TaiG 2.1.2 Untether Upgrade Cydia Tutorial

If you’re already jailbroken, and let’s face it, a lot of you are, then you may be wondering how to update your jailbreak to the latest version of TaiG—version 2.1.2. Should you start from scratch, or try to use the TaiG jailbreak tool again? No.

That’s because it’s super easy to update to the latest version of TaiG directly from Cydia itself. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to get up and running on the latest version of TaiG, which fixes all sorts of bugs, in just a few minutes.


You can now do this without adding any third-party repos. TaiG 2.1.2 has been added to Cydia’s default repos! Just refresh Cydia and you should see it. Also, some of you have raised concern about this original tutorial suggesting the use of a “pirate” repo. That repo is actually the very same repo that comes bundled with every TaiG jailbreak, so why we certainly don’t condone piracy, this was a way to provide you with the update as quickly as possible. Since the package is now on stock Cydia, there is no reason to use this repo.

How to manually upgrade to the TaiG 2.1.2 Untether via Cydia

Step 1: Open Cydia

Step 2: Tap Sources

Step 3: Tap Edit

Step 4: Tap Add

Step 5: Type the following source URL: http://apt.3kzhushou.com

Step 6: Tap Add Source

Step 7: After the source is added, tap Return to Cydia

Step 8: You should be prompted to upgrade, select Complete Upgrade. If you aren’t prompted, open the Changes tab and tap on the TaiG Untether, Tap Modify, and Tap Upgrade

Step 9: Once the Upgrade is completed, you will be prompted to reboot and the TaiG 2.1.2 upgrade will be installed

That’s all there is to it. You can now enjoy all of the benefits of TaiG 2.1.2, including its Cydia Substrate support, fixes for missing icons, and more.

Have you manually updated your jailbroken iOS 8.3 install? If so, please drop us a line below to let us know how the process went.

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  • indiekiduk

    should you also remove uicache 1.0?

    • GMUSIK805 .

      i want to know this too

    • Mukund Bhatla

      Yeah what should I do?

      • indiekiduk

        I didnt get the remove like you did

      • Shakur Ali

        My still say can’t find apple driver any help plz

    • Ian Bash

      Don’t remove that or else it will cause a boot loop. just find taig 8.1.3-8.x untether v2.1.2 in cydia and update it. for me I did not find it instead cydia found it for me. 🙂

      • Giel Konink

        he still wanne delete the Uicache no mather wat i do ?!!!

      • Ian Bash

        Please be detailed with your problem so that we can understand.

      • bonx

        U can delete it. uicache is fixed in the update of the taig untether. so no problem for this.

    • mrgerbik

      I removed it. No problems here that I can see…

  • Daviziu

    worked like a charm

  • William Melendez

    Worked perfectly fine.


    Guys, I updated substrate and then installed multify, and rebooted, but now after apple logo it’s just black screen. It’s not turning on. Can I delete multify somehow?

    • Oliver Kulpakko

      Yes. Do a hard reset (hold home and powerbutton until it shuts down) and hold the + button to go to no substrate mode. Then you can delete the tweak in cydia and reboot.

      • FELIX

        Thank you, it worked. Yay!!

    • TechToch

      why did you even download multify !

      its not compatible with 8.3

  • David Hvilivitzki

    What is the 3K assistant?

    • Bryan C

      3K Assistant is basically Chinese Bloatware. It isn’t necessary, if you see it in the TaiG tool just untick the box

  • Tim

    The amount of cracked tweaks on that repo. So sad for all those beautiful Developers. </3

  • Erlend

    Worked like a charm! But the server was way to slow. Pinged the server… Only 1/10 of the requests got trough… 🙁

  • You can now do this without adding any third-party repos. TaiG 2.1.2 has been added to Cydia’s default repos! Just refresh Cydia and you should see it.

    • Adam

      U r a STAR, Jeff. Thanks. All works fine!

    • fahd

      thank you Jeff. When adding the repo i was prompted to removed uicache, is it ok to do so`?

    • Munawar

      Hi Jeff, for some reason i am not able to purchase any tweaks can you suggest what could be wrong!!!

      • Arjan Vlek

        Wait until it is updated to support your iOS version!

      • Munawar

        Interestingly it says that it has been updated for iOS 8.3

  • lobusko

    done, thanks!

  • “Can’t find Apple driver” keeps popping up for me, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes but still the same. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Running Windows 8, iTunes 64 bit.

  • Ian Bash

    i already did this a while ago. Didn’t receive any bootloops. All works well. Now i have most of the tweaks compatible on my iphone 5s 8.3 which means cydia substrate is now fixed! m/

  • Ofek Av.

    after updating to taig 8.1.3-8 it keeps going into safe mode, i even tried to reinstall it again and it’s doesn’t work??

  • iltas

    i did with out add source i just refresh and i hve upgrade essensital

  • Joep Maes

    cydia won’t refresh, any hints?

  • Nelson

    Did you have to use taig to jailbreak for this to work? I used a while back and I’m still on that jb

    • hocus86

      Yes, you have to use Taig to upgrade to 8.3.

      • Nelson

        thanks, i just wanted to make sure before i start the long process of rejailbreaking

  • Nelson

    Does this work if you didn’t use taig to jailbreak?

