Embrace your inner Spielberg and transform your mobile into a pro quality video camera with the iStabilizer Dolly. With this awesome add-on you’ll be able to take smooth, professional style tracking shots on any surface, creating video that’s perfect for the big screen. It’s a big budget accessory at the low budget price of $38.99, saving 34%.

Slot your cell or camera into the spring loaded mount and you’re away. Accepting devices up to 2.75” wide, the iStabilizer Dolly offers solidity and flexibility to your filming. Whether you’re shooting in a straight line or want the perfect 360 degree panoramic shot, you can do it all with the iStabilizer Dolly.

Most mobiles and cameras are capable of shooting in cinema-quality HD, so why not give your mobile the blockbuster treatment. Save 34% on the iStabilizer Dolly with iDownloadBlog, and grab it today for only $38.99. It even ships for free in the US. Add it to your cart today.

  • leart

    that iPhone 4S in the photo on iOS 6…

    • iPhoneWINS

      lol old as hell

      • leart

        just like my 4s..

      • Kyle

        Eyesore …

    • Kyle

      Another eyesore

      • leart

        here’s more..

      • Kyle

        Lol there are still app updates for iOS6?

      • leart

        10-15 of my apps, still are offering updates for ios6.
        but during the years, I saved the ipa compatible with iOS 6, so now I’m able to use all my apps, even some that are pulled out from AppStore and some that are refusing to give a working version… and I know that they are still on apple servers since if I restore from icloud they will be back on my device, requesting them directly from AppStore is not possible 😀

  • Thomas Hopkins

    Or, alternatively, ask your brother to hold the camera for you. Budget option for $0! You could even ask him to slide it on the table to avoid potential shaking.

    Or for the fancy option, make an equally effective car out of Lego to hold your phone. This option can be adjusted to fit iPads!

    • Kyle

      And if I don’t have a brother … ?

  • therealjjohnson

    Any surface? With those tiny wheels it seems like that’s only going to stabilize video on flat surfaces.