iPhone 6 inside view retina hd display

According to a report Wednesday by The Wall Street Journal newspaper, Apple is putting high hopes into a forthcoming mid-cycle “S”-upgrade to the present-generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones.

The company apparently believes that an ‘iPhone 6s’ and ‘iPhone 6s Plus’ which, among other things, sport new color options and Force Touch technology for sensing deep presses on the screen, should prove massively popular as it reportedly ordered its suppliers to build a record 90 million units this year.

The biggest incremental release in the iPhone’s history, the iPhone 6s along with its bigger brother, the iPhone 6s Plus, should be in ample supply when it releases this fall.

Apple is asking suppliers to build between 85 million and 90 million combined units of the new 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhone models. Last year, initial production run of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus stood at a combined 70-80 million units.

The report adds that both the display size and the screen resolution on the new models will remain about the same, though the company “may offer a fourth color for the aluminum casing of the iPhone.”

Bloomberg previously said Apple had begun early production of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus with Force Touch. Volume manufacturing should ramp up later this month as Apple’s supplier Pegatron, which was commissioned to build new iPhones alongside Foxconn, is currently in the process of hiring as many as 40,000 assembly line workers.

Foxconn is currently recruiting workers at its main iPhone production base in Zhengzhou, north-central China. Apple is also considering commissioning Wistron to help build the new handsets.

“Some component suppliers started manufacturing parts for the new iPhones in large quantity earlier this month,” the people familiar with the matter said.

iPhone 6s Qualcomm MDM9625M leak 002

The iPhone 6s should be 0.2mm thicker compared to the current iPhone 6 model.

Such an imperceptible increase in thickness was allegedly necessary in order to create room for Apple’s engineers to implement Force Touch sensors.

The new handsets are made made from a 60 percent stronger Series 7000 aluminum that Apple developed for the Apple Watch Sport. Although the exterior design will remain mostly unchanged from the current iPhone 6 design, the upcoming handsets should introduce a brand new rose gold color option.

An image of a custom iPhone 6 paint job posted recently to Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo hints at what a rose gold iPhone 6s could look like.

iPhone 6 rose gold paint job

In addition to ”the biggest camera jump ever,” as per John Gruber, the forthcoming iPhones are thought to feature an updated Qualcomm baseband modem for up to twice as fast 4G LTE networking at 300Mbps, improved NFC, faster and more reliable Touch ID, an Apple-designed “A9” processor with 2GB of RAM and more.

Who’s excited about Force Touch-capable iPhones?

Source: The Wall Street Journal

  • Sketch

    I’d love to have an electric/royal blue iPhone.

    • T. Allen

      For me, back face, gold back. Still miffed why they didn’t choose that option seeing as those colors are already on phones they use.

    • iPhoneWINS

      my phone is hidden in a case all the time..

      • Sketch

        I only put a screen protector on my iPhone, never dealt with cases.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        Oh god screen protectors. Nasty little things. I keep my phone in a skinny clear case, never dealt with screen protectors. And yes I know: scratches, falling face down = cracked screen, but until that day comes, cases all the way! Been having great luck since the iPhone 4 so yeah and still no scratches on this sexy 6.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        screen protectors are great for selling.. the device, I mean. If you’re going to sell your device in the future because you’ve upgraded, it’s best to sell it for as high value as possible, and even a scratch will lower that.

      • Bugs Bunnay

        I see… very good point. Never thought about selling them. I’d usually hand it down to my siblings or just keep it and use it as anything else. I still have my 4 on my nightstand telling me time and waking me up even though the 6 can do that too… lol. It’s naked now since I won’t be removing it from the dock.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Well, then there you go, you can sell it and make some money. Then when your next phone bill arrives, it’ll be cheaper from the money of your iPhone 4.

  • Eikast

    Honestly I’m not really a fan of it being on a phone. It makes sense on a watch but I think that it’s unnecessary on a phone and will only contribute to fragmentation.

    • Lucus Bendzsa

      Yeah you will never know when to use it. It is perfect on my watch, but on my phone I always look for three little dots.

    • James G

      Force Touch will likely replace tap-and-hold gestures for compatible devices. I’m excited about this new feature.

      It will just take some adjustment period for muscle memory to improve. Soon you’ll do it naturally like you do on the watch.

    • DevXav

      When it’s released with the new feature and new apps begin to roll out you will understand how ForceTouch will simply CHANGE the way things are done..

      To me, ForceTouch is the next major “innovation” on iPhones and MacBooks, it will provide way more functionalities than we can predict for now.

      It was just like when TouchID was released.. People were like
      – “who cares about TouchID”
      – “omg it’s gonna steal my fingerprint”
      – “oh great!! now when i’m robbed my fingers will be cut as well..”

      Just wait and see..

      ForceTouch is a total game changer and the competition will struggle to implement it (copy) ASAP to keep up with Apple.

      The other major game changer would be BATTERY LIFE, but Apple seems to be turning its nose against it for now, which is a shame to be honest..

      • johnsm


      • therealjjohnson

        Force touch isn’t a game changer. Finger print access is a clear game changer. You can think of the uses etc. tap and hold or hold down with more force seems different but not innovative. On a watch face where there isn’t space, I understand. But on the 6 plus…don’t really care for it. I’ll take the battery life and better camera. Not really trying to be pressing hard on my phone. Or if I press too hard accidentally something weird happens.

      • DevXav

        Yeah right..
        That’s totally an “Apple way of things”..

        For example: You can’t hold iPad Mini on it’s side because the bezel is too small, so multitouch becomes totally crazy when you hold it with one hand and type with another right?
        “PEEEEEE” WRONG! Looks like Apple took care of that (and MANY other similar things)..

