UIKit Tools

Have you encountered an issue with disappearing icons on your jailbroken iPhone? You’re not alone. Quite a few users have complained about the issue after jailbreaking using the TaiG tool for iOS 8.3.

Today, saurik has pushed an update to UIKit Tools to fix that issue. The update, which is version 1.1.10, now officially supports iOS 8.3 and all previous versions of iOS.

TaiG UI Cache Obsolete Delete

To install the update, simply refresh Cydia, and you’ll see a prompt for an essential upgrade. The “essential” part of the upgrade is actually the TaiG uicache package, which is no longer needed, but was marked as essential. As such, saurik has created an obsolete package for TaiG uicache which is empty. After updating, users will then be able to delete this obsolete package.

With this said, choose Complete Upgrade on the Essential upgrade pop-up box to pull in all updates, including the updated UIKit Tools. After updating, you should no longer experience the issue with disappearing app icons.

Were you experiencing an issue with missing icons? Did this fix your problem?

  • Mark S

    Sweet. Tasty.

  • Dri

    i just had to restore because of that. all my icons disappeared. even in substrate my icons were gone.

  • William Melendez

    I must be lucky . I jailbroke in the first wave and yet(knocking on wood) haven’t experienced any issues whatsoever.

    • TotallySerious

      Same here, haven’t looked back since. When 8.4 comes out, who cares

    • mrgerbik


    • nfinite

      yup, mine either.. even I don’t need fresh restore.. Just JB right away, and everything went smooth..

  • fred

    More than half of my newly installed apps thru ifunbox crash on opening and i have to delete.anyone might know the reason.

    • José Ayala

      My iPhone had the same sympthom. Uninstalled “controllers 4 all” that did the trick.

  • Kihoon Yoon

    boot loop after this update. anyone knows solution?

    • Hold volume up button while rebooting. Then troubleshoot.

      • Kihoon Yoon

        Thanks for your advice but for me, no substrate mode didn’t work either.
        I’m DFU restoring my ipad now, left my iphone unupdated since I don’t want to do the same thing again.

      • Hot12345

        Im looking for a good sms/text compose tweak, do you know a good one? Like bite sms, please help

      • Reekz

        i think theres one called Writen

      • Hot12345

        Repo please.. Can’t finding in the bigbos repo.

  • The_Kingfish

    Sounds nice but I wouldn’t have been able to do this. All of my icons disappeared after my phone rebooted during the night, rendering the entire phone unusable. Couldn’t get into Safe Mode and holding the up volume button during reboot did nothing to bring them back. Spotlight search wouldn’t show Cydia so I’m currently restoring my phone for the fourth time after every icon disappeared after reboots when a tweak was added. This JB release has been the most F’d up one I’ve ever seen and I’ve been jailbreaking since the 3GS (I miss the reliability and simplicity of redsn0w). And yes, I used 2.1.2 after 2.0.0 wouldn’t get past 20%, then 30% then 60% without failing each time with a different cryptic error code. All 8 hours of waiting for my apps to sync over then having them show up out of their folders after a reboot then having to recreate all the folders a second time, only to have all the icons disappear and make the phone unusable this morning is ridiculous. I’m restoring a fourth time and debating whether or not I should just go stock at this point since BiteSMS is dead and recent tweaks are just meh. Plus the hassles and headaches this F’d up jailbreak release is causing are just not worth it. Sure, I realize it’s our choice to jailbreak and the chance of us screwing something up if we do is there, but by the same token, if a JB team decides to give us the tools to do it they shouldn’t be full of bugs that will cause our phones to become inoperable if we do make that choice. This mess is ridiculous at this point.

    • Kihoon Yoon

      Same here. All my efforts F’d up in a few sec.
      I shouldn’t have launched the cydia app at that moment.

    • Manuel Molina

      Is the point to this sad story?

    • 0ʇılouɐɯ

      Me TOO!! All the same!! Did you tried the “dimmer” tweak?? This was the twek when I saw all the mess here… I couldnt find the Cydia app!!! And for minutes I was unable to restore from iTunes!! Be carefull with this JB!!

      • The_Kingfish

        No dimmer tweak. The only one I installed was MultiIconMover+ which was on the list of compatible tweaks then went to bed. The next morning, saw that the phone had rebooted on its own, unlocked it and no icons at all and no way to open Cydia.

    • bill

      You’re lucky you can at least restore. I lost my settings icon, so I can’t even turn find my iphone off to restore 🙁 What do you think I should do

      • duane mcneese

        You should still have spotlight so search for your settings in spotlight and navigate to find my iPhone from there

      • The_Kingfish

        I put my phone into DFU mode and restored. I believe it asked for my iTunes account info after it rebooted before it could activate.

  • Orlando Rafael Diaz

    Emoji labeling is disappearing on mine.

  • Tylor Jackson

    “TaiG uicache (Obsolete)” how you got repo sources?

  • Steven Gouws

    Have a problem installing AppCake. I’ve installed it and two other essential tweaks but the AppCake icon does not appear on my iPhone. Any advice? Thanks

    • ColorMyUnicorn

      It’s probably in your settings. Scroll down and see if you can find it.

      • Steven Gouws

        Had a look. Not there. If I open iTunes it gives me the option to use Appcake but when I select it nothing happens.

