air support? I’d use this for downloading in itransmission while still being able to browse Internet or watch another video, background downloading itrans doesn’t work for me

  • ClaudieX X

    Using it on my iPad Mini 2 from weeks and works very well… even with cpu hungry apps & games…

  • Damian

    crashes into safe mode when invoked multify switcher on home page springboard, it works in application though

  • iPhoneWINS

    oh and the iPhone 6+ screen is too small for this

  • Memo Star

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