        Come on dude, you can be more creative there..
        “Press too hard accidentally and something weird happens?” Are we talking about girls boobs here or what?

      • therealjjohnson

        No idea what you were trying to convey in the first half of your message.

        As it relates to force touch accidentally prompting something…you don’t see that as actually happening?

  • As massively successful as Apple Watch.

    • iPhoneWINS


    • igorsky

      So far it has sold 3x the amount of the next best-selling wearable in a fraction of the time. Is that not successful enough for a first gen product?

  • Jamessmooth

    So… August release maybe?

    • ⓏⒶⓀ


    • I’d say somewhere between September – October…

  • iPhoneWINS

    force touch = BS just like it did in sony’s PS3 controllers..

    • techfreak23

      When did the PS3 controllers have force touch technology? I’m pretty sure you’re thinking about SIXAXIS, which is completely different…

      • iPhoneWINS

        That was one of the other big features of that controller the buttons have force touch but into them but it was quickly realized that it just does not work well in real world application.. so the stopped talking about it

      • Rowan09

        It has a touch pad not force touch. Force touch can be useful which would be a quick toggle for menus, etc since the iPhone only has a home button.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Rowan09 the experts above us know better than , they dont even know how  is going to implement it and they are saying that its not good!!

      • Rowan09

        I know. I like it on the Apple Watch so it should be useful on the iPhone. I remember when a fingerprint scanner was a gimmick on the iPhone and now it’s one of the best things since it actually works.

      • Alberto Espinal

        And everyone is implementing it, even google came up with their api on their new OS

      • iPhoneWINS

        its going to suck worse cause the screen has uno tactile effect at all…

      • Alberto Espinal

        And how do you know about it, stop pretending that you are an engineer, same happens to TouchID everyone was saying it was a gimmick now Google has an API for future android devices, but until you see it and play with it there’s no way you can tell its a flop!!

  • Hot12345

    If the new iPhone gets a higher scree resolution with the 2 gig of RAM.. It’s the same like now.. 1 gb RAM have some multitasking problems. So it is not future proof when it will be 2 gb ram and a higher screen resolution.

    • Rowan09

      I would assume 2GB since the Air 2 has it and according to reports a higher res screen. I never get this future proof argument when phones come out every year.

  • Force touch tech hasn’t really made an impact on the watch. I’ve not read a single review yet where someone remarks ‘wish I had it on the phone’. Again it seems the ball is in the app devs court. I have a couple of Apps which ‘still’ doesn’t have i6 support (ebay’s app gained support 2 months back) so I’m skeptical force touch tech would have any impact on sales.

    • Slifur

      We dont know. Im thinking that they will get rid of the home button and replaced it with force touch. I just dont know how they’ll add touchID, maybe on the apple logo? Just my 2 cent tho..

      • Nah.. home button would get replaced in the i7. The screen would read the fingerprint instead.

  • Alberto Espinal

    Im excited about it I can’t even start imagining when this thing gets jailbroken, all those tweaks for force touch!

  • n0ahcruz3

    it’s a gimmick but it will still be a hit regardless.

    • Rowan09


      • n0ahcruz3

        Because it’s iPhone

  • M Boogie

    And no battery improvements- again.

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      Low Power Mode via iOS 9

      • M Boogie

        That’s cool, but I was hoping capacity would increase.

      • johnsm

        same.. about time someone finished a Manhattan Project for a new battery

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        You can make a big battery, but it doesn’t mean it will last longer. As a technician, battery life is mainly maintained by the system; lowering background processes, brightness, turning off unneeded services, etc. Teach the device to eat less, and you’ll never need a bigger battery.

      • “You can make a big battery, but it doesn’t mean it will last longer.”

        Yeah, and thd S6 is a prime example of that; lasting longer than the iPhone 6+ (http://bit. ly/1GESf7G) despite having lower battery capacity. We want Apple to end this nonsense wall-hugging with a battery and charging technology that’s on par with the latest competition, not behind it yet priced the same or higher than it.

  • James G

    That’s not Rose Gold; that’s pink and it looks awful. Hopefully Apple makes a better effort at the 4th color option.

  • Isaac

    iPhone 6s = iPhone Success ?

    • All iPhones are successes 😛

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Except the 4S, it kinda flopped with its antenna problem in the beginning.

      • You mean the iPhone 4? The 4s had / has no such problems (at least it didn’t when I owned one).

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        I think it was both the 4 and 4S, first the antenna problems, then Siri had problems, then GPS was wonky. Took Apple a good few months to sort out the situation though

  • johnsm

    what is a “improved NFC”?

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      Could mean larger range, more capabilities with the NFC unit types (vending machines, self served, bus terminals) less battery consumption, more security etc..

      • johnsm

        larger range? nfc principle is secure by proximity

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        I’m just guessing, we’ll find out in the keynote.

  • This will be the first iPhone in 5 generations that I will not be purchasing. I’ll wait for iPhone 7 this time. There just isn’t anything great about force touch. I’m sure it’s useful to some but I don’t even use gestures on my iPad because they don’t speed up my experience.

  • therealjjohnson

    I’m not impressed with force touch. I’ve been touching my iPhone’s just fine for the last 7 years or so.

    • iPhoneWINS

      its lame just like the force touch in the ps3 and ps4 game controller buttons than one one uses anymore..lol

  • mrgerbik

    Just needs a bigger battery and a base model with 32GB and it would be almost perfect

  • iPhoneWINS

    yeah iPhone is great as is but force touch is a lame gimmick..

  • Shadowelite123

    For those who are reasoning that you could accidentally press too hard and trigger stuff have clearly never used an apple watch. On the Apple Watch, you can’t just “accidentally press too hard.” When you use a force touch option, you have to actually press down and hold for a little longer than a tap. Your argument there is invalid.

  • Gary LE