iOS 9 beta 3 What's New

I’ve been playing with iOS 9 beta 4 on my iPod touch, iPhone and iPad for the last few hours, and I’d like to share my thoughts on the beta release.

First and foremost, this is the first beta firmware to work on the iPod touch 6th generation, and as expected, it runs like a champ. The iOS 9 beta on the old iPod touch 5th generation was barely usable due to the device’s lack of power, but this new iPod touch handles things with no issues.

Another big feature is the return of Home Sharing. As promised by Apple executive Eddy Cue, Home Sharing is now back where it belongs in the Music section of the Settings app.

I’ve created a video walkthrough to showcase many of the new features found in iOS 9 beta 4. Have a look and let me know what you think about this latest beta release.

Here are some of the features that I cover in the video:

  • iPod touch 6th-gen compatibility
  • Volume buttons now work again as a camera shutter button
  • Home Sharing returns!
  • New icons for Notifications and Battery in the stock Settings app
  • New Handoff interface in the App Switcher
  • New HomeKit notification settings
  • New location for high quality via cellular option in Music app settings
  • Loading indicator moved when back button present in status bar
  • Revamped Music app controls and new buttons
  • PiP mode for the Podcasts app

My favorite iOS 9 beta 4 feature

The best new feature in iOS 9 beta 4 is without a doubt the new Handoff interface. Accessing Handoff via the App Switcher is now easier because it doesn’t require you to do any swiping through the App Switcher cards. It works very much like the mini player in the stock Music app.

New Handoff location iOS 9

My second favorite feature is the relocation of the loading indicator when a back button is present in the status bar. Of course, iOS 9 allows you to easily return back to the app that you came from by means of a new back button in the status bar. On previous betas, this back button obfuscated the loading indicator. In iOS 9 beta 4, the loading indicator is relocated to the right side of the status bar so that it can still be seen when the back button is present.

New Loading Indicator location iOS 9

What are your favorite new features in iOS 9 beta 4? Did I miss any outstanding features? Sound off down below with your thoughts and opinions.

  • O_o

    Damn the app switcher is trash. wtf is that?

    • bd14u

      I have tried and believe me It’s impressive how fast it is. Besides It looks like an adaption from the tweaks we have in cydia.

      • QuarterSwede

        I’ve gone to liking it as well. You can tap on all 4 shown apps which is actually more handy than you’d think.

    • I agree

  • bd14u

    This may sound unrelated but in my iPhone 6 jailbroken, we i install winterboard and after the reboot i cannot see the tweaks in the settings and lose the tweaks functionality

    • Mark Tesch

      Think you may be lacking PreferenceLoader.

  • MPD01605

    I miss the recent contacts in the app switcher. I had it set for favorite contacts and used it a LOT.

    • Too many ppl was getting caught up with that.

    • jaysoncopes

      That should really just be an optional functionality. I didn’t use it tbh, but I understand how it could have been useful.

      • QuarterSwede

        I find it more useful in iOS 9 because it shows you who you really communicate with most. They may not necessarily be on your favorites.

      • MPD01605

        Actually it is an optional functionality, you can set it to “recent” or “favourites” in the settings. I just miss that from the Android (and pre-smartphone) days, having speed dials or some semblance thereof. But oh well. Nothing I can’t get over and work around.

      • jaysoncopes

        I’m pretty certain you can “technically” set speed-dials on the Phone app, but I get your drift. Not near as fast when it’s not the only button on the screen πŸ˜‰

    • Thomas Gehman

      You get a similar thing when you swipe over to the Spotlight Search. It’ll give you suggested Contacts and Apps and such

      • MPD01605

        They eliminated that in the newest beta. It’s back to a swipe down and you type. Could change again.

    • Okada San

      Download the Favorite Contacts app from the official App Store. Your favorite contacts will then be displayed in the Notification Center.

  • TheShade247

    Woo, new notification and battery icon in settings, Apple’s INNOVATION at its finest.

    • James G

      So minor design updates are things you’d rather not have them ever do? No one is saying it’s innovative.

      • TheShade247

        All i’m trying to say is it took them a year to make these small changes. Why can’t they allow Developers to make themes and sell it in the app store. I bet a lot of people (including me) only jailbreak there phones just to add new themes.

