10 Apple Music Tips iOS 8.4

Apple Music is here, and after using it for several hours today, I can attest that it’s pretty great. Not only does it live up to the hype, but it’s been relatively stable as well.

I think the future for artists on Apple Music is relatively bright. Here is a paid streaming service that I think many will be more than willing to get behind.

To celebrate the launch, here are 10 tips for getting more out of Apple Music.

How to save songs and albums for offline playback

You can save songs for offline playback by tapping the ellipses button next to a song of album, and selecting Make Available Offline.

How to see music download progress

At the top of any of the tabs, you’ll find a download bar. Tap that bar to view in-progress downloads.

How to use the mini player

The mini player lets you browse content in any tab while still maintaining quick access and control to your now playing music. Tap the mini player to expand it, and once it’s expanded, tap the triangle in the upper left-hand corner to minimize it.

How to save songs from the radio to your library

While a song is playing on the radio, tap the ellipses button, and choose Add to My Music.

How to change your Apple Music nickname

Tap the user button in the upper left-hand corner of any tab, tap your name, and tap edit.

How to queue a song

Tap the ellipses button next to a song that you wish to queue, and Play Next or Add to Up Next.

How to view DJ playlists from Beats 1

Tap the Radio tab and tap on the Beats 1 banner. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find archived DJ playlists.

How to set Apple Music tracks as an alarm

Save a song to your library and open the Clock app. Tap the Alarm tab, add a new alarm, and tap Sound. Tap Pick a song to search your library, which will included saved music from the Apple Music library.

Use Siri to control music playback, identify and add music to your library

Invoke Siri and ask her to play any song that you can think of. The iTunes library is vast, so chances are she will play the song that you wish to hear. You can also use the Shazam integration to identify songs, and ask Siri to add them to your library.

Quickly locate a song’s associated album

Tap the ellipses button next to a song, and tap its banner at the top of the menu that appears to be taken to the song’s corresponding album

Of course, that’s just the beginning of our exploration of the revamped Music app, but these 10 handy tips will have you well on your way to mastering Apple’s new music experience on iOS 8.4. What Apple Music tips do you have? Any that aren’t on this list? Let us know.

  • Kofi Kyei

    The future of music seems to be here go go a free worldwide radio

    • S.Curry

      And I am just hoping that before my 3 month trial ends (10-1-15) I can use my jailbreak for a tweak like Free Apple Music no subscription needed

      • Abhinav Chaudhary

        Lol, I hope you don’t get that tweak, you wanna steal artists hard work?

      • It will never happen. They can hardly hack spotify.

      • Cesar D

        I doubt that there will ever be a tweak like that. I mean apple is the developer here, a company that focuses on security mainly :/

      • Damian

        Wow wow no you did not …

  • Thanks.

  • ‘My music’ should have an option to make all songs offline just like in Spotify. Its kinda tiring to manually having to save each song or album inside My music after adding them to it

    • rosssimpson

      Try changing the filter to genres and then doing it, there is less genres than artists 😉

      • Obaid Yasin

        that helped me 🙂

    • if you just save them for offline instead of adding them to my music first it does both. it adds it to my music and saves it for offline playback

    • Quang

      Just add them to playlist and mark playlist for offline listening…

      • WordsmithMR

        I attempted that, thinking I taught myself a time saving life hack… But it didn’t work :/ it doesn’t allow me to add music to playlists without downloading them first… At least not on my iPhone, I’ll have to try my MBP

  • Muzz_Tech

    I wish you could share playlists with friends

    • tiltdown

      I heard it will be available soon.

      • Muzz_Tech

        oh okay, I heard that too, but I wasn’t sure if it was just fluff. I’m excited for that

  • tiltdown

    Nice tips Jeff! Love it!

  • trove

    Off topic: when can I get OS X El Capitan PB? I thought it was June 30th?

  • I’ve been using for an hour or so and my first impression is that it’ll be something quite amazing! My only thing to hate on is the bitrate, songs are ridiculously quiet, I have it on full volume and it’s barely 50% the volume of local music

  • ilikeiphone

    Tips 1. Do not listen to Taylor Swift.

    • Eddie Hines

      too late! I have been mesmerized by her music 🙁

    • WordsmithMR

      Yea.. Who wants to listen to the woman who negotiated tons of money for all of the artists that we’ll be listening to.

  • Alawyy96

    ok so what if my Apple account is a ‘free account’ ? how can I set it up without intering my payment details? [ at least to use the free 3 months trail ]

    • techfreak23

      All Apple IDs are “free.” They only have you enter your payment details when you go to purchase something in the App Store or iTunes that costs something. As this isn’t a free service after the trial period, you do have to have a payment method on file to sign up.

    • Quang

      Yup it’s 3 months trial and of course, you need your payment information. Your credit card will be charged unless you cancel your subscription. Does that make sense?

  • tiltdown

    How can I add my local files to apple music/my music? When I try to add new playlist with local files songs, it doesn’t sync to my iPhone 🙁

    • Quang

      You need to click File -> Library -> Update iCloud Music Library, then iTunes will scan and sync new songs I think it won’t automatically sync new local songs

      • Pipo

        Hey quang, where do i find “File”? in Itunes? i would love to fnd the button that syncs my local files and icloud libraby! thx!

      • on a Mac it is where File always is on the menu bar at the top left side of your Mac. on Windows its the top left menu in iTunes

  • Matheus Lisboa

    Another tip whorth mentioning is to enable the greyed out explicit tracks. A lot of people had problems with enabling it. You just have to go to th restrictions on the settings, enable it, go down to songs and podcasts and set it to explicit

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    Do you need a credit card for free trial?

    • Amid Abdul


  • …. H & M….

