Activator 1.9.4

Good news for iOS 8.4 jailbreakers. The public versions of both Activator and Flipswitch are now available for iOS 8.4.

As you likely know, many of the jailbreak tweaks in Cydia rely on both of these releases to work properly. Prior to the update, Activator would cause the SpringBoard to crash and respring into safe mode on iOS 8.4.

Users did have the option of installing the Activator beta as a workaround, but that’s no longer a requirement thanks to these updates.

To find both updates, simply open Cydia’s Changes tab and tap the Refresh button. The new Activator is version 1.9.4, and Flipswitch comes in at version 1.0.7. If you were previously running the beta version, then these updates should still show as upgrades in the Changes tab.

Here is the change log for both tweaks:

Activator FLipswitch iOS 8.4

As you can see, the Flipswitch update is just a compatibility update, while the Activator release ushers in compatibility alongside a host of other new features and fixes.

If your iPhone or iPad is jailbroken, then I recommend that you update both of these packages at your earliest convenience. Doing so will help to improve the stability of your jailbroken device on iOS 8.4.

Have you updated to the latest version of Activator?

  • Yay! 😀

  • UhaveNOlogic

    Hit that refresh people…

  • Kubaton

    … and they’re already updated to versions 1.9.5 and 1.0.8.

    • besrate hogsa

      YES that is correct

  • besrate hogsa


    I have been waiting for ACTIVATOR to be updated

  • Pip

    Job done!!!

  • I don’t suppose anyone knows what Saurik’s ‘Mystery Package’ is?

  • El Matador

    Anyone else having issues with Flipswitch? There’s no settings configuration even after installing the newest version! The change log doesn’t even say it’s compatible even though the firmware number is for the newest version!

    • Ariel

      Me too, i6 on 8.4

    • Vondrook4

      I was having the same problem but I just fixed it. Go install FlipControlCenter without removing Flipswitch and it should work. It even pulled my old Flipswitch settings, like the order of my switches and everything!

  • mrgerbik

    Anyone else here use flipcontrolcenter and notice the hotspot button is buggy?
    I really hope Ryan doesn’t stop supporting it, it’s become one of my goto tweaks

  • M2

    Not going to debate the usefulness of activator for some but why do developers force install this when most programs don’t require it to run for the main functions of the tweak. The whole point of jail breaking is to give ourself freedom from Apple and restrictions apple and devs put on iOS and apps. Just annoying. Devs, please allow this as optional within your tweaks. Not everyone wants activator installed.

    Okay, now you can rip me apart.

    • Ariel

      Do you know for a fact that it is not a necessity? I do agree with you though, there should be more openness.

      • M2

        Yes, for some tweaks such as batterypro. Others, activator is part of the main function for the tweak to work.

  • All In Capital Inc

    When’s Auxo going to be updated? That’s the one tweak I really like, I’m sure am not the only one.

    • regkilla

      Same here. Waiting on Auxo 3.

      • Ariel

        Try Virtual Home, much easier multitasking.