Filippo Bigarella

Springtomize 3 is one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks on Cydia, and for good reason. It’s basically like 100 tweaks in one, and it allows you to modify the look and feel of your iPad or iPhone to a very high degree.

So when it was revealed that its developer, Filippo Bigarella, recently accepted an internship at Apple, many folks, while happy for Filippo, were concerned about what that could mean for the future of Springtomize. Well, I have good news…

Today on Twitter, Filippo stated that while he won’t be able to work on a Springtomize update, the tweak was in good hands.

As far as who’s taking over the reigns of development is anyone’s guess, but knowing Filippo, I’m sure he’ll ensure that it lands in capable hands.

So, while we may not get a Springtomize 3 update for iOS 8.3 as soon as we would have if Filippo were working on it, it looks like we will get the update eventually. If you’ve ever used Springtomize, then you know that’s a very good thing.

What do you think? Are you happy that Springtomize will continue to live on?

  • Forrest Sims

    Patiently waiting for this update

    • Hot12345

      Im looking for a good sms/text compose tweak, do you know a good one?

      • Oscar

        R.I.P BiteSMS

  • Mr.Adam

    It’s the only tweak keeping me on 8.1.2 ! So yes very excited. I wonder if 8.4 will be jailbreakable? Guess we’ll find out soon!

  • Mark S

    I’m getting by without it using CustomLS and TransparentDock.

    • filter351

      Same here

  • MrJohnBlaze

    I’m getting by without it using betterfive-iconspringboard betterfive-icon dock bigify for shrinking my icons subtlelock etc… but it would be much easier with springtomize i would shrink my tweak list by like 6. Here is what my home screen, lockscreen & tweak list is looking like I’m waiting on forecast to be updated or weatherboard both are crashing to safemode

    • Eyal Rotem

      Name of round icon theme please?

      • MrJohnBlaze

        the round icons is circulus

    • Beat Modz

      Cool thanks !!!

    • Ali

      Is the round icons a theme or a tweak? Masks doesn’t work anymore, so I have been looking for an alternative tweak.

    • Baqer

      what font is that?

      • MrJohnBlaze


      • Baqer


  • William Melendez

    I’m glad springtomize helped Filippo get his name out there . No he’s going to be working for Apple soon. That’s awesome ! As the tweak goes, we could wait patiently for an update.

  • Dale Kriens

    can anybody tell me why Taig jailbreak keeps saying> “Itunes Drives not detected< When I can plug-in and Itunes recognizes all devices I plug into it?

    • Gabriel Anaya

      You’ll have to downgrade iTunes to 12.0.1 before it will work. Although TaiG claims that problem is fixed with 2.1.2, I’m still having issues with it until iTunes was downgraded.

      • Dale Kriens

        Thanks worked

    • Anton Svedmark

      That’s because you have to downgrade your iTunes

  • Tylor Jackson

    My ipad mini 3 had updated for “springtomize for ios 8.1.3-8.3” worked fine for me 🙂

  • Xee

    Waiting for this must have tweak…

  • M_Hawke

    Yep, not jb to 8.3 until Springtomize is.

  • Rob Lombardo

    Waiting Hard for this…

  • Mohamd Ali

    No its work from now

  • Mohamd Ali

    And you wellcom

  • nfinite

    great news

  • Favna

    Really happy with this news. For now I installed “Calypso” to achieve some customization.

  • Oscar

    I’m glad it’s not suffering the same fate as BiteSMS. OH THE HUMANITY! OH HOW I MISS BITESMS! RIP

  • Toon

    yes springtomize is really great, i can almost skip all apps for this one