      • James G

        Oh, well in that case yeah they haven’t innovated in that particular space.

      • jaysoncopes

        Actually, battery icon is brand new in iOS 9. Notifications looked fine before. Sorry that you lost track of time and think that moving from grey to red is the highlight of iOS 9 so far.

    • The best things in hardware and software are the things you barely notice. They’re so good, you don’t even know they’re there until you look for them πŸ˜‰

  • QuarterSwede

    Moved loading indicator, the Feedback app at work. I wonder how many other users submitted that as feedback other than me.

  • Brandon (BTLJ)

    I’ll be alot more impressed when the iPad multitasking can somewhat be ported to iPhone. What’s the point in even having a 6 plus If you can’t take full advantage of its screen and power?

    • All the multitasking tweaks out now cause hella lag. I figure they just can’t handle it.

    • James G

      Maybe 6s Plus

      • QuarterSwede

        It’ll almost certainly have 2GB RAM like the air 2 to handle that. Agreed.

    • ravinigga

      iPhone can handle it. (Tweaks)
      But for iPad is better is like mini computer big screen side by side. Make more sense

  • Jiaqin Kim

    I’ve installed the iOS 9 public beta, but the update beta 4 not available on my device iPhone 6 plus

    • Brandon (BTLJ)

      The public beta updates are separate than the dev releases but it will come later on

    • James G

      Public Beta releases, historically for OS X, follow a less frequent release schedule than Developer betas.

      That said, I’ve read that you can remove the Public Beta profile from your device, reboot, then check for update and get to Beta 4.

  • xFeeZe

    If iOS 9 public beta 2 is out, can i register and upgrade my iPhone even if im already jailbroken?

    • QuarterSwede

      You don’t register it from what I remember. I’m not sure you’d want to upgrade OTA with it jailbroken. It either won’t work or it’ll severely screw it up cause you to have to use DFU mode.

  • ravinigga

    That cool handoff quick multitasking, And how simple it is.
    Just grab And drag up

  • Michael Sweeney

    Picture in picture and handoff are the only real updates for this beta update. I love my ifamily and Apple is trying, but what is next? What’s the next thing that’ll separate them from the “already exists, and I need that” category. Changing the side of a loaded icon isn’t much of an update, they merely added a few more confusing Options for social media to share songs and tracks.
    Don’t forget where you came from Apple and how you’ve gotten so far. I’ll always love this company, they’re my Toronto maple leafs. They’ll win the cup again eventually. The last time was 1967; I think.

    • Merman123

      Lol relax. It’s a beta release. You won’t see anything new here that wasn’t already announced in WWDC. The same thing that has always differentiated apple from the rest remains true. Simplicity and fluidity. Especially when compared to the rest.

  • Rob Almendarez

    Hold on Jeff….. You’re black?! This whole time?! Man my world is absolutely rocked!

    • iPhoneWINS

      nah he looks indian… lol

  • iOS Kush

    I like the progress but, I’m keeping my Jailbreak for now. Looking forward to the iOS9 jailbreak though.

  • iPhoneWINS

    looks boring but once IOS9.1 is jailbroken i will get it

  • jaysoncopes

    Hey Jeff, just curious, but does the new Handoff feature work the same with suggested apps per the connected device? I’m really not into the current interface when I plug my phone into my car and get a suggestion for Spotify.

  • Leon

    Download iOS 9 Beta 4 or older version from iosbetareg[dot]com

    If not can download older version from our site and upgrade via OTA!

  • InfiniteMischief

    The only feature I want is a pic on the person I’m texting on IMessage, they can do it Multitexts but they can’t do it on single messages! That’s one of the features I liked about BiteSMS and now that doesn’t even work. how hard can it be. Come on Apple!

  • rockdude094

    They should get rid of the yellow battery icon when you enable power saver mode. Some people like to keep it on all the time and I hate yellow.

  • Ethan Monteon


  • Has the iPad style keyboard been removed from they phones now? Sure it was missing on Beta 3 too πŸ™

  • throttle clutch e brake

    Thumbs up !!