Couria Best of the Best Quick Reply

In the absence of biteSMS, Couria has historically stepped in to help fill the large void left by the once venerable quick reply and quick compose tweak for jailbroken iPhones. Thankfully, Couria is really good at what it does, and arguably better than biteSMS in some respects.

I really like Couria’s lightweight footprint. It’s fast, easy to use, and fits the stock Messages app like a glove. For these reasons, it’s hands-down the best way to use quick reply and quick compose with the stock Messages app.

Once you install Couria, you can begin using it immediately. When you receive a Messages app notification banner, swipe down on the banner, and you’ll see a brand new quick reply interface that contains the entire context of the conversation that you’re engaging in.

You can also venture into Activator, assign a gesture to Couria, and use that gesture to quickly compose messages. The quick compose interface will present a list of your most recently used contacts, and allows you to fill in a specific contact as well.

Couria is lightweight on features, but includes enough customization options to keep most happy. For example, it allows you to customize the color of the incoming and outgoing chat bubbles, including the text color. You can select between three different Messages app themes—original, outline—the Couria standard—and custom.

Couria iOS 8

As you would expect, Couria works from the Lock screen as well. The preferences for the tweak includes a switch to enable authentication, which will force you to enter your passcode or verify with Touch ID before you can reply to a message, thus seeing the entire conversation.

Not only does Couria work with the Messages app, but it includes an API so that other developers can incorporate Couria into alternative messaging apps. That means that in the future, we could see add-on extensions for other popular messaging apps like Line, WhatsApp, etc.

To make using Couria an even more of a no-brainer proposition, the tweak is absolutely free on the BigBoss repo. Really, there’s no reason not to use Couria. It’s fast, lightweight, works just as expected, and it’s free. It’s the best quick reply and quick compose tweak available on Cydia, and a worthy biteSMS alternative.

What do you think about Couria?

  • coLin

    I’ve been waiting for this. Thank you Jeff and thank you developers!
    Definitely the best!

  • Turf

    The guy who made WAQuickReply has somehow made it so that you can reply to a whatsapp message without having whatsapp open at all. Isn’t it then possible to make WAQuickCompose then so you can send a whatsapp message without having whatsapp open at all? Am wondering why he did not incorporate this?

  • M_Hawke

    Looks good, I guess I’ll install it. What I miss from BiteSMS is the option to choose a font size. When my iPhone is on my dash using it as a GPS, the stock font size is usually too small to read and I always have to ask Siri to read it. I liked having a large font size so that I could easily and quickly glance at the message at the next stop light to read it. But as is stands right now, the stock version of quick compose leaves much to be desired.

    • SkyFall

      You shouldn’t read messages while driving…

  • Hot12345

    I need a tweak that schedule my text messages… Anyone know a good schedule tweak?

    • :D

      A similar tweak to Couria was released about a couple of weeks ago and it has this feature. I can’t remember what it’s called though; sorry.

      • John


      • Hot12345

        Thanks for this!

      • The_Kingfish

        Has anyone actually tried Columba yet? @JeffBenjam:disqus, care to give it a review for us and see how it compares?

      • Jens Dideriksen

        The opportunity to schedule text messages is the thing I miss most from BiteSMS
        Didn’t know Columba but just bought it on my 5s running iOS 4.3

        The tweak looks a lot like bitesms but when I schedule a message to my self it is delayed about 10-20 minutes 🙁

      • The_Kingfish

        How did you get iOS 4.3 to run on a 5s? 😉

  • pnh

    I really need the ability to schedule SMS. Miss that part of BiteSMS.

    • Curious, how/why do you use this?

      • Lucus Bendzsa

        Text someone at 5:00 when they are off work to pick something up. That way you wont forget

      • gqukyo

        That’s exactly what my wife used bitesms for! To remind me to buy something after work. Lol She emails me now and I use mailbox to schedule a reminder at a certain time.

      • Guy

        Scheduled Time Message:
        Sometimes I need to send messages to people at work or personal. The message is fresh in my mind right now but I need to send it 8am tomorrow. I can set a reminder but I’ve have to wake up to manually send the message. This feature will serve as a automatic sent reminder. So I can stay sleep or other.

        Example: This message was automatically set to deliver at 8 AM. These are last quarter sell figures.

      • pnh

        1.Text my son at a time I know he is out of classes. That way if he accidentally left his phone on, he won’t get in trouble.

        2. Text my wife at a specific time I know she will be somewhere. If I text her earlier, she may forget what I asked her to do.
        3. Set up birthday message to someone a day or so in advance so I don’t forget.
        Lots more ways to use scheduling.

      • Yaclexx

        You can used the Reminders app.
        Create a shared reminder list between you and your wife (assuming you both have iPhones) and just add whatever reminder you need.
        you both will be notified to the specific time.
        you can even set it up by geolocation ( Remind me at location option) , so whoever get closer to the supermarket first will get notified to buy the groceries.
        my 0.2c
        I hope that helps

  • Zen

    Does this tweak differentiate bubbles that are texts/imessages?

  • Blip dude

    Okay, I’ll think about it. Still waiting on Auki though.

  • Jay

    OT: Was looking at the pic of Couria above and was wondering is there a way to lessen the transparency (or increase blur) in CallBar? I find that its too transparent for me makes it awkward to see the overlay because whats behind it is too vivid

  • tiltdown

    I like! Nice!

  • dave

    This is not working. Just brings up a “new message” window with the inabilty to even compose a text..

    • Eddie Hines

      same here. I am going back to messages plus

    • Jake Barbour

      click on the top that has new message, it should take you to the messages app, then it should ask for access to both message view and photos, open it again and then it’ll work fine.

