Jailbreak iOS 8.4 taiG2.2.0

TaiG 2.2.0 was just released about an hour ago, and it brings with it support for iOS 8.4. Like previous versions of TaiG’s tool, this version is Windows-only, so you’ll need to use a Windows machine or a virtual Machine.

We’ve created a full video walkthrough and tutorial to show you how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 8.1.3-iOS 8.4 using TaiG 2.2.0. It’s an extremely easy jailbreak that only takes a few minutes if the directions are followed closely.

Note: this tool requires Windows or a virtual machine running windows. You must have iTunes installed (latest version is fine) for this to work.

Be sure to have Find My iPhone, passcode lock, and location services disabled prior to starting. Enter Airplane mode as well. It’s also best if you use a fresh iOS install, and you reboot before starting. Also, ensure that iTunes can recognize your device before running the TaiG too!

Step 1: Download TaiG 2.2.0 from our downloads page; save and extract it to your desktop

Step 2: Connect your iOS 8.4 device to your computer

Step 3: Launch TaiG 2.2.0

Step 4: Uncheck the 3K assistant checkbox

Step 5: Click Start to begin the jailbreak

Once the jailbreak completes, launch Cydia to start the Cydia initialization process. The great thing about TaiG 2.2.0 and iOS 8.4 is that the current version of Cydia Substrate works out of the box, so there are no weird workarounds or waits to endure until you can use your favorite tweaks. That said, some tweaks will need to be updated and enabled before you can enjoy them.

What do you think? Are you jailbroken on iOS 8.4 yet?

  • Wesh

    stuck at 20% 🙁

    vmware 7
    windows 8
    no full restore, just updated to 8.4 then

    • nfinite

      enable airplane mode, and re-run taig.. my first run also stuck at 20%, but the second run successfully JB my iphone

      • Wesh

        yup did that. tried also without airplane mode.
        I’m now trying a full restore; lets see…

      • Wesh

        full restore did the trick. I guess it’s a necessary extra step one needs to take.

      • nfinite

        congrats, thumbs up.

  • Bryanleesh

    Currently im on 8.3 jailbreak. Preferably do a full restore to 8.4 or OTA update to 8.4 is enough? Then only i jailbreak 8.4. Need some advice.

    • nfinite

      full restore, just to be safe..

    • Wesh

      hes right. Thats the only thing that worked for me too.

    • Bryanleesh

      Ok thx mate. will do a full restore. 🙂

  • Bryanleesh

    Another question, is’t worth to upgrade to 8.4, I’m not really using that music app though. Feel like stick back to 8.3. just MHO.

  • Chintan Kankeshwar

    mine jailbreak failed…..help me

  • Anusha Riaz

    This has nothing to do with the jailbreak but someone PLEASE help me. I just downloaded the ios 8.4 update on my iPod touch but t keeps crashing. Whenever turn it on, literally. As soon as I open an app, the screen gets these little bars on it and it turns off. I restart it and the same thing keeps happening have tried it about thirty times now and I getting worried. I got the iPod only last month and it is brand new. PLEASE HELP!

    • Jon Bernhardt

      If there’s one near you, you should bring it to an Apple store.

  • Mike

    Just downloded the new tool of TaiG 2.2.0.
    I still need to install a lower version of iTunes.

    Worse JB ever..
    Please fix those problems,..

  • Rumble

    Whoever is jail broken and comfortably sitting nestled in 8.3. I don’t see the need to take the plunge and risk getting into heaps of hurdles all over again. Not like it’s iOS 9 ppl. So just sit back and relax.

  • gt

    Perfect jailbreak!
    Did it without any troubles on my 4s 64gb (win XP SP3, iTunes 12.1.2)

    Updated from DFU, restored backup data, jailed.
    Just one restart at 20% and one at 60% (and the final at 100%, of course).
    Perfect! Thanks!

  • mhobb

    Keep getting stuck at 30 and it fails, made it to 40 a few times, virtual machine. Any ideas to help?

  • Andrian Arif

    latest version of itunes means 12.2? pls be clear gents, thanks

  • Strykker

    Just got 8.3 to work a couple days ago. I think I will just enjoy the 8.3 jailbreak for a while. Took 5 days to get it done and I don’t think I want to repeat that again so soon.

