Samsung Galaxy S6 ad nation of checkers 001

Samsung’s marketing department has admittedly become very skilled at the craft of Apple-bashing, always eager to find an interesting new angle to discredit the iPhone.

Forget about wall-huggers—Samsung’s latest television commercial for the Galaxy S6 Edge flagship attempts to diss those who would use an iPhone, likening them to “a nation of checkers.”

You know the type.

Those rude people that destroy your moviegoing experience by checking out their email and ruin your dinner by constantly glancing at their iPhone screen under the table.

The snarky 30-second commercial highlights features of the Galaxy S6 Edge like Information Stream and Night Clock Mode which Samsung designed to render nuggets of information on the side of the phone’s curved screen such as texts, news, sports, weather, Twitter, email and more.

Although it’s been aggressively advertising the curved-screen Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung has grossly miscalculated demand for the Galaxy S6 versus Galaxy S6 Edge, causing it to issue another quarterly revenue and profit decline guidance.

For what it’s worth, when iOS 9 comes out this fall users will gain an interesting new feature which taps the iPhone’s proximity sensor to shut off its display when notifications hit and the phone is lying with its face down.

A week ago, another Samsung ad spoofed the iPhone over its lack of wireless charging and sub-par front-facing FaceTime camera.

Consumer Reports, an influential U.S. magazine that publishes reviews and comparisons of consumer products, wouldn’t recommend the Galaxy S6 over latest iPhones because it’s ditched the microSD card slot, the removable battery and the IP 67 dust and water resistance rating.

The Wall Street Journal reported today that Samsung could move up its Galaxy Note 5 launch to August in hopes of beating the new iPhone hype in September.

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  • Dan


    • Its funny they insult the customers they want to win over lol.

      • Dan

        I agree. They should just stick to the features offered.

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe


  • Maxim∑

    or you can masturbate the side of a screen to turn it on

  • ClaudieX X

    so… for Sunksung… CHECKING the side of the screen is not checking…

    • I was thinking the same thing. She still checked her phone too.

    • Micrones

      Have you used the phone before assuming that it isn’t checking???
      Ignorance of apple fanboys is amazing

      • Rowan09

        I have and it’s still checking. You’ll still open the phone to see what’s going on.

      • Ria1979

        Got a bit missing somewhere? When did Mrdude42 say it’s not checking?

      • Micrones

        Do reread my comment and to whom it was addressed to

      • Mb

        i have to and still checking..btw better to be apple fan then a “shitsung copycat” fan…lol

    • Benedict

      There is a difference in the way of checking for messages. I guess thats their point…

    • Mb

      hehe the funny thing is they mock all the shitsung users that dont have the edge version…hehe…how stupid are they ? 🙂

  • f96lrs

    and its not selling

    • Benedict

      Wrong.It sells 4 times more than expected – ergo as much as the normal S6.

      • Steven Honey

        So, you are saying samsung didn’t expect much?

      • Rowan09

        Numbers? Oh they don’t exist so we just have to believe Samsung.

      • You mean, the S6 sold a quarter of what was expected, making it the same demand as the S6 Edge?

      • Ali Aledany

        Retards at Samsung thought the S6 would be more popular so they made more S6 devices and S6 Edge was not produced enough for the demand for it, = not many like S6 but many like S6 Edge

  • George

    i want to get plowed by samsung 🙂

    • This Guy


  • M2

    Apple should make a commercial about samsung’s “wireless” charging. You are still plugged in and are limited by the length of the charging platform cord. People talk about this like it’s charging in mid air.

    • Slifur

      True! I would choose my normal cable so i can still use my phone even while lying to my bed.

    • The_Rise_Of_The_Shrimp

      Thing is, Apple isn’t childish.

      • Manuel Molina

        Apple use to do these same ads for the Mac vs PC debate. They bashed PC users and people who had a pc over a Mac. We aren’t quick to forget, are we?

      • coLin

        That was PC vs MAC. In here, they insult the customers. Huge difference!

      • Manuel Molina

        Really? Did you not remember that they made fans feel old and useless? The PC was a old guy and was much like most customers who had one. The Mac was some young guy and it made it seem like it’s made for young people. The insults at customers came through each ad and reason to switch from PC to Mac. There’s no difference here, friend.

      • iKhalil

        Mac vs PC it’s funny, Samsung it’s amm… Just Samsung xD

    • Dan

      Wirwless charging is actually handy, especially if you use your phone as an alarm clock. I miss that, wouldn’t go back to Samsung for it though.