  • satwik sen

    cydia also disappeared. so i cannot open it to install the tool.
    help please

  • satwik sen

    anyone here with no icons in homescreen and cannot find cydia?
    just rejailbreak it an it will get fixed

    • The_Kingfish

      Jailbreak tool said phone was already jailbroken and Start button was grayed out. Nice try though.

  • satwik sen

    thank man! this helped alot

  • Sleetui

    Do you guys think iOS 8.3 JB is stable? Is it worth the update?

    • nfinite

      for me it is stable and all went smooth.. just follow jeff’s instruction.. disable find my iphone, passcode, enable airplane mode.. use itunes 12.1.1 or below..

    • Kihoon Yoon

      In my case, iphone has no problem, but instead, I should DFU reset my ipad 3 times.
      I have no idea what happened but it seems not so stable compared to the previous one.

  • Drapnel

    at first i had my icons then installed this update (before actaully knowing what the update was) now im experiencing all the icons missing. i can still search and use everything but the icons dont show on the sb. I can see them in safe mode though. iphone 5 8.3. any help would be much appreciated.

  • Drapnel

    after installing this i now have lost my icons. can still reach from safe mode and spotlight. have tried reinstalling ui kit multiple times and does nothing. any help would be appreciated. (posted this about an hour ago and its no where to be found for some reason)

  • Dylan

    My iPhone keeps rebooting after the jailbreak iOS 8.3, I restored my iPhone but still didn’t help.

    • Jake

      After you jailbroke you should of turned on find my iphone just in case

  • Dylan

    When ever I turn my iPhone off and then I turn it on it never gets past the apple logo it just keeps rebooting.

    • Jake

      and hold your home button until you connect to your computer and then let go and it will have a logo to connect to itunes so your gonna have to start your iphone like a new one

  • Dylan

    Then after 4-6 times of reboot then I could see the lock screen.

  • Dylan

    Plz reply.

    • ColorMyUnicorn

      Re-Jailbreak your iPhone. This should fix it.

    • ColorMyUnicorn

      Or go into safe mode

  • Kevin Wilson

    spotlight search maybe?????????

  • Chris

    I have an easy fix for this, install the tweak “anchor” and go into the settings pane and click the option “reset all” after the restoring all your apps will be back. Your welcome.

    • Bahadır Pamukcu

      you rock bro :)) you are the only one gave a simple and solid answer

      • Chris

        No problem bro this annoyed me and I found a fix so thought I’d share it 🙂

  • bill

    i jailbreaked, and all my icons dissappeared including cydia and settings…now I can’t even restore it…what do I do?

    • Chris

      Spotlight search cydia, install the tweak anchor, respring, spotlight search settings, go into anchor, click the option to reset all, this will fix your problem, your welcome.

  • Eddie Priest

    can someone help me please i have jailbroken my ipad 2 on 8.3 my apps have disappeared so i cant get on to cydia to instal the above fix. i have attempted a restore twice with no joy

  • Eddie Priest

    NO ICON FIX!!!!!!!!

    My Ipad 2 was stuck with no icons and no way of installing the patch in cydia my ipad was effectively broken.

    i uninstalled itunes 12.1.1 and got the latest itunes believe its 12.2

    I held down the volume up key on reboot after holding down power and home button and it left my ipad with the itunes logo.

    I connected to itunes and it asked me to restore it failed on reboot you need to hold the home key when it prompts for the ipad to restart and it will go through if it stops at any point hold home key until you hear the sound

    granted my ipad has been updated to ios 8.4 but at least i can use it now

    hope can help some people out

  • efraimtriputra

    bro , im in ios 8.4 and having same problem please help ;(

  • Have jailbreaked, everything went smoothly till this. Looked up multiple solutions (including this one) and they all require Cydia. Unfortunately bloody Cydia has dissapeared as well, and I’ve searched for it on spotlight search. My iPhone is so f’d up now and I’m too scared to restore as I have over a years worth of photos.

  • Aman Singh

    the same problem happened with me , all icon was turned white , initally i try to reboot it several times nothing work then i jailbreak it again from taig2 then check everythings normal … also got cydia and no need to restore …:)

  • Ooi

    It didn’t worked .Where should I download apps now my Apple Store is disappeared

  • Antoinette_ ejia

    I labored for Verizon after and I was informed that they don’t actually generate income off consumers till in regards to the 6th month of the phone contract. The reason why being just that which you said. The customer’s telephone is subsidized in the monthly statement for them to register with a NEW phone at a “promotion” price. By the 6th month, the phone is “repaid” and they generate income down the support fees.

  • Mudflapman

    The disappearing icons just happened to me yesterday. I actually have the UIKit Tools installed before it happened and I even reinstalled it but it didn’t solve the problem. I didn’t want to restore so I uninstalled some tweaks that I think may be the culprit for causing the vanishing icons. First I removed BerryC8 because the problem happened when I was fiddling with it. That didn’t work so I removed Dimmer, nope. AndroidLock XT, no go. Cylinder, nope. Then Eclipse 2, still no go. I finally got frustrated and removed a bunch of tweaks at one time including f.lux which forced me to reboot my iPhone 4s instead of just respringing it. That solved the vanishing icons but now am not sure which tweak was the culprit. It may be a combination of tweaks but I re-installed f.lux and the vanishing icons didn’t come back.

  • Vincent Parmley

    If all apps deleted except jailbreak tweaks like mine did, Try going to cydia and go to “installed” then find “Patcyh” and reinstall that then it should fix it like it did for me. Let me know if this helped anyone!