Find organization in your desktop clutter with the Plugable 7-Port hub. Charge, sync and power up to 7 devices from just one USB port, it’s the ultimate space saving solution and is available for $32 with iDownloadBlog Deals for a limited time – saving you 13% off the retail price.

Built to last, this elegant unit is built from high quality aluminum. At 7” wide and 3.5” long, the Plugable 7-Port won’t take up too much space. You won’t be waiting too long for your devices to charge either, with the Plugable fully USB 3.0 compatible.

It’s USB so there are no compatability issues to worry about and as well as the unit you’ll also receive a 6+ foot hub-to-wall extension cord and a 3 foot USB cable.

It may not be sexy but it is a seriously useful gadget – and it’s unlikely to break the bank. Saving 13% on the retail price, it’s available for a limited time for only $32 with iDownloadBlog Deals, including free shipping in the Continental US.