watchOS 2 nightstand mode

In addition to releasing a third developer preview of OS X El Capitan and seeding iOS 9 beta 3 with Apple Music to members of the Apple Developer Program, Apple on Wednesday also released watchOS 2 beta 3 for developers.

It follows watchOS 2 beta 2, which was seeded to developers just a little over two weeks ago, and the first watchOS 2 beta that was posted minutes after last month’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote talk had wrapped up.

The latest watchOS software update must be applied through the Apple Watch companion app on an iPhone with iOS 9 beta by going to the General -> Software Update section.

Unveiled at WWDC last month, watchOS 2 brings out support for native apps which execute directly on the Apple Watch hardware, as opposed to being streamed off its connected iPhone which results in lagginess and performance issues.

Native apps are permitted to directly poll the device’s sensors including the heart rate monitor, the microphone and the accelerometer, as well as take advantage of hardware features like the Digital Crown, the Taptic Engine and more.

Other improvements in watchOS 2 include a Nightstand mode, three new watch faces, custom Complications, a Time Travel mode for viewing upcoming events on a watch face and other nice-to-haves.

Nightstand mode, seen at the top, automatically renders a fancy alarm clock and the current time in landscape as soon as you lay your device on its side for overnight charging.

The software will release for public consumption this fall.

Should you spot noteworthy enhancements in watchOS 2 beta 3, tell us in comments or ping us at and we’ll update the article accordingly.

  • techfreak23

    Why is the nightstand mode only in landscape? What if you have a stand and it’s always in portrait when it’s charging?

    • iBanks

      Rotate the watch

      • Gerardo Castro

        you can’t do that with a Spigen stand

      • iBanks

        Sure you can. It just won’t look as pretty with the strap hanging to the side as it does hanging at the back or strapped in.

    • M2

      Because apple is assuming you’re not using a third party accessory. I agree it should but they want you to use the feature the same way shown in the picture.

      • The old nano used to have a watch face that rotated. The nightstand face
        should rotate.

  • M2

    Looks like people will have to choose…jailbreak or no jailbreak with watch os 2. WTF. This sucks.

    • CS

      Well yeah. We’ve known that since they announced Watch os2.

      • M2

        I was hoping it would change since everything is in beta. Regardless, thanks for your helpful insight.

  • latinlegacy

    some 1 mirror the profile

    • Joey Persiani

      have you found any mirrors?

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  • Josiah Nash

    The only thing new is they added an activation lock to the watch.

  • iPhoneWINS

    having an apple watch is like wearing the iPhone 1G on your wrist in 2015

  • I’ve yet to find a link online for Watch OS 2 Beta 3