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Apple on Thursday seeded the fifth beta of iOS 9 to developers. The update is available to registered developers as an over-the-air download via the Settings app for those on beta 4, or as a standalone download from Apple’s developer portal.

Today’s release comes more than two weeks after Apple released the fourth beta to developers, which brought about redesigned Settings icons and other changes, and two months after it first unveiled the software during its WWDC keynote.

iOS 9 brings about a number of reliability and performance improvements, as well as new features. Among those new features are Apple’s new News app, a revamped Notes app, enhanced Siri and Maps, and new multitasking options for iPad.

We are installing the new beta now, and will be sure to let you know if we spot any major changes. If you see something we haven’t mentioned, feel free to tell us about it in the comments section below or via email at

Changes in iOS 9 beta 5:


The “Apps on the App Store” section under Suggested Apps has been removed and relocated to Privacy > Location.

ios 9

New verbiage: it used to read “iTunes & App Store”

ios 9 wallpaper

beta 5 also includes 15 new wallpapers

wi-fi calling

AT&T Wi-Fi calling

darker keyboard keys

Refreshed Delete, Shift and Dictation keys

wifi assist

New Wi-Fi Assist option in Cellular section of Settings

  • Tweaked CarPlay UI with larger album artwork
  • Text shortcuts in the Keyboards section of the Settings app has been renamed to ‘Text Replacements’
  • Tweaked Siri suggestions interface – contact icons no longer have labels

Update: Apple just released iOS 9 beta 3 to public testers, which you can find here.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Any news on the next public beta update?

    • Polgár Patrik

      probably tomorrow!

    • Elias Chao

      The article has been updated it, the 3rd public beta is already out.

  • Polgár Patrik


  • Dan

    Is anyone able to update from the public beta by deleting the profile like we were able to 2 weeks ago?

    • sNick

      Doesn’t work for me yet.

      • Dan

        Me neither, I don’t think it will work this time round

      • djabrown

        I’m downloading te public beta 3 (aka dev beta 5) right now. If it’s not showing up for you yet, try restarting your phone and / or try again later 😉

      • Dan

        Yeah it’s working now, downloading the developer beta 🙂

    • HR

      Last time it worked for me, now the update is downloading as it should.

  • Brian

    What are the opinions on the public beta thus far? I’m finding my 6Plus to be noticeably slower doing everything. Also, the camera often takes a picture but when I go to photos, it’s not there.

    • Manuel Molina

      For me, each OS always feels a bit slower due to the extra added features to it.

      • Brian

        I usually expect that, but iOS 9 is supposed to focus on performance and stability. My experience is the opposite thus far, and I do understand it’s still a beta. We will see.

    • Juan Genao

      Not happy with the last public beta, sometimes it will hang when trying to pickup a phone call

  • schoeberlt

    No OTA yet I guess we’ll have to wait a bit

    • Danny Rios

      restart your phone.. happend to me and i restarted and it popped up.

  • Siddharth Desai

    This beta has new wallpapers and removed the default ‘wave’ wallpaper.

  • Ridhwaan Abdul Aziz

    I installed the public beta, and deleted the beta profile but did not do an update. I did however realize that I’ve got the new Handoff interface only introduced on Beta 4, and not currently present in Public Beta’s. So I’m not too sure on what beta (Public or Developer) I currently have installed. The software update screen at this moment in time shows that my software is up to date. Any help?

  • Picapollo

    OTA is up and running!

    • Brian

      Public Beta is also up!

  • Is it me or does the keyboard look different? Specifically the backspace button?

    • Also, I’ve noticed key popups are back and I can’t seem to turn them off.

      • Dan

        Turn “Character preview” off in the keyboard settings

      • japplemusik

        It’s not there. I’m having the same trouble. I liked it without keyboard popups

  • Andrew Roth

    Are there any new dynamic wallpapers?

  • avd98

    I need those wallpapers NOW.

  • New keyboard shift and backspace look

  • I cant get my Apple watch updated — running public beta 3. Beta Profile installed on Apple watch. Shows 1.0.1 is the latest firmware.

  • D. Maki

    Could someone PLEASE post those 15 new wallpapers. Please and a MASSIVE Thank You!

  • englishmike

    Battery draining even worse I think

  • Daniele

    Are there news about Apple Back to School promotion in Europe? Thanks!

  • Daniel Beecham

    Can someone help me?, i have OSX El Capitan Beta 3 on my Macbook pro Retina but a cant see beta 4 on my updates, what do i need to do???

  • Shams

    I wish news app and transit info be available to all Canadian cities. I use public transit a lot. Making one city available makes me frustrated. No worries.

  • hayman

    When is WiFi calling coming to Canada?

  • johnsm

    so wifi assist comes back from the dead from ios 6

  • I’m still on 8.4 coz of the jailbreak..

  • Eric Mason

    Added “tap at top” in News app to go to most recent stories. Wasn’t working in past betas.

  • Cole Mahoney

    New default look

  • Nojan Schirmer

    If you hold down the home button when Siri is activated, keep holding it and you’ll see “Go ahead, I’m listening…” Found this when I was playing with Siri.

  • Saeed ghattas

    The zoom in photos is way better now. You can zoom further more and more (that’s a sign of a better camera on the 6s)
    And you can zoom on any point in videos too. And even move the zoomed point. That’s really cool one. (Only videos in camera roll. Not any video)

  • August Ebbesen

    iCloud app is new

    • Philip Lafaurie

      that was there in the previous betas, but what is new is that it now asks if you want it on the desktop after installing the latest beta update. Before the process was to go to settings>icloud>enable iCloud drive on home screen.

  • Kanwarpal Singh

    I don’t know if anyone has noticed it or not, but there is no animation left during opening and closing of apps, app switcher etc. It just pops up which is bad. I liked the previous animation that came in iOS 7.

  • [RΞCØИ1]

    I’m on public beta 3… text sounds and vibration patterns don’t seem to be working.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Anyone notice Springboard crashing/respringing when you tap on the little ‘x’ symbol in the Spotlight search in order to clear the search box/bar? This is happening on my test iPhone 4S iOS 9 public beta 3 (this latest public beta). I’ve already filed a radar in the Feedback app. Anyone else facing this?

    • japplemusik

      I’m having the same problem! Good catch!

      • Mr_Coldharbour

        Thanks. Are you also testing this on a 4S?

  • They also brought back the key hover when you type a letter, thank god.

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      That’s true, although the key popups/hover was only gone when typing a username. But with passwords the keys still popped up. Not sure I understood why it was gone for some things in the first place but, you know, Apple.

      • Mine were gone when I typed anything at all. Interesting. Maybe just a bug.

    • japplemusik

      I hate the key hover, I think they should at least add the ability to turn them on/off again

  • Michael Gargett

    How are people finding the battery with the public beta on an iPhone 6+? I can’t decide if I’m imagining that it is draining faster…

  • japplemusik

    The original iOS 9 wallpaper that debuted on stage is not there anymore…? Possibly a mistake?

    • Mukund Bhatla

      Yeah, probably a marketing tatic!

  • Kodwo Bright

    Any help just can’t update to the latest beta 3. Am i screwed or what my macbook would restart and says 27 minutes bla bla bla n that takes like the hell so long without a single move.