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I debated over it for a while, but I just couldn’t resist ordering a brand new 6th generation iPod touch after looking at the specs of the device. The new iPod touch, despite not changing much from a use-case standpoint, is quite the compelling device.

When you consider how underpowered the previous generation iPod touch was, this really is a major upgrade. You’re essentially getting an iPhone 6/iPhone 6 Plus level 64-bit A8 system on a chip (SoC) with its M8 motion coprocessor, along with double the RAM at 1GB.

The SoC and RAM alone would be enough to blow the previous iPod touch, which is downright painful to use on iOS 8, out of the water, but Apple has included significant improvements to the iSight Camera—bumped up from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixels—there’s faster 802.11ac Wi-Fi, an upgrade to Bluetooth 4.1, a 128GB storage capacity option, and more.

Make no mistake, the iPod touch 6th generation is more powerful than some of the lower tier phones hitting the market today. If you’re serious about gaming, photos, and video, but don’t need the capabilities of a phone, then the iPod touch 6th generation might be considered a bargain.

Watch our full video review for the unboxing, benchmarks, comparisons to the 5th-gen iPod touch and much more.

Initial impressions

To blatantly showcase the fact that I got a new iPod touch, I opted for the most outlandish (and best) color—pink. As you can see, the iPod touch 6th generation features the beauty (hah) to go along with the brains. I thoroughly enjoy the new pink colorway, as it makes the device stand out among the boring colors associated with the more serious Apple products.

You’ll also notice that the device now lacks the retractable nub for the iPod touch loop strap found on the old 5th generation iPod touch. I think most of you will agree that this is an improvement. I don’t know anyone who thought the iPod touch loop was a great idea.

From a visual design standpoint, everything else is pretty much identical to the 5th generation iPod touch. It still rocks the same 4″ screen of the iPod touch 5g, and it also has the same form factor and chamfered edges of the outgoing model. Apple has basically taken the power of the iPhone 6 and shoehorned it into the svelte body of a 5th generation iPod touch.

It’s hard not to be at least a little bit disappointed that the size wasn’t bumped up to match the iPhone 6’s 4.7″ screen, but I’m sure that Apple has its reasonings for sticking with the same 4″ form factor of the outgoing model. Perhaps this means that we’ll see a return of the 4″ iPhone form-factor as some have speculated?

The end result is a brand new device that feels familiar to the hands, but brand new to the senses. The sheer power increase brought upon by the presence of the A8 SoC is instantly noticeable, but it’s the RAM increase that is perhaps the biggest win for the 6th generation effort. Not only is the new iPod touch significantly quicker at executing tasks, playing games, taking photos and videos, and playing media, it can also handle multitasking in a way that previous iterations of the device could only dream of.

If there’s one word that I can use to associate with the purchase of an iPod touch 6th generation, it’s value. At $199 for the entry level model with 16GB of flash storage space, this device is a good value.

Models & pricing

As stated, I opted for the 16GB pink version of the iPod touch 6th-gen, but there are several other colors and storage capacities to select from. Here is a look at all of the available models.

The iPod touch 6th-gen is available in the following colors: Silver, Gold, Space Gray, Blue, Pink, and Gold. The Silver, and Space Gray colors are the incumbent colors, with the Blue, Pink, and Gold colors being new to the lineup. There is one additional color—the Product Red version—that’s exclusively available through Apple.

iPod touch 6th-gen colors

Storage capacity is very familiar, but the iPod touch does get an Apple Store-exclusive 128GB storage capacity, which lends the iPod touch the same max storage capacity as its bigger brothers. Here are the storage capacities along with the price for each capacity:

iPod touch review-storage capacity

In my opinion, the sweet spot is definitely the 32GB model at $249. For only $50 more, you can double your storage capacity, which will come in handy if you plan on using your iPod touch to play games. Apple doesn’t even offer a 32GB storage tier for its current generation iPhones and iPads.


Seeing that the iPod touch 6th gen is a big leap forward for iPods, I took the time to highlight some of the device’s specifications. Although this device has many improvements over its predecessor, I’ve bolded some of the more notable improvements.

iPod touch 6 specifications

Although benchmarks prove that the new iPod touch is actually clocked slower than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, it’s still no slouch when it comes to speed. It features the A8 chip, and the same amount of RAM as the current-gen iPhone.

The iSight camera is 8-megapixel, just like the iSight camera in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Granted, the camera in the iPod touch isn’t quite as good as it is in the iPhone—pixels don’t tell the whole story—but it’s still a leap over the outgoing iPod touch.