  • feriad mikhael

    i update it manually now its pop up this message help

    • Arjan Vlek

      Just try it again, file got corrupted during download…

  • perkins

    I have missing camera icons after jailbrake anyone can help please

  • Toon

    i just upgrade Taig tot 2.12 by re-start Cydia.. very simple and it works now… jippie

  • perkins

    Jeff if you can help me out .. I have a missing camera icon after jailbraking.. I try looking any post that you had already made about it and can’t find it .. Thanks for the help and all you do for the Jailbrake community

    • Arjan Vlek

      Restore and try again. Dont do anything while Cydia is “preparing filesystem”!!!

  • Dare

    This still doesn’t work. I installed Intelliscreen and now my screen is completely blank with no icons. The same thing happened once before and I thought it was because Cydia substrate was not updated. Now it’s supposedly updated or at least compatible. Rebooting and holding down the “increase volume” button does not put me in safe mode

  • Dare

    This is easily the most FUBAR jalbreak I have ever come across. Everything from getting stuck at 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 60%, 12.1.2 not working, apple driver not recognized on 12.1 or 12.0.1. Then taiG 2.1.1 supposedly being released and that turning out to be a leak that was never supposed to be made public. taiG 2.1.1 and even now 2.1.2 are not recognized on a virtual machine. Now even updating cydia and installing the updated taiG 8.1-8.3 untether still does not let you go to in safe mode. This will be my 4th time restoring my iPhone. This has just been a very bad sequence. Been jailbreaking since iPhone3G and its not been like this

    • iPhoneWINS

      you rushed… you have to wait till all this BS is fixed then jailbreak..

      • Dare

        This website typically is for people who “rush”. Normally if something is safe or unstable, Jeff highlights that clearly and even goes as far as recommending people do not upgrade or update etc.
        Been jailbreaking for a long time and it’s never been this convoluted.

      • The_Kingfish

        I was perfectly fine jailbroken on 8.1.2 and waited to jailbreak 8.3. I waited past the initial release of 2.0.0 which later was found to be full of bugs. I waited past the two subsequent releases which turned out to be worse than the initial release since they weren’t supposed to be released to the public, yet all the blogs were reporting they were official and fixed bugs yet turned out to be ticking time bombs. And I waited until 2.1.2 came out which was reported to have fixed all the bugs and the blogs are reporting is safe to use. And yet this “safe” version killed all my icons and going into substrate safe mode doesn’t even help. This has been the most F’d up release I’ve seen and I’ve been jailbreaking since the 3GS. Now that money is to be had competing for releasing JB tools, the quality has gone way down especially since the days of redsn0w. Kinda makes you want to just go stock now. And BTW, how long do you intend to “wait?” Don’t forget 8.4 is due out next week to coincide with Apple Music and we’re not even sure if that firmware is jailbreakable yet. If it’s not and Apple closes the window for 8.3, then we’re all screwed if we don’t JB now. This buggy release isn’t helping to make that happen.

    • perkins

      I would say try running the Taig app as an administrator

      • Dare

        I’m able to jailbreak consistently now. It was just a painful road getting here. Now every tweak I install completely wipes out the icons on my phone.

  • Dare

    So I am able to get as far as getting the phone jailbroken consistently but, every time I install any jailbreak tweak all my icons disappear and I can’t do anything on my phone. End up having to restore. This has happened 3 times now. Is anybody else having this same problem?

    • perkins

      I kinda have the same problem the camera icon is gone from both places

      • Dare

        I’d almost settle for that problem. My problem is literally every single icon disappears. Screen is completely blank. Even when calling myself from a different phone the iPhone does not ring.

      • josher

        Not sure if you restored from backup. I find many problems like this don’t occur if you make new iPhone instead or that verbage

      • Dare

        I did a fresh install. This is happening after setting up as a new iPhone

    • The_Kingfish

      You’re correct, this JB release has been the most F’d up one I’ve ever seen and I’ve been jailbreaking since the 3GS (I miss the reliability and simplicity of redsn0w). This is the third time I’ve had to restore my 5s after every single one of my icons disappeared overnight after the phone rebooted while I was sleeping and I awoke to a PIP screen with the OS superimposed in the upper left corner over the Apple boot logo flickering in the center of the screen. All 8 hours of waiting for my apps to sync over then having them show up out of their folders after a reboot then having to recreate all the folders a second time, only to have all the icons disappear and make the phone unusable this morning is ridiculous. I’m restoring a fourth time and debating whether or not I should just go stock at this point since BiteSMS is dead and recent tweaks are just meh. Plus the hassles and headaches this F’d up jailbreak release is causing are just not worth it. Sure, I realize it’s our choice to jailbreak and the chance of us screwing something up if we do is there, but by the same token, if a JB team decides to give us the tools to do it they shouldn’t be full of bugs that will cause our phones to become inoperable if we do make that choice. This mess is ridiculous at this point.

      • Dare

        Oh I completely understand where you’re coming from. This jailbreak almost made me give up on jailbreaking completely. It’s never been this bad. I had to restore a total of 4 times. It was one issue after another.

  • rfow

    Is the issue with the whole iTunes being 32 bit thing still happening?

  • Valinor

    Basically the fix is: installing older version of Itunes.
    If you get ‘not supported virtual machine ‘ on windows, its your antivirus! I had to uninstall Bitdefender to get it to work. Just turning of the antivirus didn’t work.

  • DopamineAddicted

    Great work Jeff. Keep it up!

  • urrl

    I have found I could not update Cydia until I turned off wifi and this was trying in vain with 2 wifi sources

  • Guillermo

    Do I have to upgrade to iOS 8.3 from iTunes first or the TaiG tool does the iOS upgrade? if so, do I have to upgrade from from my Mac’s iTunes or a Windows iTunes? is there any difference? i’m at 8.1 with Pangu JB. Thanks.