Wallpaper iOS 9

As we noted in our iOS 9 beta 5 release post, Apple has added 15 new wallpapers to iOS for the iPhone and the iPad. Along with adding 15 new wallpapers comes the removal of some of the popular legacy wallpapers—including last year’s iOS 8 wallpaper.

In this post, we’ll walk you through each of the new 15 wallpapers. These updates come with specific themes, including abstract, nature, and color themes. Which of the new 15 wallpapers included in iOS 9 is your favorite?

We’ll be sure to post full download links to the wallpapers once they become available.

iOS 9 Wallpaper 1 iOS 9 Wallpaper 2 iOS 9 Wallpaper 3 iOS 9 Wallpaper 4 iOS 9 Wallpaper 5

I have to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of the really dark backgrounds—especially the planets, but some of the initial wallpapers looks pretty good. You can find the wallpapers for download in this post.

What do you think?

  • Adham Meki

    Blue apstract one, attract eyes ❤️

  • iOS Kush

    Need these!

  • Creavite

    just think how good these wallpapers with the black background will look on and OLED powered display iPhone 6s, where you cannot tell where the screen ends (one of my favourite things about the apple watch display)

    • askep3

      Only on the black iPhone though 🙁 I really hope they make a black and gold iPhone 6s

  • Isaac Moncure

    Jeff. There are 16 walpapers not 15

    • BoAppHead

      Please count again

      • Picapollo

        They are 16 new wallpaper nOob they forgot to show this one

      • BoAppHead


      • Full-resolution, please (1152×2048)

  • Zann P

    I’ve got iOS 9 – how do I export the wallpapers to my computer and share them?

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      I want them and thanks for offering. I don’t know how but I like that you want too!!!

    • Alex Tuckey

      yeah those wallpapers look nice, would definitely like to know how to export those wallpapers too!

    • Jonathan

      Download iFunbox

      Navigate to /var/stash/Wallpaper.xxxxxx/

      Drag and drop wallpaper to desktop. 🙂

      • Unfortunately it is not possible to access var in iFunbox without jailbreak, which is not available for iOS 9. Thanks though!

      • Jonathan

        Really? I thought you could access it, just not modify.

    • DestroyerOfGods

      Make sure to upload them to a public folder on Dropbox or Google Drive.

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    I like my current wallpaper but I want those sooooo bad. I have picture passcode now which YOU NEED TO REVEIW JEFF. And I love it. I made this cool passcode thing.

  • Jonathan

    Is it just me, or is the first wallpaper starting to look like the outline of a human neck?

  • ericesque

    I’m a fan of those planet wallpapers!

  • Chris Tangler

    better than the flowers from ios 8

    • Tylor Jackson

      You can install “iCleaner Pro” let you can deleted flowers wallpapers by default iOS 8. That’s easy and simply 🙂

  • Abdul

    Can someone please tell me what the name o f the appswitcher tweaks is?

    • Elias

      It’s iOS 9…

  • They shouldn’t have deleted the old ones I like them 🙁

  • iOS Kush

    I got my hands on them. (Ispazio . net)

    • CA

      Thank you!!!! 🙂

  • Pulkit Maloo

    I wish Apple should have made Planet wallpapers dynamic, so they rotated and showed their current state. It would have been more cool to see them that way

  • @dongiuj

    Some of these look ok but I’ve never used any of the wallpapers from apple.

  • BoAppHead


  • BoAppHead


    • BoAppHead


  • Chirag Kamat

    For ipad plzz

  • Kyle

    There are 16 new wallpapers! The one with the blue flowers is also new!

  • I’m a fan of light wallpapers myself. I like it when the text is that brown/black color

  • Neel Parikh

    @jeff the festival of color you mentioned in the video is Called HOLI in India. ps not HOLY. but it is HOLY.

  • You can tell that these wallpapers are really build for the 6 and 6’s space gray, to be quite honest they don’t look good at all on my white iphone 5 🙁