    • rubeN

      Yah its a pain in the ass, when you have everything setup correctly and then having to do the whole thing all over.

  • Ömer Arı

    STUCK on 60% error

    Then i try this solution:
    1- Airplane Mode – ON
    2- Location services – OFF

    TaiG stuck 60% and hold down both the power and home buttons to hard restart the device. And it will continue to jailbreak.

  • Simon Roberts

    keeps saying to download iTunes as cant find driver, iTunes is already installed, what do I do

    • Rahul

      You need old version of iTunes 12.0.1 to run TaiG 2.2.0

  • Ron G

    I’m going to hold off on updating. The 8.3 jailbreak went smoothly and all my tweaks are set up and working well and I dont want to mess anything up. I dont need Apple music so im good on 8.3 for now.

  • Clive Goh Kai Lun

    Its saying I’m missing cydia substrate helpp

  • Adrian

    It says that I must install iTunes. I have installed iTunes!?
    Plz help me

  • This isn’t working at all. Says iTunesDriver64 isn’t available and I’m not going to install a driver from a random Chinese site. I guess I’ll just wait for the Mac version.

  • Mushfiq Shaheed

    getting stuck at 30%(waiting for processing result)…its been more than 15mins. what to do ??

  • Ank24

    oh yeah!!…successfully jailbroken….iphone 5s 32gb …zero issues!!

  • Mushfiq Shaheed

    gettin stuck at 30%(waiting for processing result) been more than 15mins…same thing happend for the 2nd time ! what to do ??

  • Carlos

    stuck at 60%. got stuck at 30% then 40% and now its been three times it’s failed at 60%. using iTunes 12.1.0. airplane mode on, find my iphone off. location services off. passcode off. and still nothing. HELP.

  • Bosh

    It happened to me and it’s not mentioned in the instructions, to solve this just uncheck “Automatically sync when this iPhone/iPod/iPad is connected.” in itunes. The problem is that when the iPhone restarts during jailbreak iTunes will try to sync and will not let the process continue (and it will auto open if necessary).

    Jeff, please add this to the instructions.

    • craig

      you are a lifesaver! ive been trying to jailbreak my ipad air 2 for too long getting all kinds of errors, all kinds or random restart loops and i do this 1 thing you mention and it worked! this really needs to be highlighted as a possible fix for most problems!

    • Mushfiq Shaheed

      didnt work for me !

  • aizathisyam

    To those who got stuck at 60%.
    Found this solution at reddit.
    This is what I just did that worked.

    Run TaiG normally until you get stuck at 60%

    Hold down both the power and home buttons to hard restart the device. (My iPhone was powered off so I’m assuming the same is true for you guys)

    Once the device has rebooted unlock the device and leave it unlocked at the home screen

    If TaiG begins to work for you, great, otherwise read step 5

    Abort TaiG and rerun it again as admin while leaving your iPhone alone

  • Jason

    Jailbreak worked, but can’t connect to icloud, or App Store. I rebooted. Reset network. Toggled date/time.

  • Karen

    do we use 2.2.0 now if we are gonna jailbreak 8.4 on a virtual machine on mac?

  • Just got everything back the way it was, with iOS8.3, and now it is time to upgrade again… I can’t complain much though this time as I am curious about Apple Music and the jailbreak on 8.3 hasn’t been running that great anyway.

  • nvog

    Using itunes 12.1.2 64bit (latest taig tools resolved itunes version issue), taig 2.2.0 on win 7 x64.

    Every single time taig stops at 60% giving error 1105. I uninstalled completely antivirus (norton and comodo), rebooted both phone and pc, got taig run as administrator, BUT nothing new happens…. stuck at 60%.

    All recommendation by Jeff followed, except device full restore, since over 400 apps could take (pretty) SOME time to reinstall…

    Unless someone has any idea to help here, I will cross my fingers for a taig tool update to address my issue.


  • Bjones331

    After reading all these people post about how their experience went, I’m going to keep my jailbreak of ios 8.1.

  • berni hosu

    i cant jailbreak my iPhone 5s because it says that apple driver hasn’t been found please download and install iTunes, what i have to do so it works

    • You need to reinstall iTunes. Uninstall all old Apple apps first.