      • Mb

        nothing wireless about stil use the cable for it… gimick to cheat samsung fans… 🙂

      • Dan

        It’s wireless as in there are no wires in going in your phone. Don’t be so close-minded, a gimmick to you might be useful to others. I usually go to bed later than my wife, so I liked Qi charging since all I had to do was put the phone on the surface charger, didn’t need to fumble in the dark with the micro usb wire.

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Juvenile ad, and an even more juvenile feature. End of story.

  • leart

    this kind of disgusting advertising shows again how dirty company is samsung, their customers should never forget this… samsung has no ethique so basically can expect everything from them

    • Micrones

      Welcome to the world of advertising…. what Samsung is doing is not unethical, and this wont affect their customers choice.
      I know so many people that swears by Samsung, as much as you can by Iphone and that’s life

      • leart

        I’m considering one of the most experienced in my small country, which had no tradition in advertising because it was a communist before, in my 15-6 years of activity i have like 4000-5000 works on my portfolio and never made something to bash another business, becouse of ethique, becouse your attacking another business hard work, becouse is wrong.. do advertising for your own product the customer is interested in that

    • Manuel Molina

      Apple did the same thing against PC’s in their ads.

      • leart

        well im not saying that apple did it right, but we can agree that it was not the same, I’m a old time senior designer and at the time apple made that advertisement s Mac was considered a privilege ..

      • Mb

        what i remember pc started that war..not mac…lol

  • Remy

    If you are out with company. What would you rather: a quick sneak out the pocket under the table? Or a Samsung lying on the table providing “mood lighting”?

    Personally I think it’s a useless feature. If you’re not wanting to be disturbed you won’t reply anyway and you’ll put it on DND mode.

  • BEDU

    The “Edge” is a gimmick feature in my opinion

    • Micrones

      Have you even used the phone or tried it out for awhile before having this uninformed opinion?

      • BEDU

        I have in fact.

    • S M

      It really is. They’re crazy if they think i’m putting my phone face down anywhere. I generally like Samsung’s ads. But, this one is crap.

  • So…are they saying that the regular Galaxy S6 is lame, because you can’t “check it”? Makes zero sense. Fire your marketing department now.

    • It also doesn’t make any sense since if I just want to “check” something I don’t whip out my iPhone, I flick my wrist and look at my ⌚️ (Apple Watch) 😉

      • Manuel Molina

        You get a star for the day. Well played, good sir.

      • Luke Per

        Just wait until apple makes an ad about checking notifications on apple watch just like you said to get back at samsung

      • marco1993

        i think apple has moved away from that after the PC vs MAC ads

      • Moltakfire

        Lol, that’s what I was thinking throughout the whole vid. Tap on my wrist = no distraction.


    Not as good as other bashing commercials Samsung has made, Nokia beat them though.

  • Jason Baroni

    I check my iPhone because it is made to be used, bunch of imbeciles.

  • Micrones

    I am device agnostic and presently switch between two phones: my iphone 6 plus and Moto X depending on how I feel.

    It is funny how some uninformed people that have never used an android device nor tried the SGedge are quick to have an opinion about how gimmicky it is.

    Sometimes I feel most of these commenters are a bunch of high school kids….

    Even though the first ad was focused on iphone, the second ad did not, so it is funny how Jeff was quick to mention only iphone in this article.

    Granted that it is an apple fan site, being informed and informing the readers properly would have been ideal but sadly some of the readers loath android so much in their ignorance.

    Every platform has its limitations, there is so much I can do on android that is not possible on ios and vice versa.

    So people should try to enlighten themselves before loathing or hating anything out of sheer ignorance and stupidity.

    • Shadowelite123

      You should informed yourself from the title because the articles main point was the label Samsung put on iPhone users. I have tried out the S6 edge and it’s really not much. I personally don’t like the edge screen because it seems pretty much useless to me. I don’t need to have to scroll just to see all my notifications. I’d rather see them all at once so that I can see what’s more important in seconds. The edge screen would require me to scroll multiple times and waste more time checking notifications.

      • Micrones

        Moreso, there is a difference between using a store demo and actually taking one home to use for a couple of days…. and i doubt if you ever used one for a few hours at most

      • Shadowelite123

        I don’t know why you are assuming I used an in store demo. I had a friend who bought one and let me mess around with it. Anyways, like I said, I don’t see any practical use for the edge screen in terms of notifications. It basically causes you to spend more time looking at multiple notifications. For one notification it’s good and all but in reality, people rarely get just one notification.

