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A new report Tuesday by Hits Daily Double alleges that Apple’s new streaming-music services has signed up more than ten million customers in its first four weeks. Citing “inside sources at some of the major labels,” the streaming statistics was reportedly shared with content owners by Apple itself.

Apple Music is free during its first three months, after which iTunes will charge customers’ credit card on file $9.99 per month to continue using the service, or $14.99 for a family of six.

“Some streaming numbers (notably on a couple of cutting-edge hip-hop titles) are actually competitive with Spotify’s,” reads the article.

The publication’s sources were apparently “surprised” by how many people have signed up for the service during its initial free trial period. Of course, it remains to be seen what the churn rate of Apple Music will be after the three-month trial expires.

By comparison, Spotify recently hit 75 million total active users and 20 million paid accounts. Pandora currently has about 80 million listeners.

The ten million milestone for Apple Music compares favorably to Apple’s self-imposed goal of signing up about hundred million customers before the end of 2015, potentially giving Apple Music an annualized revenue in the ballpark of $12-$15 billion.

Another hint of Apple Music’s strong uptick: the adoption rate of iOS 8.4, which is required to use Apple Music, surpassed that of Android KitKat and Jelly Bean, which have been around for two or more years.

Reviewers agree that Apple Music is a comprehensive service well worth the asking price, but many have slammed its confusing interface and pointed out several teething issues, such as problems with DRM, iTunes Match, offline syncing and more.

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A well known Apple blogger, Jim Dalrymple, has caused quite a commotion within the halls of Cupertino after publishing a post titled “Apple Music is a nightmare and I’m done with it” in which he outlines his frustration with the service and the fact that Apple Music has managed to erase thousands of songs from his personal music library.

After discussing the matter with Apple PR, Dalrymple published a follow-up post that sets the record straight on some of the issues he’s experienced with Apple Music.

“The good news is that I have about 99 percent of my music back,” he said.

“The missing and duplicate song issues that we’ve all seen in Apple Music are being fixed shortly,” he added. “They are certainly aware of what’s been going on, I can assure you.”

However, he still has “no idea what happened to the other songs” that are still missing. Given Dalrymple’s influence in the Apple community, it’s not surprising that Joy of Tech ran an amusing comic on “Where Jim Dalrymple’s music went.”

Will you be making the jump to a paid Apple Music tier after the trial period is over, or discontinuing the service altogether?

Source: Hits Daily Double

  • Anonymous

    Yeah i will. The level of integration apple music will go with my other apple products, plus the conveise of all the music i want at my fingertips.

  • iBanks

    I really like it. I will for sure continue past the trial period.

  • Filip Juncu

    I wonder how many people would cancel after the 3-month trial period plus the pre-paid month is over?

    • Filip Juncu

      PS. I am not canceling it.

  • Brandon Higgins

    My tv has Spotify so I’m sticking with it.

  • White Michael Jackson

    Im canceling as soon as the three month period is up

    • You can cancel prior.

      • White Michael Jackson

        I know. Still canceling when the three months is up

      • I meant you can stop the automatic charge prior to the three months.

  • Tylor Jackson

    I didn’t signed up for apple music. That is because I’ve notice apple music said first free 3 months for apple music but I did tried sign up then pay $9.99 apple music service that I don’t like it. Should be first free 3 months after when 3 months expired then pay $9.99..well in my opinion..

  • Micrones

    This huge number can be attributed to the 3 months free trial, i which is quite lengthy and attractive warranting a signup , i foresee a lot of cancellation after the trial period ends.

    Personally, Apple music has not offered any compelling reason for switching from the likes of Spotify etc which is still a very good service.

    Most people dont want to pay $9 monthly for a radio subscription service,

    Moreso the service is still buggy and has noticeable lag sometimes when searching for albums and a rather confusing UI

    • I would more attribute it to being on the native music app. It’s literally thrust upon you as soon as you go to listen to your own music. The numbers shouldn’t even be surprising. Everyone who owns an iPhone on iOS 8.4 would be prompted with a free trial whether they wanted to or not. And most ppl aren’t turning down free that’s thrown in their face.

