New iPod colors mockup

If you’re buying an iPod music player these days, hold off your purchase for just a little bit longer as Apple is thought to be unveiling new iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod shuffle models next Tuesday.

According to French blog, a pretty reliable source of Apple leaks, the iPod touch could get a substantial refresh in the form of a 64-bit processor.

The iPod nano and shuffle models are said to be receiving only cosmetic changes.

The fifth-generation iPod touch was unveiled in October 2012 with the Apple-designed 32-bit A5 processor. In June 2014, the device received a minor update as Apple dropped the 32/64GB models to $249/$299 and introduced a new $199 16GB model.

Hidden assets in iTunes 12.2 suggest a refresh to the iPod lineup may be around the corner.

When setting up or restoring an iPod in iTunes 12.2, the user is greeted with a new splash image, shown top of post and further below, which depicts the iPod family in previously unseen colors: gold, dark blue and bright pink.

iPod shuffle new colors iTunes graphics

Interestingly, the Calendar app on the iPod touch shows the Tuesday 14 date, but it’s unclear whether Apple is just trolling us or if that’s the actual launch date.

The $49 iPod shuffle was last updated nearly two years ago.

As for the iPod nano, the device saw its last significant hardware refresh in September 2012, with a minor September 2013 update replacing the previous Slate color option with a new Space Gray colorway.

Do you still care about the iPod?

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  • Matta Fakt

    They should definitely at least update the iPod Touch to have the screen size of the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

    • Cristian B

      Wouldn’t that ruin the point of an iPod?

  • Nirvana

    iPod Touch goes 4.7′ , 64-bit chipset, latest camera sensors. Would be Lovely. Oh, and remove the frustrating 16gb base model

    • al7oot

      They will remove the 166gb model from the iPod if they did it with the iPhone models line.

  • Stephen

    You guys dig too deep into things. I wouldn’t be surprised if nothing is announced.

    • al7oot

      So this is your answer to the question at the end of the article, Do you still care about the iPod? NO.

  • I really hope they get a refresh. It’d be so useful for developers who don’t wanna risk using an iPhone. In addition to that, I love the iPod touch

    • al7oot

      I don’t get it !? why they don’t add the Radio to iPod touch ?!

      • because it’s not a phone…

      • al7oot

        You do know that iPod nano has radio

      • oh. I thought he was talking about like mobile antennae & LTE radios and stuff 😛

  • iNeedANameHere

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they did refresh them. I work at a major retailer that carries iPods and Apple hasn’t sent us any in weeks which hints to me they’re readying an upgrade.

  • socrates

    Considering Apple Music came with the launch of iCloud Music Library, I’d like to see how this is implemented into the iPod Shuffle given it lacks a UI.