Cydia Installation Warning

Up until now, developers have not had the ability to mark their jailbreak tweaks in Cydia as iOS 8.3 compatible. This is because saurik wanted to ensure the stability of the TaiG iOS 8.3 jailbreak beforehand. Now that TaiG has proved its relative stability, Cydia is now officially open to iOS 8.3 enabled tweaks.

If you’ve seen the Installation Warning in Cydia, which says: This product is not currently certified to be compatible with your device, then you know why saurik’s enabling of iOS 8.3 compatibility is important. This warning is present on all paid Cydia releases that haven’t been enabled for iOS 8.3

Now, users will be able to purchase Cydia tweaks that have been updated.

Are you excited about being able to purchase and download updated Cydia tweaks?

  • ridonkulous

    Jailbroke two 4s today. Went flawless. So far they both seem more stable than 7

    • Digitalfeind

      My 4S is on 7.1.1. How is the performance on 8??

      • Connor Bricker

        It’s really good so far. Not all the tweaks are “approved” for 8.3 yet but once the devs go in and make them compatible, it will be a lot better.

      • ridonkulous

        So far I have no complaints. I’ve got my phone back to the way it was on 7.0.4. I’m satisfied.

  • Mark S

    Wow great. We’re moving right along with this new jailbreak. But I’ve already installed everything regardless of the disclaimers.

  • Hot12345

    Im looking for a good sms/text compose tweak, do you know a good one? Like bite sms??

    • Chris

      Couria is as close as it comes, there’s another tweak called Columba which was described as a BiteSMS replacement but failed far short of that title.

      For the moment, Couria doesn’t work with iOS 8.3 but it should hopefully be updated soon.