Bring the outdoors indoors and some style to your desktop with TRNDlabs natural wood Apple Watch charging stand. This beautifully crafted stand charges your Apple Watch while keeping it proudly displayed. It’s the perfect mix of simplicity and sophistication and is only $19.99.

Choose from walnut or oak grain finish, and it’s easy to use straight from the box. Working with all Apple Watches and compatible with all bands, the ergonomic design cradles your Apple Watch charger in place, and allows to get the extra length of cord out of the way inside the unit.

Saving 31% off the retail price, it’s not just our US readers who can benefit from this deal – it ships free to countries across the world. Take this chance to grab the natural-wood Apple Watch charging stand for $19.99.

  • Mark S

    Wood and technology. What a hideous clash of styles.

  • Ryan

    I could make that easy on a CNC but it does look nice.

  • MCTDynamic

    When I take off my watch, I do not want to spend the extra time tying it up to place it on the stand, then opening it up again to put it back on my wrist. I can understand watches that cannot be opened all the way. Just find it inefficient.

  • Adam

    DIY! Save $20

    • Adam

      Works in landscape and portrait mode