John Legere

It’s official. T-Mobile has overtaken Sprint to become the third largest carrier in the United States. During its earnings call on Tuesday, Sprint told investors that it ended its most recent quarter, which ended in June, with 56.8 million customers.

That falls just shy of the 58.9 million subscribers T-Mobile finished with in its most recent quarter, which also ended in June, officially moving the Magenta-colored company into the third largest US carrier spot, behind AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

Much of T-Mobile’s meteoric rise can be attributed to CEO John Legere and his “uncarrier” campaign, which features unorthodox policy changes and promotions. When Legere joined in 2012, T-Mobile had 33 million subscribers; Sprint had 55 million.

Despite falling to the number four spot, Sprint touted its latest quarter as a successful one. In a press release, CEO Marcelo Claure said that the company has made “meaningful progress” in its turnaround plan by “enhancing its overall value proposition.”

Source: Sprint

  • Merman123

    Well deserved.

  • Manuel Molina

    I’m sorry but even with sprint and their slow data, they still out beat T-Mobile. And this is coming from a T-Mobile customer. Their coverage sucks worst than a hooker in New York City.

    • Montgomery Tyler

      It may suck but from my AT&T window, T-mobile is making moves.

      • Manuel Molina

        I understand the moves aspect, but he (John) needs spectrum and coverage. Using wifi doesn’t cut it. In my school on the 4th floor, I’m without service like I’m in the basement. My school is in the city, right in the middle of Manhattan. Like, seriously?

  • Nathan

    Sure, T-Mobile may have ‘unlimited data’, but their service is awful outside the city. AT&T is better overall.

    • regkilla

      and AT&T costs a lot more per month and you’re not unlimited. I prefer T-Mobile 🙂

      • Nathan

        I guess you get what you pay for: spotty service and par-LTE speeds.

      • Manuel Molina

        I wouldn’t say par-LTE. Their speeds are a lot faster than AT&T and Verizon hands down in cities wherever I’ve gone. My issue is just coverage outside of them.

  • Justice and Malice

    Listening to customers? Customers have been begging for T-Mobile to get better spectrum for better coverage. They haven’t listened at all

    • omakad

      Not true. They been investing billions into it. It just hasn’t come to your neck of the woods so I can understand the frustration. According to Legere their LTE network and coverage will be larger then ATT by the end of 2016. We shall see.

      • Justice and Malice

        I live in NJ. If it’s not here by now, that’s a huge issue.

      • omakad

        Well I hope he’s is true on his word and something happens soon. Currently t mobile LTE is faster on download speed than comcast is in midtown Atlanta.

    • coLin

      they invested in wifi calling

  • This Guy

    I wonder how many of those ‘customers’ only have the free 200MB monthly account? I’m sure a very large amount of people aren’t real T-Mobile customers but have a SIM card with that free data.

  • NeftyCorrea

    t-mobile has past sprint . Very SAD coming from a sprint customer and employee. sprint offers unlimited plans as well . Sprint as worked for me where ever i go. i heard lots of customers that ive switched over to sprint said that t mobile sucks, hated it and that they treated there loyal customers that been there for 10+ years like shit but i guess tmobile has good plans going forward but where im from tmobile accepts customers that have a bad credit class maybe thats why they have past sprint .

  • James G

    Happily a T-Mobile customer for almost a year now. Wouldn’t even think of leaving.

    • Itzkhaoz

      Same here.

    • Jim Hart

      I wish T-Mobile had better reception in my area. I’d jump in a heartbeat.

  • Zencowboy007

    Been thinking on leaving att and called them yesterday and they sent me to the department that try’s to keep you. Woman had pretty good sales skills BUT NOTHING BACKING IT in terms of helping me even 1 US dollar! She said after looking at your account and wanting to help a loyal customer of over 10 years, I cannot do a thing, I have handed over your account to the specialist who has more power and they will call you within the hour to keep you and tell you how att can and has best plans. Well….that hour past then another then hear I am 30+ hours later and NO CALL FROM ATT !!

    I’ve made up my mind from their lack of care and high price! I pay $223.63 per month for 30GB on 2 lines (iphone 6 and hotspot device). T-mobile said around 125-150 with tax for unlimited and iphone 128GB model (same I have).

    I get $hitty reception mostly on att here in CO on the outskirts.

    • Rowan09

      I pay $100 for 2 with truly unlimted everything tax makes it about $115ish

  • Dante Arellano

    Sperint what only a idiot use sprtin

  • David J Delgado

    T-Mobile has worked for me wonderfully, whether I’m in Jersey City (a rock throw away from Manhattan) or all the way out in Morris County somewhere. I don’t understand how some people in my area get bad service, and while in some buildings or some very desolate areas I do get iffy or no service, I’d say well north of 95% of the time I am good to go. And the speeds are consistent, something Verizon couldn’t give me. I’d get 80Mbps with Verizon if I was at the right place at the right time but overall, it was all over the place. Biggest perks for me with T-Mobile; unlimited data, and the international web and text. That alone makes up for those very random times my service is ehh.

  • Jason

    T-mobile doesn’t have truly unlimited data plan anymore. They throttle their unlimited customers at 21GB. They secretly added on their fine prints if you read through it. Pretty Sad….

    • gqukyo

      for the minority… oh the horror…

  • Eddy

    For all in doubt. I currently use over 100GB on T-Mobile’s exceptionally faster LTE network. I also have an unlimited VZW data account. And I use T-MO 95% of the time HANDS DOWN! Oh, and I gave up my 7 year old grandfathered unlimited data from AT&T to come to T-MO. And trust me, I DON’T REGRET IT! Granted, it works where it does. And doesn’t where it doesn’t. True! BUT,~ as a constant traveler across the country, I can tell you personally, it’s improving RAPIDLY. But hey, I’m just a guy with T-MO and VZW, which had AT&T. Sprint? PCS? Pretty (what) Service? 😉 Look people, if it works well where you live, SWITCH! If it doesn’t, DON’T! Simple! Oh and hey, they’ll even let you try it out for FREE! So there’s no need to guess. TRY IT FOR YOURSELF AND SEE!!!