Real world usage

Specs are one thing, but actually seeing and feeling a difference is what it’s all about. You guys know how many times I’ve complained about the 5th generation iPod touch—how painful it is to use, how unbearably slow it is, and how much I dread any time I’m forced to use it. Throw all of that out of the window with the 6th-generation iPod touch. This thing is very fast, and handled nearly everything I threw at it with ease.

Browsing the web is smooth, playing intense modern games is no problem, and multitasking is so much better than it was before. As I’ve stated several times before, this is a major upgrade, and it absolutely feels like one while using it.


For the following benchmark tests, I used Geekbench to calculate single core and multicore performance for the iPod touch 5th gen, 6th gen, and the iPhone 6 Plus. Note how, even though both the iPod touch 5th-gen and the iPhone 6/6 Plus share the A8 SoC, the iPhone 6 is clocked higher.

iPod touch 6th generation

iPod touch 6g benchmark

iPod touch 5th generation

iPod touch 5th gen benchmark

iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6 Plus 5th gen benchmark

Vs. iPod touch 5th generation

It’s safe to say that the new iPod touch runs circles around the old iPod touch. It’s faster in every way, because it has a current-generation processor, more RAM, and a better camera.

Games load way faster and feature more consistent frame-rates with the 6th-gen iPod touch. Since the A8 chip is compatible with Metal, developers can enhance their games to feature better graphics.

iPod touch review 3

The camera now features the iPhone 5s’ flagship Slow-mo mode (120fps) and it also works with burst mode. The camera doesn’t feature all of the advanced features of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, so it’s still not quite up to that level yet, but it’s unquestionably better than the 5-megapixel shooter it replaces.

Virtually everything else about the 6th generation iPod touch is really similar to the 5th-gen iPod touch. The form factor is exactly the same, down to virtually every detail. As mentioned, the new iPod does eschew the silly iPod loop nub, but that’s the only visual difference you’ll discern.


Although the 6th generation iPod touch is leaps and bounds better than the previous model, it still has plenty of opportunities for improvement.

First and foremost, I wish that Apple would have adopted the iPhone 6’s 4.7″ screen. After using an iPhone 6 Plus for the past year, the 4″ form-factor feels downright minuscule.

Outside of the size of the screen, the quality of the screen is still well below the screen quality found on the iPhone line. It’s an IPS display, but colors often look washed out. I’m pretty sure that a lot of that has to do with the 800:1 contrast ratio. The iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6 feature contrast ratios of 1400:1 and 1300:1 respectively.

For whatever reason, Apple declined to add Touch ID to this device. I didn’t think I would miss Touch ID on an iPod, but I found myself trying to use it out of habit. Touch ID is so convenient, I don’t like the idea of always having to use a passcode to unlock my device and make purchases.

Lastly, while the iPod touch 6th generation features a current CPU, it’s under-clocked when compared to the A8 processors in the iPod lineup. This is evident, as processor intensive games will suffer from the occasional frame-rate dip, and the Geekbench benchmarks make it readily apparent that there’s still a fairly significant gap between this device and the iPhone.

Should you buy it?

If you’ve never owned an iOS device before, the iPod touch is the perfect entry-level device. Not only is it cheap, but it’s got enough under the hood to last several years.

If you’re a gamer, the iPod touch is a compelling handheld game console. With the adoption of the A8 SoC and Metal, it’s able to handle all of the latest envelop-pushing games with ease.

If you’re a young person who can’t get their hands on an iPhone, then the iPod touch 6th generation is certainly nothing to be ashamed of. Not only can it do games, but it can run all of the popular iOS apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Periscope, and more.

Lastly, if you need a second test device, and don’t want to drop the money it takes to acquire a second iPhone, the iPod is a viable alternative. The 5th generation iPod touch is still being supported under Apple’s Developer program, and it’s likely that this device will be supported for years to come.

The iPod touch 6th generation is not without its flaws, but at its price-point, it’s good enough. It’s miles ahead of the previous version from a performance perspective, and has enough new features to be deemed a worthy upgrade.

What do you think? Would you consider buying an iPod touch 6th generation?

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  • Zim

    iPod Touch should just be killed off to be honest.

    • Cristian B

      Elaborate please

    • regkilla

      The millions of kids and 16 adults (overall) that use iPod Touches would go crazy if this were to happen.

      • George

        Kids are getting phones at age 8 nowadays..

