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Episode 88: Last minute thoughts on iOS 8.4, Apple Music, and Beats 1. Force Touch on iPhone. watchOS 2 beta, and Jeff goes back to his iPhone 5s.

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  • Hi there!
    Do you know if all the 100 Cydia Tweaks that Jeff reviewed on the last 2 videos, are compatible with iOS 8.4?

  • Jacob Lovejoy

    Great Episode. I love the honesty! Lol…no first iPhone tip the 3G…I will admit, I didn’t get my first iPhone until the 4s, it didn’t make financial sense. I remember when the iPhone came out and a friend of mine was showing it off…I remember loving the way the iPhone displayed the text messages but I was so proud of my Motorola Q black (also with custom firmware). I remember spending hours attempting to hack the phone to tether it with my PC. Back then using the phone to connect to the Internet was a concept that only hard core techies or a super expensive phone could pull off…I remember I was so happy with that phone…lol if only I knew what was coming, I would have bought a lot of stock:-) Jacob