    • Scott Werner

      install 12.1.1 it worked good for me

  • Angel

    i keep getting stuck at 40%. someone help

  • NotTheLysander

    Anyone with issues installing/updating apps from the app store after a successful JB on 8.4?

    • Jason

      Me. I cannot connect to any Apple services. I have tried everything but e restore.

      • NotTheLysander

        Wonder why I haven’t heard of too many other people having this issue. What device has the issue? Mine is an iPad Mini, and I know someone else who also had an issue with an iPad Mini. Havent tested out my other devices because the Mini was the guinea pig.

    • rubeN

      Just tried getting an app and the circle just keeps spinning on my iPad Mini

      • NotTheLysander

        Did you just let it sit there spinning until it started to download? My iPad Mini has the same issue, but I havent let it sit there for more than a minute or two; havent tested out my other devices since the Mini was the guinea pig, and havent tested out the updated Taig JB just released.

  • Noah

    this doesn’t work, I keep getting the same error message saying to install itunes

    • Eric Green

      Try installing iTunes 12.0.1. It worked for me.

  • Jamie

    I’m stuck at 40% I am on a fresh restore too. Any suggestions.

    • Eric Green

      I installed iTunes 12.0.1 and it worked for iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4.

      • Jamie

        Thanks. I’ll try that. I’m also installing the vm on another mac. The one I was using is only a 2 gig ram machine so I could only allocate 1 gig of ram to the fm. Very slow.

  • abdula

    i got stuck at 60 any solutions?

  • mattt

    WARNING when u open cydia for the first time and it says something like preparing filesystem do not turn your device off. it glitches it and deletes the settings app and also app store and itunes.

  • abdula

    it is stuck in 60 any solution?

  • St. Kade

    if you guys are still stuck at 60% after you turned off everything from location service, to password, reboot your idevice, make sure itunes has recognized it, then LEAVE IT UNLOCKED. Don’t let it turn off. I don’t know how that helped but it did with mine.

  • chris

    stuck on 30% still please help

  • Pib

    I love how so many people said PP is a buggy, rushed release and I’m just sitting here reading nothing but errors in the comments here. *insert Kermit meme here*

  • OfcrFriendly

    This is what worked for me on win 7 (64bit) w/ ios 8.4 for my iphone 6!
    My steps included, clean restore of ios 8.4 then restore of backup, turn
    off location services, turn off passcode, turn off find my iphone, set
    auto-lock to never, latest version of itunes, installed apple drivers,
    taig 2.2, run as admin, hard reboot before start jailbreak, Start
    jailbreak in airplane mode w/ phone unlocked, as jailbreak reaches
    each of the steps I enabled/disabled airplane mode instantly at 20%,
    40%, and 60%

  • berni hosu

    i jail-broke my iPhone 5s two times and after it says jailbreak done my phone would not restart and stick’s with the apple logo. what i have to do so my phone restarts and have a jail broken device

  • Shams

    We all have come a long way from the old school jailbreaks. I still remember the old iOS jailbreaks.

  • rohit babbar

    Does the taig v2.2 works with the latest version of itunes 12.2..?
    Plese guys help. ..

  • Zaw Win Htun

    A clean fresh restore fixed everything for me

  • R Skse

    iPod 5, Windows x64, everything updated to latest version and installed the 0205 iTunes driver… everything worked perfectly. Thanks iDB for the easy instructions

  • Jaykay

    Can anyone tell me does this on iTunes 12.2.0 ? I have tried 5 times and it keeps getting stuck on 30% ?

  • DJ

    Can any body help me with TaiG download. Am not able to complete it though having all the things required.

  • charles

    Works perfectly for me. Nevertheless, I can’t activate the sim. Seems SAM isn’t working with this version?

  • nvog

    Using now taig 2.3 followed all Jeff’s instruction (except full restore… somehow intimidating since got over 400 apps installed) got past “injecting” but still stuck at 60% at the point it tries to restart the device…. that never happens !!!! Still gives error 1105 (even though all windows and third party antivirus/firewall is disabled).

    Any ideas guys, pretty plz ????

    • Moises Luna

      umm don’t use taig use the pp one that is lower on the downloads page… it’s in chinses though but i still figured it out haha

  • Mattie

    I keep getting the apple drivers not installed but I just downloaded the latest version of iTunes do you have a link of the one I’m suppose to have downloaded?