TaiG has updated its iOS 8.4 jailbreak tool to fix a security issue, but as of now, that update is no longer available on its website or via Cydia. TaiG 2.2.2, which includes a setreuid patch to prevent applications from obtaining to root privileges through setreuid, was deemed unsafe by saurik. With this in mind, please don’t upgrade.

Here’s saurik’s comment on the release:

OK, so this is a pretty serious issue: the new patch that TaiG built just doesn’t work :/. I wish they would calm down and let me do this correctly. I’ve pulled their update.

Needless to say, the package was pulled from Cydia, and no longer shows up on TaiG’s website as well. I’m sure they are working on fixing whatever issues saurik spotted with the update.

Stay tuned, we’ll update you once a safe package reappears.

Update: the new version has been released with bug fixes.

  • Mario Britten

    I already upgraded it. It went live about 2 hours ago, what am I supposed to do? :O

    • Bugs Bunnay

      fear life.

      • Mario Britten


      • jgr627


      • nyangejr


      • Leo Ngo


    • VITICO

      I did the same as you and I don’t have an issue with my jailbreak…. yeeetttt…

    • Skoven

      Just wait for a new version.
      I also updates, and everthing works fine… for now… -_-
      I am going to refrain from installing new tweaks and updating current ones, until new TaiG version is released though. Just to be safe.

    • You should restore. If an AppStore app can gain root privileges because Taig didn’t patch something properly this is bad. A rogue app with root privileges could cause all sorts of harm…

      • misosoup7

        I wouldn’t really worry about it, since no App Store will be updated fast enough to actually take advantage of this. App’s long review cycle takes care of that issue. As long as it’s fixed soon.

  • Mark Tesch

    So is it 2.2.2 that’s unsafe or 2.2.1?

    • 2.2.1
      As far as I know, there is no 2.2.2 release

      • Mark Tesch

        Oh okay, because there’s mention of a 2.2.2 in the article. Guess I’m living on the edge now. #dangerismymiddlename

  • Jailbrkr21

    Was this the update that I just installed? I’m a bit worried about this now, will the phone not restart (untethered) because of it? Can you give any more info? Thanks.

    • Downgrade to 2.2.0

      • Skoven

        i updated to 2.2.1 and have no problems at all… all tweaks working, and reboots fine.

      • VITICO

        i updated to 2.2.1 about 2 hours ago and i do not have a problem with my cydia or jailbreak.. thank god!.

    • Zzyzxd

      Correct me if I’m wrong, this is a security issue that allows sandboxed apps to have root privilege. Your phone should work just fine unless you have third party apps that want to do bad things.

      • misosoup7

        Exactly, there is nothing to worry about, just don’t install anything shady until this has been fixed.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    oh taig. they are being silly right now.

  • iltas

    i lost my cydia my cydia crashed i make it new restore

  • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

    I updated to 8.4 one hour ago. Just few days after upgrading to 8.3.
    This jailbreak experience is getting ridiculous!

    • EM187

      Yeah i’m not even bothering with it anymore.

    • iPhoneWINS

      its apples now way of putting down the JB scene by putting out constant silly updates …. just keep the jailbreak you have and don’t update until its a good time to

  • Wilfredo Nanita

    I also upgraded to 2.2.1, haven’t seen 2.2.2.

  • Jordan Barber

    Im about to jailbreak my iPhone. Should I wait????

    • iXanczy

      No need to wait 🙂 They have pulled the faulty version, so no danger anymore

      • J.b43

        ok thanks!!

  • iltas

    i lost my cydia help plz

  • Dikka

    idiots, wait a little bit before update it !!!

  • Elmoatassem Khabbati

    I followed the instructions to the letter then tried to JB with 2.2.1 & got stuck again in 60% – the same case of 8.3 JB – i nedd to do a fresh restore everytime 😐

    • Skoven

      How long did you wait?
      Password/touchid disabled?
      Airplane mode enabled?
      Find my iphone disabled?
      I jailbroke without any problems with 2.2 (well… not totally without problems.. but that was 64-bit windows drivers that screwed me).

      • JohnChristopher

        It won’t jailbreak if you watch it. Start the jailbreak, get up, go get a cup of coffee (you will survive without your phone), have a 15 minute conversation with someone, and presto: return to a jailbroken device.

      • Elmoatassem Khabbati

        hhh, well done that too. when i came back i found the “JB failed message”. still a good idear though 😉

      • Elmoatassem Khabbati

        I waited untill i got the jailbreak failed msg
        Airplane mode / Find my iphone / passcode are disabled. i doubt that the problem is caused by 64-bit because a full restore resolved it.

      • Elmoatassem Khabbati

        I waited untill i got the jailbreak failed msg
        mode / Find my iphone / passcode are disabled. i doubt that the problem
        is caused by 64-bit because a full restore resolved it.

    • M2

      I got stuck at 60% too for both my iPhone 6 plus and iPad mini 3. I waited about 15 minutes then it failed then I read jailbroke and it worked. I followed the tip and used an old Windows 32-bit machine and downgraded my iTunes

      • Elmoatassem Khabbati

        i’ll try my old PC next time, but i’m starting to suspect my firewall (COMODO) to be my problem

      • M2

        Yeah. Might be the reason. I disabled my antivirus and firewall prior to jailbreak. Not sure if it was necessary but maybe it helped.

  • Mark S

    I wish taig would spend all their free energy fixing the current jailbreak to just work on all devices. I had to use PP on the iphone because of their unstable program. Stop trying to fix things that aren’t broken.

  • Eni

    Taig pls fix the 64 bit driver not found error, pls

  • p0is0nX

    i updated, and now i am unable to install any cracked application..

  • EM187

    Jailbreaking is becoming a joke! No more JB’s for me

  • iPhoneWINS

    LOL.. yup saw this BS coming as soon as apple started putting out constant updates… I have stayed on 8.1.2 and will not jailbreak until IOS 9.0.2 is out…lol

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      If that’s so, you’re going to be waiting a very Long time.

      • iPhoneWINS

        im not waiting at all I’m enjoying a perfectly working jailbroken 6+ i have no reason to update now at all…

      • iPhoneWINS

        and at the rate apple kids putting out updates 9.0.2 will be here by xmas…lol

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        That’s what I thought too, staying at 8.1.. Then everything got screwed up and forced me to restore or live with a glitched device. Thankfully there’s jailbreaks out there for the current versions, instead of waiting till iOS 9, it’s great to have a jailbreak with the list of fixes provided by Apple.

      • TaylorMadeRedd

        Personally from my experience, I was on iOS 8.1.2 with an iPhone 6, I thought an updated version was needed; space bar in safari got annoying, the new emojis not looking exactly like 8.3s (used emoji83) and iCloud message kept popping up all the time with find my iPhone not working properly. I was really annoyed. Then 8.3 jailbreak was released, knowing 8.4 was coming a week later I thought let me just update to 8.3 which I did (mind you it took me bout 1-2 hours to reinstall all my repos an tweaks) and I’ve never felt happier about my iPhone. Now I will let taig do there thing and iron out 8.4 jailbreak till it’s fully ready as I did with the 8.3 jailbreak.

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