OS X El Capitan

Apple on Monday released the sixth OS X El Capitan beta to developers. The new build is available to registered developers via the Updates section of the Mac App Store or through Apple’s Developer Center.

Today’s update comes less than a week after Apple pushed out the fifth beta of OS X El Capitan, and nearly two months after its initial release in early June during Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference.

With El Capitan, Apple chose to forgo adding a bunch of new features in favor of performance and stability improvements. There are a few changes, though, such as a revamped Mission Control with Split Screen.

We’re installing today’s beta now, and will report back with any major changes. While the release is for developers only, there is a public beta available that anyone with a compatible machine can download and install.

  • Martin 

    I would like to see next ios9 beta now. There is some much to improve…

  • Martin De Jesus Uresti

    Can someone tell me why this is happening?? Sorry for this question not being related to the topic above.

    • Duc T-ra

      I guess it because the cache files (especially the music apps, if you use Apple Music), it could be resolved by restoring your device using iTunes (make sure to back up your device first).

  • BobJonesies

    One new wallpaper, and a new icon for general in System Preferences were added. Feedback assistant also is now accessible from the Utilities folder. Will update this comment if I find more notable changes.

    EDIT 1 (This may have been added last beta, but was never documented): You can hold your mouse at left of the window in Safari in full screen mode to show your reading list.

    • nrubin29

      What Steam icon are you using? Also, I am running PB3 and have the Safari feature you mentioned.

      • LaurenRFrantz

        Start working at home>>CLICK NEXT TAB FOR MORE INFO AND HELP

      • BobJonesies

        Looks like my response never sent, weird. The Steam icon is a custom one I made in my spare time, I can attach it if you want me to. As for the features already being there, I have removed them from my comment!

      • nrubin29

        I’d love the icon, thanks.

  • Michel Leist

    How can i install developer betas over public betas? When downloading from Member center App store says code already used but won’t install 🙁

    • Similar problem here: Have beta 5 installed but beta 6 won’t show up as an update in App Store and if I try to download from developer site I get a message that the redeem code is already used.