OS X El Capitan

Apple on Wednesday seeded the third public beta of OS X El Capitan to testers. The release comes just two days after beta 5 of El Capitan was pushed out to developers and three weeks after the first public beta.

The new build is available to registered public testers who are already on beta 2 via the Updates section of the Mac App Store, or through the beta web portal as a standalone download. You can enroll in the program by clicking here.

As with previous releases, today’s public beta is nearly identical to developer beta 5. We have yet to spot any noticeable changes in the software over previous betas, but it does look like the annoying Finder sidebar bug has been fixed.

Apple is expected to release a final version of OS X El Capitan sometime this fall.

  • What’s this update have?

  • avd98

    We need a new iOS 9 beta update, this thing is so unresponsive….

    • Hussain Alsanona


  • Yes the Finder bug is gone, also everything in Maps! (Dutch version)

  • Martin 

    And what about PB 3 for ios9?

    There are many bugs to be fix there…

  • Xee

    Such a stupid name…

  • Tarek Al Shawi

    i just downgraded from osx El Capitan to OSX Mavricks !! ( without any flash drives or any time machine backups) IM SO HAPPY

  • iDude

    Rumor: OS XI will be called – Tinkerbell (don’t tell anyone)

  • Brian

    I’m finding that 10.11 has slowed my overall system response. I have an early-2015 Air and it’s slower doing everything with Capitan. Anyone else?