      • Micrones

        You are right as well

  • iPhoneWINS

    I’m not one… music is free now … music sources are over saturated its either new BS music or old classic music that is available in 10000000000 places..

  • I’m keeping it. The deciding factor is that is has a huge library of dancehall/reggae music that I haven’t found elsewhere. Just about every riddim I’ve searched has come up. It’s the single best place online I know of to find good reggae music.

    • iPhoneWINS

      I have found youtube to be the best for classic rare old dancehall especially from the gun tune time frame 1994 to 1998

      • Yeah I’ve been using YouTube as well and they have good mashups.

    • Damian

      I think the single fact that this radio relies on iTunes library is just a huge win. Nobody can compete with iTunes library

      • I think it’s a different library. iTunes has about 13-14 million more songs than apple music which I think is mostly indie songs apple music is lacking.

  • mahe

    I’ll cancel it after the trial.
    I took a look at it and that’s it.

    I prefer listening to DJ sets and mixes more than listening to single tracks.
    Also there is a mass of legal (!!!) podcasts out there which provide actual music for free…
    And there are also thousands of internet radios for every genre …
    So why should I pay for something I get for free? (legally!)

    If I want to listen to specific tracks I buy them (or a whole album) as MP3.
    Over the year that’s cheaper for me.

    • Damian

      It has DJ mixes albums you don’t have to listen to single tracks

      • mahe

        tbh, these are only a few and don’t include new tracks …
        and most are pretty bad.

  • Al

    The Family Plan is by far the biggest reason I’ll be keeping it

  • Damian

    To be honest at first I was skeptical and I did not care about Apple Muisc. But when I signed up for it and saw how ridiculously awesome it is, it just blew my mind away. Sure it might have some technical glitches at first but we know very well it will get fixed.

    But what blows my mind is that you have ALL albums and I mean ALL available for 10 bucks a month

    • Micrones

      It seems you are new to music streaming services, Spotify and the likes have the same number of albums and offers same features.

      Apple key differentiator is simply the worldwide radio.

      • Damian

        Ah, I am new to this whole Radio thing.
        But consider this, in Apple Music I have access to all artist and all their albums. I can download or stream every single album I wish. Click on an artist and I have all 5 albums. I believe spottily does not give such a function to this extent

      • Micrones

        Yes , you are new……

        Spotify has this feature since inception.

        Search for any artist on spotify,brings up the artist with all albums on file.

        Spotify even has more songs on file than Apple music

        Apple music key feature is Beats Radio and that will sway only keen radio lovers.

      • Regie Hizon

        spotify has had that function years ago 🙂

      • Nesly Lacroix

        The biggest differentiator is the “For You” feature where human-curated playlists are served to you based on your music taste and listening habits.

  • Didn’t bother to even try it, doesn’t interest me at all. I’ll stick to my collection.

    • Damian

      You better try, I was like you and then my eyes opened wide and I am was speechless .

      Instead downloading your collections separately and thinking what songs to sync on your iPhone, you might as well sync million of songs but keep them on iCloud music library

      • Micrones

        Syncing to icloud music library only works if you subscribed to itunes music match.

      • Damian

        Nope, it works with your radio collection without the iTunes Mach subscription

        Let’s say you like songs you listen on the radio you can mark them to add to your music collection and make them available offline, they all will show up across all of your iOS devices.

        I don’t have iTunes Match and I created online playlists from the radio synced across all my iOS devices

      • I use music match for my music, I don’t need apple music at all. A lot of what I like isn’t even on the iTunes Store. Plus paying 9.99 a month for a streaming service is something I’ll never do.

  • PghMike4

    No, I’ve barely used it so far, so I won’t be continuing past the end of the free date. I’ve already canceled the renewal.