Apple Music price

Apple Music has been available for a little more than a month now and the service already has dozens, if not hundreds of problems to complain about which have earned it mixed reviews from the press.

Apple Music’s biggest advantage, its tight integration with the rest of the Apple ecosystem, is being erased for some amid a flurry of issues, ranging from disappearing music, issues with DRM, user interface inconsistencies and poor implementation in iTunes, to mention just a few.

You’ve heard the horror stories and have hopefully played long enough with Apple Music in order to make an informed decision as to whether or not you’ll continue using it once the free three-month trial expires.

Assuming you signed up for Apple Music, will you continue using the service past its trial period, do you think? If you didn’t sign up, please don’t vote.

With that in mind, do cast your vote below.

Apple Music costs $9.99 per month after the trial, or $14.99 per month for families of six.

According to streaming statistics Apple shared with rights holders, a little more than ten million people have signed up for Apple Music, or approximately ten percent of the Apple-imposed 100 million user base before the end of 2015.

We want to hear your thoughts on Apple Music so join us for the discussion in the comment section. Is Apple Music just a bag of hurt, do you think, or does it represent a step in the right direction?

  • Johnathon Sullinger

    Don’t plan on it. The music constantly skips around on me, playlist changes dont sync right away to other devices, it doesn’t seem to learn from the music I “heart” and most of the music recommended me aren’t even music I’m thrilled with.

    As a side-note, not a fan of Beats1 either. Seems to play just one style of music mostly. Advertising and a constant reminder that it’s “world-wide, Beats1” in the middle of the songs. Blah. It’s spotify for me.

    • Nesly Lacroix

      You may want to retake the taste survey and see if the recommendations get better.

      • Johnathon Sullinger

        I could, but that would just potentially solve one of the many issues I have with the service. Don’t see a point to move to something that doesn’t work like an Apple product should, when I’m already paying for a service that does work. Last weekend it signed me out of my account, when I resigned in all my playlist and music was gone. Only fix apple had was reinstalling iOS without restoring from a backup.
        “We keep your data safe”. Sure. Until I can’t use it anymore cuz your OS jacked it up.

        Sadly since reinstalling it, the OS doesn’t see my paid iCloud storage either. Limited to just 5gb despite paying for 200gb. It’s been a mess

  • Guy

    I’m loving it so far but still not sure.

  • Damian

    Absolutely love it
    I just now realized Spotify actually is quite similar. But Apple music is so nicely integrated into my iOS and Mac that it is no brainer is simply better

  • James G

    The content experience has been great. The services, iCloud Music Library in particular, are severely lacking.

    I was on a 3 week trouble ticket with Apple with no resolution. Nothing would stream to my devices through iCloud Music Library except songs labeled as “Apple Music”, including songs erroneously tagged as “Apple Music” that was from my own personal library. I’ve completely wiped out the iCloud Music Library data stored in iCloud but trying to add the songs back in has proven unsuccessful as well.

    I’m on the fence.

  • Swanny246

    Nah, it’s too buggy and fiddly when it comes to usability. Also, I’m far too invested in Spotify to switch. The Siri integration is nice, but isn’t a dealmaker for me.

  • Jordan Stevens

    I had my misgivings about Apple Music, but now that I have been using it for weeks, I absolutely love it! I’ll be doing the family plan once the trial expires and so it will be even cheaper than my $5/month subscription for Spotify.

    • Nesly Lacroix

      Are you referring to the student $5/month? Or a special price through your carrier?

      • Jordan Stevens

        Student discount, yes.

  • QP

    nope…too slow

  • Nesly Lacroix

    One thing no one is talking about is the lack of social integration in Apple Music. That’s where Spotify shines. Music is inately social. We want to share music with our friends. They missed the boat on that.

  • christodouluke

    I would if iCloud Music Library worked like it should. I have a very large and organised iTunes library and it messed up sooooooo many album titles and artwork. I had to decide between letting it mess up my tunes or re-add everything from  Music, either way no thanks. I went back to iOS 8.3 and I’m much happier.

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Umm, thts a great big NO

  • Glenn DolFan Baptista

    NOPE ! Bdaysporify Kills all the competition….

  • rosssimpson

    If they update the bothersome playlist bugs and continue to increase the British streaming library to make it on par with the US, then I will certainly continue to pay for this service. But for now, I’m undecided until a major update 🙂

  • ravinigga

    I wanna know if android user stick to this service when it released and also windows desktop.

  • Supafly_Boy

    Waaaaaay too many bugs for me to even consider using it as an option.

  • I’m on the fence, and it sucks because I prefer to be fully absorbed into the Apple ecosystem. I had no delusions about this free 3-month trial and always understood that we were just beta testers.

    Despite its flaws that I tolerate, I just don’t feel as though I’m discovering new music as often as I did via Spotify. The UI isn’t intuitive. Apple matched some of my ignorant rap music to clean versions, and that does me no good ever. I hate that Apple Music doesn’t have the “Continue Playing” functionality from phone to desktop like Spotify.

    One of the worst problems for me is how much it sucks to share music. I don’t want to send my wife a song via iMessage because she won’t always be able to listen to it just then, and it’ll get lost as we communicate about other shit. On Spotify, that individual inbox is clutch.

    I also miss the Spotify community and their playlists, leading back to my music discovery issues.

    Unless there’s a way to import my entire Apple Music library into Spotify, I don’t think I give enough of a shit to keep switching services. My wife might, though, and so far she prefers Spotify.

    • Nesly Lacroix

      Wow! From a music discovery point of view, I feel the opposite. I am discovering more music with Apple Music than Spotify. I think the No. 1 Apple Music feature no other music service can match is “For You”. On any given day, it serves playlists and albums according to my taste and listening habits. I have a very eclectic musical taste, and noticed that Apple Music reacts to the latest music style I listened to.

      I was not aware of the “Continue Playing” feature in Spotify. I thought only Rdio had the “start where you left off” feature. In what version did they bring that?

  • Mr Acosta

    no it’s no worthy i was trying to use one of the songs on apple music for my imovie proyect and it didn’t allow me to do so. so that’s infiniti minus for them.

  • iDude

    WHAT?!?!. when i signed up it only said $2.99 past the trial period.

  • PJ

    I have to admit that as far as functionality goes, Spotify has me hooked, and a lot more enjoyable to use compare to the Apple Music app. With that said, I will continue on with Apple Music since content trumps the enjoyment of using the Spotify app.

  • ticky13

    After reading about how Apple butchers song versions and meta data when people upload their own collection, I’ll be keeping my 12,000+ songs with Google Play Music thanks. Have zero issues with it and it is vastly underrated.

  • John Scott

    Did not even bother to try it.