The Veil

Some people take such good care of their mobile devices that, for the most part, they don’t really need any protection. Those people tend to prefer their iPhone 6 to be completely uncovered to show off Apple’s beautiful design.

But, there is always the slightest chance that the soft aluminum of the iPhone 6 could be exposed to minor scuffs and scratches, providing a need for the thinnest of protection. The Veil fits into this ultra thin market with its ultra thinnest design.

So far, the thinnest case that I’ve found in my research measures just 0.35mm, although I’ve heard rumors that there is a 0.3mm one on the market, but I’ve yet to confirm that. The Veil is one of those cases that do indeed boast a 0.35mm skin.

It is made from polypropylene, which is hard enough to snap tightly into place around your iPhone 6, but flexible enough to make it easy to put on.

Although it can proudly claim to be one of the thinnest iPhone 6 cases, it does also provide protection around the protruding camera lens. A ridge around the back-facing camera and flash measures .7mm thick to keep your lens rim protected when lying flat.

The volume buttons, mute switch, and Sleep/Wake button all have cutaways so you can easily access your iPhone 6 controls. The bottom of the case is exposed, except for the corners, to allow unfettered use of the speakers and ports.

The Veil comes in Wisp Black or Blue and is available on Amazon for $15. There is also a version available for the iPhone 6 Plus in Wisp Black or Frost for $16.

  • Hi

    And I have the otter box defender…

    • rfow

      And it’s massive and hideous.


      Get a new Trent

  • Fbyrd75

    Bought this case on the Wish app for $1 for 6+

    • Furrnace

      Dude, thanks for posting this @Fbyrd75. Because of you, I went and downloaded the Wish app and bought the $1 one for my 6+. I love minimalist cases; but for a thin, flimsy piece of plastic, I shouldn’t have to pay $16. I have a TOTALLEE Scarf already, but it was $12. The $1 one has great reviews on Wish too. Just takes a long time to ship is all.

      • mickey

        Is there a version with the rim to protect the camera? I can’t seem to find one. Chinese versions of these are hit and miss quality and fit wise. But for a dollar or 2 I have no issue gambling on a couple.

      • Niclas

        aliexpress dot com have plenty

      • Furrnace

        You shouldn’t need that. This case is flush with the camera. You won’t get any scratches on your lens. I haven’t yet. The lens is made of sapphire crystal. By the way, I got the case and I love it. Just as good, if not better than my $13 Totalee case from Amazon.

      • mickey

        I was only wondering because I’d prefer that version over one without if the option were available. I actual don’t use a case at all. Sure the lens is sapphire but the ring around it is aluminum and definitely scuffed all around.

  • MrJohnBlaze

    this case is very similar to the slice 3 case i had for my iphone 5 and the problem with these extremely thin cases are they dont snap on tight near the phone and collect particles of debris that scratch your phone and when u try and take off the the case to clean the phone it usually cracks the case

    • CardinalFan

      Yeah, but that’s why I buy from Caudabe. I’ve had three cases from them already and the fit and finish is so much better than the other ones I’ve tried. Their customer service is so incredibly good especially with shipping out replacements. Do a quick search on their customer service and there are tons of people who rave about it. Basically makes a $15 case about half that if you take into account being able to get free replacements.

      • IsaacLHawk


    • Blake

      I agree.

  • mickey

    Should mention there’s an updated version called the Veil XT that covers the bottom (grill/lightning port) as well for total coverage. Only available on their site at the moment.

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