iPhone 6 gray silver gold back camera

This year’s “S-upgrade” to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus should introduce “the biggest camera jump ever,” as Apple pundit John Gruber claimed on his Daring Fireball blog. Numerous rumors have pointed to a resolution upgrade in the form of a twelve-megapixel camera on the back.

Thursday, an unconfirmed internal document that surfaced on Chinese microblogging website Weibo suggested that the back-facing camera of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will also capture video in 4K resolution.

If true, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will mark the first time Apple’s smartphone, or any other Apple device for that matter, has implemented 4K video capture.

Other features in tow for the forthcoming iPhone upgrade: a 30 percent faster Touch ID fingerprint scanner, a version of the device with pink aluminum back and white front, a five-megapixel front-facing FaceTime camera and a protruding camera lens on the back.

The documents, which can be seen below, indicate that the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are internally referred to as “N66” and “N71,” respectively.

In addition to 4K recording, the next iPhone’s camera is said to support slow-motion capabilities by recording video in up to 240 frames per second.


The present-generation iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus also support 240FPS slow-motion video capture, while the iPhone 5s’s Slow-Mo mode tops out at 120FPS.

The internal memo was posted by an alleged employee of Foxconn, the world’s leading contract fabricator which assembles iPhones, iPads and many other Apple products and gadgets by other vendors.

Shortly after posting the document on Weibo, user “KJuma” took it down without explanation, fueling speculation that the internal memo is indeed authentic.

In addition to improved camera capabilities, the upcoming iPhones should run Apple’s next-generation “A9” processor with 2GB RAM, incorporate force-sensing Force Touch screen technology, introduce a new rose gold color option and more.

Mass production of the handsets should kick off in August.

Source: Weibo via PhoneArena

  • hkgsulphate

    not can or should, it must
    the competition is getting tougher

    • mrnbkhn

      Besides the ability to record in 4K, I would love to record in a wider angle.

  • o_O

    If the rumours prove true this S upgrade is gonna be major.

    • It’ll have to be “major”. My 5s is still going strong and does not feel slow or sluggish. It’s going to take something big for me to want to upgrade…

      • Joe Brunet

        OH “It’s going to take something big for me to want to upgrade”; Listen to yourself. You probably didn’t upgrade because of the carrier cycle, regardless of the changes this time around you will upgrade. Don’t try to sell your lie.
        PS; Apple does’t give a rat’s ass about you they like their true fans who upgrade every single year

      • VITICO

        DAM!… Where that come from?? LOL!..

      • Oscar

        Seriously lol

      • trove

        If you upgrade every year then you are nothing but a brainless drone. That’s every companies favourite chump.

      • Charlie C

        Well said!

      • Rowan09

        Well I upgrade every year because I sell my old phone for $500-$600 and buy the new one, so I’m paying about $300. If I wait the extra year or 2 I’ll only get about $200-$300 for the same device. It makes sense to just upgrade since I’m not losing anything money wise.

      • Oscar

        I’m on the same boat except I have an ATT employee discount. One year contract with the two year pricing. I upgrade every year and sell my phone for more than what I pay for the new one.

      • I’m not trying to sell a lie I genuinely love my iPhone 5s and I’m not tied into any contracts (I bought it unlocked). The only thing I find unsatisfactory about the 5s is its battery life…

      • Damian

        but the screen size sometimes does get small on iPhone 5/5s. 4.7″ i think is perfect and you should definitely make the jump for it, if you are into browsing through your pictures or watch videos.

      • askep3

        AGREED, the battery life SUCKS

      • Ernie M

        True. They love you blind, clueless automatons

      • Charlie C

        Yeah well not everybody can afford to upgrade every year jerk! I still use my IPhone 5s cause it still works amazing.

      • Shadowelite123

        You don’t even know the guy and you’re saying how his life goes. Interesting…

      • Chris Tangler

        heck my 5 is still going strong…good thing because I paid full unsubsidized price SMH

      • Damian

        yeah iPhone 5 did not age much in terms of performance which is awesome. I remember my iPhone 4 had aged so much around the same time iPhone 5 is now that it was just unusable at some point.

    • Jeffrey

      Force touch, camera and speed, what’s major about that? Sounds like a standard iPhone S upgrade…

      • johnsm

        DDR4 2GB RAM, force touch, rose gold color, OIS on i6, wider angle facetime camera, 12MP front camera, faster LTE, sapphire glass, apple watch stronger aluminum… sounds good but really not major

      • Jeffrey

        I’m not sure if you’re being sarcastic, but yeah, not really major. The rose gold color, if you’re not referring to the current gold color, won’t happen though. And as far as I know there is no proof for sapphire glass.

      • ravinigga


      • Jeffrey

        What about it

  • Jonathan

    If they get rid of the antenna lines, I’m sold.

    • iPhoneWINS

      that will be on phone 7

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      What if the antenna lines made iPhone much more susceptible to unknown “No Service” areas?

  • StevenX

    Huh, it seems that guys at IDB missed almost all of the important points on the posted memo… ;P I’ll try to summarize the main points here:

    1. 6s will have a 1200 megapixels camera (early prototype used to have a 1600mp though). It can shoot 4K videos and 240FPS slow motion. Also, there’s this “aperture snapping”(?): when enabled, you could take a quick shot before recording videos. It looks like a photo on your phone, but can be played as a video when you keep pressing the screen (a not-so-useful application of the Force Touch Screen?);

    2. There will be a pink version of iPhone. Like the golden version, only the back of the phone is pink. It may redefine your definition of “beauty” again, though… :D;

    3. The biggest enhancement of the new 6s may be the fingerprint sensor. It’s almost 30% faster than the previous generation (unlocking the device now takes less than a second), and it can correctly verify your fingerprints from every angle almost instantly. The memo says the performance of the sensor will greatly exceed that of the sensor in Galaxy S6.

    To summarize, 6S will have a 500 megapixels front camera and a 1200mp back camera, 2G RAM, 16G minimum storage (damn…), Force Touch Screen (the memo claims that it is not quite useful. At least at the moment?), and a pink version (no rose golden version though). The appearance of 6S will almost be the same as 6, meaning that the white “antenna strip” and the protruding camera design will remain on 6S.

    • PA Nard

      Should we read 12 megapixels and 5 megapixels for, respectively, the back and front camera? Just a thought…

      • StevenX

        Sorry, just a typo~:D

    • Jeffrey

      I believe everything but the rose pink version, also, the fingerprint sensor is already really fast, it already unlocks my phone in under 1 seconds and it can already correctly verify my fingerprints from every angle almost instantly. So you can scrap that, but for the rest, it’s only old rumors…

  • burge

    And very little storage after a few 4K recordings are made.

    • singhay559

      Thats their intentions. So people can either upgrade phone or cloud storage

  • Abe Masri

    No! Please don’t improve the front camera. It shows too much details in the face. -Pun intended.

  • johnsm

    higher MP than 8 means larger photos taking more space on your device, icloud, etc. quality improvement is minimal if any

    • This is far from minimal (bit. ly/1BxCgcx) in the sight of thousands…higher MP doesn’t necessarily mean bigger photos, it’s also used for cropping out better detailed objects at a distance; aka it’s like an alternative to optical zoom.

  • really

    Oh wow, 3-4 year old tech in the newest iphone. Such innovation apple!

    • jake kneller

      But the iPhone still beats most smartphones in benchmarks and camera tests and there phones are always fast so I guess it doesn’t matter

    • ravinigga

      High specs is not always the best.
      If You os is good optimized You dont need super specs to beat superspecs like other brands