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For the first time ever, the National Football League (NFL) will offer its Game Pass service to U.S. users on the Apple TV with on-demand broadcasting of games, according to an update on the Game Pass micro-site Monday.

Regular season, playoff and Super Bowl game broadcasts won’t be available as live streams but rather after they air on television. In addition, the organization will retire its existing Game Rewind service on July 31. Available to iOS, Android and Windows users in the United States, Game Rewind provides access to on-demand games after they air on television.

“As of July 31, 2015 Game Rewind will no longer be available” and will be replaced with “the all new NFL Game Pass” service that will be available on the Apple TV, according to the website.

The upcoming service will offer live streams of 65 pre-season and all 256 regular season games, in addition to 10 playoff games and Super Bowl 50 games after they air on TV.

Access to 2009-2014 archived footage will be provided, too.

The new Game Pass service shouldn’t be confused with the existing Game Pass service which has been available to international sports fans for quite some time now.

The new Game Pass will be available on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as an update to the NFL’s existing mobile app and will debut on the $69 Apple TV and “select connected TV devices” including Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One console.

This is no doubt a major development, especially if you’re a sports fan, as NFL has never allowed full game broadcasts on Apple’s box outside the existing NFL Now channel which offers only game highlights, news and select archived videos.

Pricing for Game Pass is yet to be revealed.

For what it’s worth, the existing Game Pass offers a 7-day free trial and two paid tiers: an all-you-can-eat Season Plus access with every Preseason and Regular Season game and replays of 2015 playoff games and Super Bowl 50 in exchange for $129.99 per year (or four payments at $39.99 per month) and a lower-priced Season $99.99 package with just Preseason and Regular Season games.

Source: NFL

  • locomambo

    holly molly..this is great news cant wait..and i am a NFL junkie lol

  • James G

    You say live stream but then say it can’t play regular season games as they air. Which is it?

    • Chante Coomer

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  • igorsky

    Will local games be blacked out? If not then this is definitely a game-changer as other leagues are sure to follow.

  • n4nd4

    this is not an NFL Sunday Ticket live streaming service. from the site…

    you’ll get access to watch games on-demand: “Sunday
    morning and afternoon games (9:30am ET, 1pm ET & 4pm ET) are
    available at the conclusion of all Sunday 4pm ET games, and Sunday night, Monday night, Thursday and Saturday NFL games are available following the conclusion of the applicable game telecast”

    • Brent Shelton

      Aaaaaand you just killed my wood. Although I’m glad you pointed this out so I didn’t get excited.

      Using the old workaround for Sunday Ticket streaming will be the go to yet again. Sigh.

      • n4nd4

        and what workaround would that be?

  • Chris Gaunt

    This probably the worst written article in a long while. Very confusing to people not familiar with the service.

    For quite a while GamePass has been available outside the U.S. and it’s territories and includes Live and on demand NFL games. Within the U.S. It was named GameRewind because it was on demand only after the games aired on broadcast TV. All they have done this year is renamed it GamePass for everyone and added live pre-season for those in the U.S.

    I used Plex and my laptop to watch NFL GameRewind on my 65 inch samsung TV last year so I’m exststic it’s going to be available on the Apple TV.

    I highly recommend the service to NFL junkies, after all how many love games can you really watch at a time? Watching live games on cable and watching condensed games I sometimes watched every game some weeks. I loved it!

    • Chris Gaunt

      Here is the graphic they should have used.

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