    Did you have fun tapping it?

  • Eikast

    You can also disable connect in restrictions to replace the connect tab with playlist

  • Carlos Iraheta

    Blatant rip off of Google music. Smh.

    • WordsmithMR

      And Google Music is a blatant rip off of multiple music streaming services before it. What exactly was your point? Should I point out that Googles store is a blatant rip off of iTunes because iTunes came first? No, because that would be silly to compare a competitor and say they are ripping off by providing a similar service to their dedicated consumers that use their products.

  • z3r0tw0

    does anybody knows why playlists on my mac are shown when i put the switch on “only show offline”. is there a way to only show my offline playlist with tracks on the iphone?

    • yes just tap any My Music and in the filter for Albums, song artists etc. once tapped you will see a toggle to show online offlined content is there

      • z3r0tw0

        as i said before, the offline toggle is activated

  • Ceasars_Palace

    In the future will you be making a video on how to transfer your spotify playlist over to apple music?

  • Christian Marcelo

    Ok how come when I add to my music, it doesn’t show up in “my music”??? Is there a bug?? It gives me a ✔️ But it’s not in “my music”?? iCloud is on..still no go!

    • tiltdown

      Same experience, it’s an iCloud music library bug it’s really annoying! And also I can’t add a local files and sync it to my phone, I have some old ripped CDs that I want to add to my playlist and listen to my phone when I’m at work.

      • Christian Marcelo

        Thanks I thought I was going crazy!!

    • Smegmatron

      I had the same issue. Go to the my music tab, then tap on “my playlists” and set “show music available offline” oddly it was set to on by default, but if you turn it off, it will show the music you saved. Hope it works for you as it worked for me…

      • Christian Marcelo

        Sorry but I don’t want to listen to it “offline” …I understand that’s the only way since there’s a bug. I’ve never had a problem listening to offline stuff in Spotify.

      • Smegmatron

        “Show music available offline is not the same as “make songs available offline”

  • Maybe I’m just dumb but apple music is extremely confusing to me. Is this supposed to compete with Spotify? How come I can’t search for individual songs , artists, or albums like i can with Spotify? How come in the radio I can’t do my own search for songs or artists to play similar music? And is there no way to save stations now? All my old stations are gone.

    • WordsmithMR

      You can search for individual song, albums, artist. The little magnifying glass at the top of almost every menu allows you to do that. The app is very simple once you use it a bit. The only section that is a cluster**** is the Connect section.

      • Yeah I figured it out now. Thanks.

  • TheDude

    Not what I expected from the most influential company in the world. If listening to an artist’s entire discography is your thing, then Apple Music is for you. Where is the music discovery!? Where are the curated playlists!? WHY CAN’T I SWIPE THE MINI PLAYER TO GO TO THE NEXT SONG!? If I have to use radio to get random songs then what’s the point?? Spotify is catered much more to new music and individual songs, while still having access to all the albums. It just sucks that Apple Music is going to play much nicer with the UI and Siri, as well as all things Apple.

    • WordsmithMR

      For You is the music discovery… How have you not used it yet. Tons of artist that I both like or haven’t heard and are similar to what I listen to.

      There’s also the radio stations, curated playlists, and the New section that you can add music from to your library.

      I do agree that the mini player does need controls on it but I generally have headphones on that allows me to skip tracks without even taking my phone out so that’s not too much of an issue for me.

  • Nirvana

    Is Add to My Music option always available even if I’m not an Apple Music user?

  • nice little guide jeff. wish you’d swipe the expanded player view down instead of reaching all the way up to the collapse button!

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    Oh wow Apple Music is just for 1.99 $ in India

  • Juschan

    am i alone or does apple music drain ur iPhone battery as f**k too? i didn’t listen to much but it took in one day its place one of the battery chart overtaking even whatsapp

  • Rafael Romero

    Only thing im waiting to update to 8.4 is bridge compatibility with this new music app! Any news if its compatible?

  • philip Mills

    does offline mean you can’t play music on 4g

  • David Pomerleau

    Where is my “shuffle all songs” button?? I don’t care about “for you”, “new”, “radio” and “connect”. I just want my own music collection and ability to add to it for a price. Apple Music lets me do this, yes, but they’re trying to do too much w curated playlists and Beats 1.

  • Andrieux Querido

    We cant save a Radio?? this sucks

  • apeiron666

    OK, and where the hell is SHARED LIBRARY option? How can we browse and use our Mac iTunes music library on iOS devices now???

  • socrates

    I’m on the iOS 9 beta 2, and I’ve signed up for Apple Music through iTunes.

    It’s been reported that Apple a music does not work with the 9.0 beta yet, and will be updated early net week to support it.

    Using Siri, you can have your device use Apple Music to play any song on iTunes, through the Music app.

  • Nick Kaminski

    Any help with the actually music app itself crashing??? I can’t change songs or click on the mini player bar at the bottom of the app or it crashes. I tried the solution on Taig’s site using iFunbox, but it didn’t help.

  • Kevin Eaton

    So, has anybody noticed that there are groups on Apple Music that doesn’t have all of their CDs? When I try to add them myself it won’t let you merge them with your library or playlists. When I tried adding my library on iTunes certain band’s CDs are grated out and I can’t play them.

  • Kevin Eaton

    Grayed out

  • Naptown

    Make it so I can swipe to next song (SOOOO much better! Especially when driving!) and add a remote feature so I can control Apple Music from a different device than the one playing. Spotify has this and I absolutely LOVE it! Perfect for when you’re running around the house or, in my case, at work and want to add a song to your playlist or just skip the current song. Add those TWO things and I will cancel my Spotify account in a heartbeat and go exclusively Apple Music!