  • Derek Williams

    Every article on this site seems to take this for granted, but I never heard; When and why did BiteSMS stop being a thing? It was by far my favorite tweak and I miss it terribly.

    • AnoNymou5

      Main developer walked out on the team I believe. I could be wrong though

      • The_Kingfish

        That’s about right although I heard it was one developer (Martin) on the team and when he resigned he either took it with him or the other guys had no clue how to update it. I knew it was over when their support forums were over run with spam messages then finally removed instead of the mods cleaning them up. And two months before they went bust, I bought a license from them to support the work being done.

      • Derek Williams

        Interesting. I’ve searched before and found no indication of why.

        At least I understand why everybody is talking about them like they’re never coming back.

  • Guy

    I been waiting for this update. Only feature I really cared about it from BiteSMS. Was the ability to send messages automatically an hour from now or even a day from now.

  • Kei_Oz

    I think I read iOS 9 will have an SDK for any messaging app to do similar task. I’m glad to hear the developer of Couria didn’t give up on his/her idea to come to fruition. Props!

  • droid3000

    does it not work with message customizer? once installed it i was able to drag down on the banner

  • I tried it before and it was too big and obtrusive. I could’ve easily set up an activator gesture to open up a compose window if I wanted all of that.

    • JTN07

      I relied on that too before Couria was updated but on the lockscreen it requires you to unlock the device before you’re allowed to compose a text.

  • Chonburi Am

    i keep getting safe mode!!

    • Robert Williams

      Ditto. Continuous crashing to safe mode after install. Crash reporter app blaming springtomize.

  • Joey Soloo

    Doesn’t work for me….

  • Tko

    The new update broke it for me also. I can’t quick compose a message nor can I quick reply. It just brings up either the “new message” window or the person’s message window. There is no option to actually type a message out in either instance. I can’t pull down the banner to show the keyboard like you should be able to. Also when I hit reply on the lockscreen it just takes me to a blurred screen with the message at the top. I am on iOS 8.1.2 maybe that’s the issue?

    • Alex

      you have to give it permission to photos then it will work, it worked for me after I did this

  • besrate hogsa

    it did not work for me
    i installed couria ios8 and configured the colors as custom
    but nothing changed

  • dave

    As jake said below… This fixes the issue with it not working :

    click on the top that has new message, it should take you to the messages app, then it should ask for access to both message view and photos, open it again and then it’ll work fine.

    • besrate hogsa

      click on the top that has new message, it should take you to the messages app,
      what top?
      what new message?
      in privacy photos there is no such option for messagesNotificationViewService
      you don’t make sense

      • dave


      • Tko

        Replying to Dave and Alex…

        I have tried this. MessagesNotificationViewService is allowed under
        Contacts and Photo’s(the only 2 categories its in).. I have resprung, and rebooted, while turning both
        off and on. Uninstalled and reinstalled the tweak but still it does the
        same thing. The tweak worked great until I updated today. I cant figure
        it out. 🙁

    • besrate hogsa

      here is how to give instruction
      after installing couria go to the notification center and reply a text

      couria will ask you permission to access your photos

      say yes

      next if you want to compose a quick message

      couria will ask permission to access your contacts

      say yes

      and you are done

      • Tko

        This did not work either. Like I said, I already had the permission granted in photos and contacts so there was nothing else to allow. No matter, I uninstalled it. I found the Couria 0.8.3 deb file online and reinstalled that version and now its working fine. It had to be a compatibility issue with me not having iOS 8.4 installed. That is the only thing I could think of. Anyways, thanks for the help. 🙂

  • zoLa siWisa

    Thank you Jeff, though in my opinion MessageHeads is better… I just hope they can do some my revamp on it.. Nice article though

    • Ron G

      +1 for messageheads. Very easy quick reply

  • driprock312

    Is this only for iOS 8.4?
    I have iOS 8.3 and when I try to download it from Cydia I get an “HTTP/1.0 403 forbidden error”.

  • Johnny Bravo

    Nothing happens for me, is this not compatible with Intelliscreen X?

  • Chef

    Does this work from lock screen. I set up as double tap status bar. But when I do it ask for passcode the takes me to app. Which defeats the purpose of being quick compose. I tried with authentication both on and off. Thanks for any help.

    • besrate hogsa

      i tried this with the same activator setup that you have

      but it works for me

      so make sure to setup double top status bar from ANYWHERE in activator

      • Chef

        Yeah I set it up from anywhere. But when I double tap on lock screen goes to passcode. Like I said not really that useful then. If I have to put in passcode then tweak is not needed. Columba didn’t require passcode but it had to many bugs to even enjoy it. Last time I tried to install Columba got put into endless reboot. And had to restore phone.

  • titi

    but after install couria, i dont have landscape mode on iphone 6 + home screen!!
    is it only for me or every one?

  • Forrest Sims

    got the same set up the double tap to send a message works on lock screen only issue I have is when I get a message on the lockscreen and I slide it I don’t see the reply button…

  • h4nd0fg0d

    I’m still on 8.1.2 and as it has for others the Couria 8.4 update has broken the tweak. Like the rest of you, back to messages+, sadly. Hope the dev amends the problem.

    • Karon Winston

      I’m on 8.1 as well. I ended up downgrading by finding the old .deb file for the previous version and installing via iFile. Do a google search “is anyone else having a problem with couria after update” and the reddit thread should guide you through it if you want the older version back.

  • Forrest Sims

    the slide to reply feature doesn’t work for me on the lockscreen, everything else works fine

  • CloudSurfin

    anyone experience a heavy battery drain with Couria installed?

  • Alex Castillo

    Couria is the best thing since sliced bread for 8.4!! Thank you fellas!!