If you want to tackle tech repairs on phones, tablets, cameras and laptops you’ll need some specialist tools, and there are no better on the market than the iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver set bundle, all for $59.99  –  saving 39%.

As part of this deal you will receive 15 individual, fixed-blade screwdrivers. Made from SVCM (Silicon, Vanadium, Chrome and Magnesium) and with anti-corrosion black oxide tips these high-quality tools are built to last. Stored together in a custom-designed tool roll, you’ll have the right screwdriver for every application. The bundle even includes the pentalobe drivers needed for accessing Apple devices.

As part of this package you will also receive the super-cool Jimmy Tool which will enable you to break through the tight adhesive seal that prevents most tech DIY attempts. It’s tough and rugged, yet small enough to slip between the tightest gaps in the toughest of devices.

If you’re serious about tackling your tech make the job easier by investing in the iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver set and the Jimmy Tool. Shipping free in the US, you can get the whole package at a 39% savings.