      • DoNotProcrastinate

        Yes, but they’re minority.

      • simmerkatt

        And they’re probably just getting cheap shitty ones

      • Tallish

        im 13 and i cant have a phone yet until i get a job

    • TwinSon

      You’d be amazed by how many people use an iPod touch. Especially the younger generation who are always near wifi. It’s essentially a phone without paying for service when it’s connected to wifi, so why kill it.

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        A lot of people I know still use the original iTouch.

    • Randomapplelover

      The iPod touch saved apple from becoming bankrupt, and is why there is an iphone, so I have to dissagree That the ipod should die. Also I still use my ipod 4 and it works for me but I can’t get any games on it so I’m trying to get the ipod 6.

  • Derpy Crabs

    I will replace my ipod touch 5 with it, because i really like 5th but need more performance.

  • leart

    I love ipods, a device dedicated just for music, since i already have two older iPhones in perfect working conditions maybe ill update only my iPod 4g

  • regkilla

    Why would the screen be bigger than 4 inches if it costs a percentage of the price the iPhone 5s did when it came out?

  • Battery performance?

  • Manuel Molina

    I’ll pass. Apple needs to really upgrade that sad 1.2 front facing camera. The iPhone has the same one as well, and let’s be honest and say how crappy it is.

  • Merman123

    Why does everyone want the iPod to be more like an iPhone?

    • Cesar D

      wtf. An iPhone has a Phone. and iPod doesnt. duuh

      • Slifur

        Then buy an iPhone if you want a phone and buy an iPod if you dont. Duhh?!

  • jldevoy

    Anyone know how those scores compare to a 5s?

    • simmerkatt

      Obviously better, A8 processor. the iPhone 5s has an A7.

      • DoNotProcrastinate

        There aren’t any visible performance differences between A7 and A8.

  • Stephen

    Jeff can you hook it up with those wallpapers, please.

    • I just made a post on downloading those wallpapers. Enjoy.

  • Bradley Hines

    I have an iPhone 5s and when I open geek bench, my processor says “Apple A7 @ 1.30 GHz” and memory says “999 MB” that being said, it also has higher scores than the iPod 6th gen, my assumption from all of this is that Apple has underclocked the A8 porcessor for battery life purposes as I’m assuming. I could be wrong but I highly doubt it as to seeing my scores. Apple has definitely underclocked the processor.

    • Randomapplelover

      But the iPhone 5s is probably thicker than an ipod leaving room for a bigger battery. And apple is trying to make $$$$.

    • Daniboy48

      Yes but the iPod still beats the iPhone 5s in certain aspects. Just look up up other benchmarks, the iPod wins most of them.

  • iByron

    Was hoping they’d at least bump the size up to iPhone 6 level, but I guess that would have added to the price. I think this would be great for my parents to have so that one could use it when the other has the iPhone, but the 4″ size makes me think twice. They love the 6plus not the least of reasons being the size. May just end up getting them a mini.

    If I were still using an iPod, I’d definitely spring for it myself.

  • solai

    New style blogging by Jeff same like new iPod 🙂

  • Haakon K

    Ordered a 128GB Space Gray as soon as I saw the release; been waiting to replace my fifth-gen for a while. This one will hold 400 albums with lossless compression (CD quality), and since it´s also faster and with a better camera it will be a nice upgrade.

    • Noor Premiere

      article said can run whatsapp. so my q to u as u already own one, can u run whatsapp without jailbreaking? i will buy if it can run whatsapp

      • Håkon Klausen

        No, I tried and got the error Not compatible with your device.

  • Valinor

    Don’t disrespect the loop. I actually used it with a lanyard around my neck.
    Left pocket: keys & money.
    Right pocket: iphone
    so there was no room for the ipod touch.
    Worked great.

  • Does the 16GB version have both cameras? since the 5th gen 16 GB doesn’t. I am thinking of investing in this one.

    • Yes

    • NightFelix

      Out of curiosity, do you own other iOS devices or what purpose that you gonna use because you decided to invest on the 16GB option instead of higher capacity?

      • I have a 5th generation iPod touch in 32 gb. I don’t have a lot of data to transfer in the new iPod, just intrigued by camera and I’m on a budget so 16 gb is great deal.

      • NightFelix

        I don’t owned any iPod Touch before, but I was having same thought like you which attracted by the iPod Touch 6G 8MP iSight Camera.

