Well-known developer Majd Alfhaily just released a new beta tweak on his personal repo called Cyte. The tweak aims to clean up the descriptions for packages present in Cydia to make them look more consistent and appealing.

In my opinion, this is one of the biggest tweak opportunities present since Cydia opened up to Cydia Substrate extensions. A more consistent and cleaner looking Cydia when it comes to package depictions, would go a long way towards improving the experience.

Cyte is available right now on Alfhaily’s beta repo. If you’d like to take it for a test drive, simply add the following repo to your list of Cydia sources:

Once you do, you’ll find the Cyte package available for download.

After testing Cyte, I can definitely say that the potential is there. For tweaks on the BigBoss repo, it cleans up the package description quite nicely. See the after and before images below for proof of that.

Cyte MTerminal

At this point, Cyte doesn’t do anything for tweaks that aren’t on the BigBoss repo. You’ll also notice a little “powered by Cyte” message at the bottom of the descriptions of packages it does enhance, which may not be appealing to all.

NoSlowAnimations Cyte

One controversial thing that Cyte does is remove repo ads. This will doubtlessly be a polarizing point. I don’t agree that removing all ads is the best solution, as that’s how high volume repos are able to do what they do. Perhaps, though, this was an inevitable reality with Saurik opening up Cydia.

I wish there was a solution somewhere in the middle, as how will repos stay alive without the necessary revenue generated from ads? Yes, ads are annoying, but it’s a fact that they pay the bills. I think we need to strongly think about this before we take make a knee-jerk reaction.

Powered By Cyte

Keep in mind, however, that this tweak is in beta, and is sure to grow and evolve. It’s super-promising, as I’ve always wanted a cleaner looking Cydia, and now that’s somewhat possible with Cyte.

What do you think about Cyte?

  • pnh

    Not sure why Saurik never did this natively on Cydia. Oh, wait, because he doesn’t have to. Cydia is essentially a monopoly. Why make improvements when you can derive the same income without doing so?

    • Brandon

      and constantly dismiss alternatives as bad for the community blah blah

      • Arjan Vlek

        Once we had Rock your Phone. So much better at its time (super fast, no blocking Reloading Data, user friendly etc.) but then Saurik bought it, saying it was “dangerous” for your phone and brought it down.

    • unabatedshagie

      Saurik has no control over how a repo styles its listings.

  • B.A.M.F.

    dont like this tweak…. i personally like the way packages look on cydia. i like the lil picture at the top and the ability to change if i want updates to show or not.

    some may like this tweak but its def NOT for me.

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      The only thing I don’t like is that the “Screenshots” button/panel doesn’t do anything and almost always shows “No Screenshots” because this tweak brings the screenshots out to the main “Description” page.

      The ability to see changelogs and package updates is still around, I just checked with a dozen BigBoss repo tweaks and I can still view their changelogs. “Change Package Settings” to “Show All Changes” is still there also.

  • kron1k 

    All that needs to be done is for BigBoss, ModMyi and the other major repos to update the sites. Optimo said he was going to get it done but that was a long time ago 🙁

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    I’m currently trying out this tweak. While it does give the packages a much cleaner and streamlined look and package loading time is almost instant (due to lack of ads loading), there is one negative and that’s the screenshots. Normally each package has its own “Screenshots” panel that directs you to the tweak’s screenshot(s), but this tweak seems to bring the screenshots out into the “Description” portion and leaving the “Screenshots” part empty. So there seems to be a bit of overlapping with the screenshots (basically the “Screenshots” panel does nothing and is empty because the screenshots have been brought out to the “Description”). Either leave the screenshots back where they were or just bring them out to the main page (the “Description” page) and do away with the “Screenshots” panel.

    Majd, if you’re reading this then please think about this. Otherwise, solid tweak.

  • Mark Tesch

    No ads! Love it!