iPod touch 6th gen jailbreak cydia

The iPod touch 6th generation can be jailbroken out of the box, because it comes with iOS 8.4, and the PP iOS 8.4 jailbreak tool for Mac works with the new iPods.

In fact, I just jailbroke my device no less than 5 minutes ago, and it worked without a hitch. If you guys have kept up with me, you know how much I absolutely loathed using my 5th-gen touch due to its pedestrian speed.

Seeing that the new iPod touch packs much more power than the device it replaces, I’d say this is a good candidate for a jailbroken device, or at the very least, it might become my go-to test device.

I’ve yet to test out TaiG, but I can assure you that the PP jailbreak works. I’m assuming that TaiG will work as well, though I’ve yet to try it for myself.

iPod touch 6th gen jailbreak

You can follow our PP jailbreak guide to jailbreak your 6th generation iPod touch right now. It’s probably a good idea to act now, as who knows when iOS 8.4.1 will drop publicly, which is rumored to close the door on jailbreaking, at least temporarily.

What do you think? Would you consider splurging on a new iPod touch in order to jailbreak it? Sound off in the comments below.

Update: here’s our TaiG iPod touch 6g jailbreak tutorial.

  • avd98

    For those who want the Blue iPod wallpaper

  • avd98

    For those of you who want the Black and Navy Blue iPod wallpapers:

    • gilez

      What about the brand new gold iPod wallpaper?

      • avd98

        Working on it

      • gilez

        Many many thanks!

      • avd98


    • I just hope they have the new iPhones in those colors as well..

    • I just hope they have the new iPhones in those colors as well.. Looks great on iPhone 6 thanks!

      • guest

        how did you get the forecast tweak to work i downloaded it and when it resprings i go into safe mode

      • I have the paid version. No modifications other then that.

      • Blip dude

        Did you pay for it?? Because I have the latest non-beta version and it works just fine.

      • Cyrus G

        oh my god what is that background it’s amazing

      • Blip dude

        That is the wallpaper that was used the 29 sec iPad Mini 3 keynote. I found it out in the wild.

    • thank U 🙂

  • Bronson

    Jeff you seem to be having a ball with the current jailbreak 😉 Feels so good to have a jailbreak while you’re breaking out the device from it’s box, doesn’t it? 😀

  • port87

    dont use PP to jailbreak, to much memory leaks after jailbreak.

    • Hi

      What’s memory leaks? And what does it do?

      • Jailbrkr21


      • appletimemac

        You shouldn’t jailbreak if you don’t know something as basic as a) Memory Leaks b) Google.

      • Lane Crouch

        Basically, any process running on a computer uses memory (RAM). After that process ends, the RAM is supposed to be freed up to be used by other processes. Sometimes sloppy code (or an unforeseen bug in good code) will keep that RAM tied up, even after the process is ended. In that case, the RAM becomes unavailable for use. This is referred to as a memory leak because it’s like the RAM just leaked out of the computer.

  • Elias

    This is quite cool! Love that Pink 😛

  • rubrixgen

    Hey Bejamin. I’ve been up all night pulling my hairs out with this new PP25 Mac Jailbreak. The jailbreak tool keeps getting stuck at “Wait a few seconds…If there is a passcode please unlock”. Please help me out. I’ve restored a million of times and tried to jailbreak but the same error keeps occurring. If you know a solution, please give it to me. thanks.

    • Elias

      Use a virtual machine and try the TaiG jailbreak and the PP windows app. Both work rather good, at least better than the mac app in my experience.

      • rubrixgen

        I have Windows 8.1 installed on my Mac with Bootcamp. I’ve tried to use TaiG but it keeps giving me “Apple Driver not found”. I’m literally running out of ideas man. everything is failing on me. I’ve even tried on a different windows computer. Same thing.

      • Elias

        Yeah these jailbreaks are really bad I tried roughly 20 times for me to get a successful jailbreak and I’ve had to restore three times so I’ve tired a total of 50 times or so. I used windows 10 and that worked better for me than 8.1

      • Blip dude

        Was in the Same position. Windows 8.1 literally screwed up EVERYTHING!! So I deleted and Reinstalled Windows, installed iTunes 12.0.1, plug device so iTunes would recognize it (this is critical), back it up (won’t delete it on device), and then proceeded to Jailbreak. Also make sure your device is in Airplane mode, and Passcode/Touch ID is disabled.

      • Zae

        (If Youre Restoring a Backup After Restore) Dont Restore Backup After Restore Factory Setting, Jailbreak Right After Complete Restore, OR Uninstall EVERYTHING Apple Related On Your Computer And Download iTunes 12.0.1, Thats What I Used

    • Jailbrkr21

      hard reset phone (hold both home & lock buttons until it goes off and reboots)

      restart computer.

      disable find my iPhone, disable passcode, put device into airplane mode.

      start again. with JB process, make sure you have an older version of iTunes, new versions don’t work.

  • Wicrowe

    I wish iDownloadBlog would time stamp their articles instead of just date stamp. Jailbroke 5 minutes ago is irrelevant without a reference time. Please consider.

    • Jailbrkr21

      but it also doesn’t matter when 5 minutes ago was, the point is that Jeff has jailbroke the new iPod using the PP jailbreak tool. he was letting people know that the PP tool works on the new iPod.

  • titi

    en taig just release 2.4.3 beta!!

  • Mark S

    It worked without a hitch because it was the PP jailbreak and not the Taig one. Interesting that you chose PP for this.

  • guest

    how do i pay for tweaks now that amazon is gone? i know theirs paypal but i never used it before and heard bad things about it but is says i can you a gift card like visa or mastercard can i load money on it and start buying things

  • Keith_K735 email

    Well, that explains it. That issue seems like a POS (and I’m assuming you’d inexpensive older android telephones as well) if you had been to upgrade to any respectable newer android I guess you would want it significantly more. Actually considering that the S4/G2 times, Android has moved up their game. iPhone has been the opposite.