      • Rowan09

        There really is no practical use. My wife owns one and she likes the phone but the Edge portion is never used much only for a clock at night. Samsung us know to do things like this, anyone remembers the Galaxy Zoom which was a full camera and phone at the same time. Personally I feel if the Edge is so great and revolutionary why did they even make the Note 4 or S6 regular phones?

  • Manuel Molina

    So I kept reading that Samsung isn’t selling. So I wonder why they are losing money, and now I know: they keep spending all their money on ads and not getting customers.

  • I actually agree with them on this ad. Getting sick of some of Apple’s games they constantly play with their owners.

    • Shadowelite123

      How exactly?

    • Moltakfire

      You do realise they’re also insulting Galaxy S6 owners…

      How can you agree with a company that insults its own users?


  • Dante Arellano

    Please just for that androide and samingsung is better whata fuking stupid fuckk pd thats why apple users has apple watch da!

  • Dante Arellano

    I hate the stupid fukk voice of the ad who is the fuckking guy godd? Fuckkingg ads are made for teenagers with brain damage

  • Dante Arellano

    Its been 7 years of the iphone been realease and never closs for my main get an adroide shite and i wont

  • Dante Arellano

    I think for sure we know that androide and samesung users are people that unfurtanally cant buy an iphone or they dont have another option that just get that shite also there is this kind of people that thinks that is cool have androide but all the people around has an iphone

  • Dante Arellano

    Ask to china as fast the have chance to get an iphone they throw away their androide shite

  • Pez Tickles

    didn’t samsung want to curve their phones the other way about 5 minutes ago?
    pointless design. a normal phone user would just have a quick look at the screen – but edge users would need to get a magnifying glass out to read theirs at arms length!

  • No wonder, Apple fans aren’t won over by Samesung.

  • marco1993

    the second ad is just trash from a advertisement point of view
    it features competitors device for 2/3 of the ad
    it just shows choice rather than encouraging me to buy the SGS6 Edge

  • lance

    Apple isn’t childish? Which planet do u live on

  • lance

    Jobs was a genius, but he’s gone and cook is a good lickspittle nothing more

  • @dongiuj

    I’d like to see some kind of illumination on the front side of the Iphone notifying me of calls/messages etc.

    • Yeah, one key feature from many Android phones I’ve used is the notification LED, it’s so useful for checking to see if there are any unread messages or the charging status of the phone without having to turn on the screen.

      Would be interesting to see if Apple decides to implement any method of checking for notifications without turning on the screen because that’s one unintrusive way of going about it. It’s definitely something I’d like to see on iPhone.

      (Although the taptic feature of the Apple Watch is a step towards an unintrusive notification method, not everyone has or wants an Apple Watch)

      • @dongiuj

        The iPhone does have this feature. It the flash on the back of the phone. The problem is, I don’t know anyone puts the phone face-down risking scratches on the screen.

  • Personally I just use Silent Mode with Do Not Disturb enabled and an exception list for emergency contacts so at meetings my phone never goes off unless if it’s something important that requires immediate attention. And when the meeting’s done I go and check whatever pending notifications are available.

    True, having the phone go off or constantly checking one’s phone during meetings, dates, or any in any other situation where one should be giving undivided attention to someone else is very disrespectful, but this isn’t a behaviour unique to iPhone users. (Remember back in the day when someone’s loud monophonic ringtone went off in classes?)

    What’s misleading is that Samsung attributes all of these negative behaviours to Apple users in their Apple-Shaming campaign to create a social stigma for being an Apple user whereas most people are guilty of these actions, not just uniquely iPhone users.

  • ravinigga

    Serious who use that.
    You can also put phone in pocket.

  • Joel Brown

    Once introduced to the iPhone from using the Galaxy I know people who’ve said the Galaxy was better and went back to it… Only to find out how much it sucks and return to Apples phone in a matter of weeks.

  • Bob Smith

    You still have to pull the Edge out of your pocket to check it…

  • I mean, Apple did those Mac vs PC ads awhile back that were just as insulting. So you can’t really act like Samsung is the bad guy.

  • Your Mother

    you people never seem to grow up. some of you have been at this site for years criticizing everything Android–fast forward to 2015 and you have an iPhone 6 thats pretty the same as the Galaxy S3 from 2012.

  • Estela_ ollard

    Since, as a result of others such as for example Samsung, LG, Moto, Microsoft/Lumia, etc. having way over the 8mp that Apple had since the 4 (The quantity, perhaps not the automobile picture function or camera features), I believe it was needed, my friend.

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