iPhone 6 plus ipod touch 6th gen wallpaper

Ever since we posted our review of the 6th generation iPod touch, people have been asking me about the three new wallpapers that come included with the device. The new wallpapers are color-specific wallpaper for the new Gold, Blue, and Pink iPod touch 6th-gen units. In this post, we provide you with a link to download all three of the new wallpapers.

iPod 6 gen wallpaper

You can download all three of the wallpapers via this link.

Apple creates wallpaper to match the color of each iPod touch. So the pink iPod touch comes with the pink wallpaper pre-selected, the gold iPod touch with the gold wallpaper, and so on.

But just because these wallpapers come bundled with the iPod touch doesn’t mean you can’t rock them on your iPhone. As you can see from the photo above, I have the gold iPod touch wallpaper on my iPhone 6 Plus.

Which color is your favorite?

  • bln

    thx for the wallpapers, but the blue one isn int the packed.
    can you please also post this blue?

    • All five of them are in that Zip file, including the blue one… I just tried it. Unless I’m missing something.

      • bln

        ohh ok there is an blue called one but its orange 😀 maybe its a problem of mine? do you see the blue named wall as blue? 😀

      • Yes, it’s blue here… maybe it’s another “what color is this dress” scenario? lol.

      • Haha ha

      • I can not download 😐 help me :(. . .

  • Victor Liang

    Jeff, the gold wallpaper looks so dull on the image with your iPhone 6 Plus.

    • It’s probably the camera. I used the iPod touch to take the photo, heh.

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    Hey Jeff you got s little mistake.

    “Which color if your favorite?”

  • Kris

    I downloaded the zip file form the link, but when i try to open the images, they just down work. They show as a white image, with a black thumbnail. Does anyone know how to fix this?
    Thanks for the effort though, greatly appreciated, Jeff.

    • Joseph

      Same here.

  • Steven S.

    Mega says there was an error accessing the file. Does anyone else have the same problem?

  • Stephen

    You’re the best Jeff, Thanks.

  • Stephen

    Works fine for me.

    • Kelvin Lieu

      wait i thought there was only 3 colours. pink, blue and gold. correct me if i am mistaken

  • Dheniel Estabillo Ollero

    When i Extract the zip file all of them are black why?? how to fix it jeff??

  • Blip dude

    Downloaded from iPhone itself and worked just fine for me. Thank you again!!

    • japplemusik

      What’s your dock tweak?

      • It’s part of the Ayeris theme…

      • throttle clutch e brake

        Could be RoundDock…

      • Blip dude


  • I can not download 😐 help me 🙁

    • Erik palacios

      Me too I don’t know how

    • SIMON

      tinyurl com


  • Alexander Raskulov

    Wow, Images are black. maybe you need to reupload them, man?

  • Adam Tyree

    Mega keeps saying “temporary error.” Can you reupload?

  • Erik palacios

    Someone plz help me it keeps taking me to download the app when I do it takes forever to log in plz help

  • All photos have problems and will not be displayed .

    Please fix it. We want to put in our site .

  • Ariel Nicolas Lattour

    That’s nice! Thanks

  • Will

    Just downloaded the file, opened it, extracted files and the images are black. Perhaps you need to re-upload the images?

    • loghesh

      Same issue here , plz re upload

  • Mike

    can i request if you can upload wallpapers from iOS 4? 🙂

  • Navid Ht

    same problem here. wallpapers are black for me. please reupload it

    • QP

      Thx a lot

  • Lauren

    Unable to download. Link says that it’s no longer available :/

    • SIMON

      Smile 😉

      tinyurl com