The Apple Watch is undoubtedly the year’s coolest tech gadget, but it just got even cooler with the Casetify Apple Watch Band. Loved by TIME magazine, this awesome add-on lets you create custom and unique watch straps. Spend just $50 and you’ll get a $70 credit to spend on the Casetify store with this exclusive iDownloadBlog deal.

Take advantage of this offer to personalize your prize possession. Apply 3 different layouts, or 9 diffferent filters. Choose from your own selection of Instagram or Facebook photos, or select one of hundreds of designs  – it’s up to you.

Casetify’s straps are built to last and are created from sweat-resistant, ultra-comfortable material. They also come in a range of sizes from 38mm to 42mm.

Spend $50, and get $70 – that’s the kind of math we like. Buy one for yourself, or create a special gift for a friend or loved one – whatever you decide, you’ll be saving 28% on the retail price of the Casetify Apple Watch Band with iDownloadBlog.

  • George

    Bands are such a rip off.

    • Bob

      But bands will make her dance?

  • Andres

    Waiting for Apple’s Back to School promotion to kick off today

  • Harag Robert

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