        Do you mind to share your usage pattern or what file you store on your 32GB iPod Touch 5G because I was worry about the 16GB are insufficient as I do owned a iPad mini (1st Generation) 16GB WiFi which barely enough for me to store some casual games.

      • to be completely honest, I don’t have any games on my current iPod , only an ancient Candy Crush. Except of basic pre-installed apps by Apple, I have 4 folders full of apps in Social, Photography, Education & Work Outs (40 apps or so). I’ve 10.3GB in used & 17.0 is still left unused. Which’s a huge indication of how 16 GB would totally work for me.

  • HamptonWalley

    So how is the camera? Is it good exactly like in iphone 6? I want buy one for security camera and iphone 6 sees good enough also in dark

    • It’s good, but not iPhone 6 quality

    • NightFelix

      I checked other site review, the rear camera is as good as iPhone 5/5S.

  • Sutra

    I passed on the 5G so I upgraded from my ancient 4G to a 6G the day of the announcement. The 4G was slow but steady, but battery life was shot. I still use an ipod touch when I’m out and about because I don’t use my cell phone enough to move from my $100/yr prepaid plan. There’s always a starbucks around when I need a wifi signal.

    Will a 5G case work on the 6G?

  • ipodwuvver

    After the Apple Watch, I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t include inductive charging on all of their devices.

    The iPod Touch 6th gen should have come with inductive charging capabilities, at least as an Apple-official add-on. Hopefully some third party will release a PMA-compatible receiver for the battery

  • DestroyerOfGods

    You know Jeff, I honestly wish I knew about the 6th Gen before I went off and bought a 32 GB 5th Gen a few days before its release…

  • MichelPM

    I just purchased the new 6th generation 64 GB iPod Touch to replace my woefully obsolete and nearly 8 year old 2nd gen., 8 GB iPod Touch.
    As much as I like the iPhone, I don’t like being locked into a cell contract and a no contracts iPhone is just too expensive.
    So, i use a much cheaper Android phone just for the phone only and a month to month cell plan that I can cancel anytime.
    The iPod Touch is still a viable device in Apple’s IOS ecosystem.
    The new 2015 iPod Touch is an iPhone 6 without the iPhone.
    You still have access to Apple’s entire iOS ecosystem.
    This is one of Apple’s target audiences for the iPod Touch.
    It shares the same Processor and motion coprocessor as the iPhone 6 as well as having a much better and still capable 8 MP camera (My old iPod Touch had no camera).
    It’s faster for many functions because the Touch’s processor doesn’t have to process and push more pixels of a larger screen.
    The battery life is much longer than it was on my older iPod Touch, too!
    It runs the latest iOS (my old 2nd Gen iPod Touch is forever stuck on iOS 4.3) and I am primarily going to use this more now for my entire music, taking photos when I don’t have my better digital camera with me and for “on the go” videos and video editing using the latest iMovie versions for both iOS and the Mac.
    I purchased the new iPod Touch so I can remove my music library from my iPad 3 (to give my iPad some additional storage back to do more real creative work on my iPad) and have all of my entire music library on a much smaller device I can more easily carry with me when I am away from home instead of carrying my iPad with me all of the time.

  • CLMoses

    Have you run the battery benchmark? If so, what were the results? Mine appears to be getting very poor performance with just over 6 hours with the Geekbench 3 battery test.

  • iquack

    Touch is an easy to pack travel tablet for email, view web pages, etc. But for the same money (or less) you can buy a 7″ Samsung tablet with a much larger screen. Seems the iPod Touch 6 is an excellent product, but the screen is too small for the price.

  • Daniboy48

    It’s a shame they released this product so late, once September comes around this iPod will lose it’s shine.

  • Pankaj Saini

    My headphones and music collection just love iOS touches. Will upgrade to 6th generation. And 5th generation will be given to my girlfriend. Ipod touches are best for music when you want interrupted listening without any flood of social media notifications. Works for gym very well and half of the world think I’m carrying around an apple phone nust for music. Cool, isn’t it?

  • simmerkatt

    “while the iPod touch 6th generation features a current CPU, it’s under-clocked when compared to the A8 processors in the iPod lineup.”

    In the iPod lineup?

  • RC Maniac

    How is the iPod touch 6gen battery life

  • Jerral Roloff

    I am just looking for a Bluetooth ipod to play music through my car system. Don’t want all the other stuff. Just didn’t want the wires like I use now.

  • David Robertson

    Here it is 2017 and I just bought one. Don’t want an iPhone, btdt. But I like the wifi/music/home use potential.