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It was uncovered on Monday that Apple recently hired high profile auto executive Doug Betts, reigniting rumors that the company is building an electric car. As noted by The Wall Street Journal, Betts’ LinkedIn profile says that he joined the Cupertino firm’s “Operations” team this month.

It’s not clear what he will be working on at Apple, but it’s hard to imagine it’s anything but a car. Betts was Head of Quality at the Chrysler Group, now Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, for 7 years before leaving in 2014 to “pursue other interests.” Prior to that he worked at both Toyota and Nissan.

In addition to Betts, the Journal says that Apple also recently hired Paul Furgale, a well-regarded autonomous vehicle researcher in Switzerland, for its electric car team. He is said to be seeking out other experts with robotics and machine experience, recruiting both students and researchers.

Apple has long shown interest in the automotive space, and last year it introduced a new vehicle infotainment system called CarPlay. In February, rumors began to swirl that it was ready to move beyond the dashboard and that it had started work on an electric car code-named “Project Titan.”

Bloomberg says that Apple hopes to begin producing the car by the year 2020.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

  • Mozaik

    Stop spreading fud about electric car , its just for to expand of carplay in autmobile sector and he is the man with contact.

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      Agreed. These car rumors are ridiculous. I mean what if I told you Chevy and For where going to make phones!?

      • 空白

        Theoretically they could… but no one would buy them. That’s the difference. People buy Apple because it’s Apple. So there’s a definite market.

  • Xee

    Only Europe can design decent cars!

  • Dante Arellano

    Macs and iphones is the business music is getting ridiculous