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Episode 114: The fun doesn’t stop. An in-depth discussion on the new iOS 8.4 jailbreak by TaiG, along with a recap of last week’s exciting events.

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  • David Olvera

    i will confirm, im at work
    have windows 7, and i got this windows icon at my status bar, its a free upgrade to windows 10
    other 3 computers here got them too, it seems to work only on anything below windows 8

    reserved my copy with no problem

  • Jacob Lovejoy

    Great episode:-) yes Microsoft has always said that windows 10 would be a free upgrade for those with windows 7,8 and 8.1. Amazing how Apple has influenced the Market; however, the real question is how will Microsoft make money on this operating system? Apple designs the hardware products for their operating system, and Google makes money by using android to keep Google their center, but Microsoft? It’s hard to understand what their next move is but it has to make financial sense. Could they be thinking on increasing their market share in the tablet, phablet, and pc world?

    I love that you guys touched the subject on the PP (pee-pee) jailbreak. It makes sense for you all to cover the Jailbreak news, even when someone comes out claiming one thing or another. I was just hoping that iDownlaod blog didn’t just brush it under the rug and even provided some coverage on this considering your position in the Jailbreaking community. I was more than proud that you all took a stand and removed the link to the how to PP article and wrote one for the Taig. As always, keep up your awesomeness and make good choices;-)


  • Matheus Lisboa

    Connect is amazing for me. Nine inch nails actually released 2 full instrumental albums in the launch day! And it sounds great

  • Favna

    For those who only have a mac… well the real answer is like you said a virtual machine, but the “be that guy” answer is expand your life to windows. Sure, sure Mac OSX is great, but Windows is so important to have available at least somewhere these days that it’s starting to get harder and harder to not have it. You could buy a 50-100 “currency” (based on country) laptop with windows 7 and bam.

  • Jeanette_Spears_N568 email

    This really is beyond true. I labored for AT&T and really learned about how how they took the buying price of the phone, chopped it up and scattered it into the program and around a 2 year time nobody notices.If you can remain grandfathered on previous programs do it and get devices outright. Otherwise you are pretty much finding porked